Friday, May 28, 2021

look at the cloning Donald Trump is doing in Congress and across America

New Age Facebook guru I have observed a few months posted after last week's full blood moon lunar eclipse:

Another warning to help us all deal with the aftermath of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on Wednesday morning. The blow back from this powerful sky action can last for several weeks. The problems with most of us is that we expect only the good things to be put in our baskets. Hard heads and half wits always expect the best of everything when we deserve to clean up the messes we have been making for lifetimes. Study history instead of Social Media and shopping til you drop and you will discover that our historical landscape is covered with lies and deceits that put civilization in a lot of deep dark and desperate places. Tend to your business and watch what dictator or half wit with few truths appear on the world stage. Just because we pretend to be a Democracy we have lately voted in and acted as if not all lives matter. Have Jupiter Thursday with consciousness on your mind and love on your lips. Om. Tat. Sat. Om.

Sloan Bashinsky
Where’d you park your bulldozer, I might have use for it.  
That big red moon, She can be unpredictable, sorta like Lady Karma. Mirror mirror on the wall, She been known to disappoint. Bright sunlight, too. 

Sloan Bashinsky 
This tribute fell out of me in the spring of 2004:

Rosa Mystica
Sweet Mystery
Bride of Christ
Living Water
without which
there are no Rainbows
and God is dead

Humanity is heavily skewed into the masculine, the yang, the sun, Adam. Eve, Magdalene, yin, you are sorely missed and needed. 
In March 2004, a familiar voice asked me in my sleep (Michael), "What do you think of the species?" I woke up, said I do not like being asked that question, but since you asked, while some people are advancing, in the main the species has lost its creativity and is spiritually cloning itself and devolving. If what was done to me was done to the species, perhaps 50,000 people would survive. And even then, I'm still a mess, so what would be the point? Perhaps kinder to remove the species to a different planet or dimension where it has a chance of moving forward.

Sloan Bashinsky
I posted that comment after dreaming earlier before dawn today of having planted a garden in front of another larger garden, and the roses in my garden were in some trees receiving only filtered sunlight, where they could not thrive.

Sloan Bashinsky  
Consider Donald Trump, of whom I just dreamt in a nap, driving a team of horses pulling a wagon. In my dream code, horses are politics. Is there any feminine operating inside Trump? Is he America's Testosterone-in-Chief? Consider in Judaism, the Spirit of God is called Shekinah. Gender, female. Jesus in the Gospels referred to The Holy Ghost. Today, Christianity's Trinity is all male. How can such a deity reproduce? It can only clone itself. Look at the cloning Trump is doing in Congress and across America.

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