Friday, May 7, 2021

the truth is irrelevant to most Republicans, therefore God is irrelevant to them

I lived a good while in and near Key West and ran ten times as an Independent for local public office, because angels told me to run. Fortunately for me, perhaps for all, I never came close to being elected.

Text yesterday from an Alabama childhood friend, who wrote in Ohio Governor John Kasich in 2016 and calls Donald Trump "The Orange Turd":

Can't remember, are you a Charlie Christ fan or not? See he has kicked off his campaign to unseat Ron De-idiot [Santis]

Me to my friend:

Never cared for Christ or his suntan. Good luck, him getting traction in the big red whorehouse - Florida, where pigs are cows and both fly. However, DeSantis is an idiot, and it's hard to imagine Christ not being an improvement. 

My friend:

I agree

Also from my friend:

Opinion | Liz Cheney op-ed: The GOP is at a turning point. History is watching us. - The Washington Post

I opened the link, read the op-ed about the false claims that the election was stolen and the Constitution is at stake, replied to my friend:

Cheney and Romney represent Republicans who still have souls. Far more than the Constitution is at stake in America. Facebook recently upheld and continued its suspension of Trump for inciting the Capitol riot, but Facebook declined to base the suspension on the stark fact that Trump is a habitual liar and, given his huge clout, should not be allowed on Facebook, ever. The truth is irrelevant to Trump and most Republicans. Therefore, God is irrelevant to them.

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