Friday, May 14, 2021

demon-assisted ascendency of Donald Trump and MAGA Party

While playing chess yesterday with a rural black pastor friend, I said the people claiming the 2020 election was stolen mean it was stolen by blacks. The minster said, of course. I said, but they are not saying that. The minister said, of course. I said, among themselves and in their thoughts, they do not say backs, they say niggers. The minister looked pained. I said I'm not being an ass, that's the word they think and use among themselves. The minister sighed, nodded, yes.

I told a few people recently that what's going on in the now Trump Party is similar to what went on in Germany as Adolph Hitler rose in influence. A powerful demon infiltrated Hitler and began enhancing him. The demon then infiltrated Hitler's top people and began enhancing them. The demon then infiltrated and influenced most of the German people to fall into lockstep with Hitler. It became very dangerous for Germans not to at least pretend to be in lockstep with Hitler. Germans like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who continued speaking out against Hitler and his regime, were disposed of.

Compare that Germany to the Trump Party, which tolerates zero dissent and requires 100 percent loyalty to Trump. That is the definition of totalitarian, the opposite of democracy.

I have a friend who regularly reports being told all sorts of things by angels known in the Bible. My friend is familiar with the Bible, but does not and never attended church.

I told him a few days ago what I see in Donald Trump and the Trump Party, and I wondered if he might hear something about that from the angels who advise, correct and otherwise manage him?

Last night my friend reported two dreams.

Dream 1
Hundreds of German shepherds came to a spring full of clear water, drank their fill, their eyes turned blue and their bodies contorted and they turned into jackals.

My friend said the spring looked great but was Kool-Aid. I said the German shepherds have to relate to my question about ascendency of Hitler and Trump. Nordic eyes, Trump has dark gray blue eyes. The jackals are Trump's top people. 

Birmingham, Alabama police turned German shepherds, also known as German police dogs, loose on peacefully protesting black people.

Dream 2
Tens of millions of MAGAs cover more than half of America. A finger touches them in their third eye in the middle of their forehead just above their eyes, and their eyes become reptile eyes. This also happens to people who had left Trump and then returned.

My friend said reptile eyes showed transformation into demons. I agreed, said I get nowhere with Republicans on that topic, Democrats and people in the middle glaze over, and every now and then I find someone who sees it.

Jesus called Satan, The Father of Lies.

A few of many photos charting the ascendency of Donald Trump and the MAGA Party, which captured the Republican Party.

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