Sunday, May 2, 2021

America needs serious bowel cleanse

A regular reader of this blog for some years responded to yesterday's how radiation treatment of prostate cancer went for a mystic, so far, and this led to that ...

If you go, I will miss you...sending good vibes

Sloan Bashinsky
Thanks, Lynda. A while back, when my gut awful all the time, I asked my older daughter if she knew any hit men? If so, I was testing if she loved me enough to put me out of my misery. She said I was too ornery, God didn’t want me yet. Really hurt my feelings, laughing. I’m with her and her family now, headed back to Alabama tomorrow, to begin fun prep for G.I. tract Scoparama next day. What if they find my brain in there? Or a spaceship?😎

If you really wanted to be gone, you would have done it yourself ....I know you've come close but here you are, still with us.
I'm SO glad you are with family.
I envision the docs, when starting your scoparama, being blown back by billions of Angel feathers.
I truly pray your suffering is soon over and that you can get back to your usual shenanigans!

Sloan Bashinsky
These are my usual shenanigans, but in a different venue.
I am involved in some things I don't write about publicly, but wish I could, and perhaps some day I will be able to do that. If people were shown and told by angels what is told and shown to my dreamer friend and me, would any of it be believed? Would people be able to take it in? Cope with it? Generally, I think not.
It's been good being with my daughter and her family. I was not up to making the trip until the other day. I hope to be able to do more of it, and to get to my other daughter and her family, who are much farther away. Their daddy is way round the bend by most standards, he loves them dearly, would gladly lay down his life for them, and feels helpless to change the mess he sees the United States has become, thanks to both major political parties and their versions of God.

Well, I've been reading you for about 10 years now. Met you twice in KW and I believe every word you write.
My brother had the surgery and it wasn't pretty. And he was only in his early 50's.

Sloan Bashinsky
My dreams keep pushing me toward whatever is before me now, or soon will be. That hasn’t changed in decades.
Saw “Green Zone” on Netflix last night, about fabrication of WMDs in Iraq. Dreamed about Iraq last night. Wasn’t just Republicans that were gung ho for that really stupid rich white man’s war for corporate profit into hell-squared, against an American ally. Anyway, you could get locked up for publicly saying you believe everything I write at my blog 

Sloan Bashinsky
I figure you know from my telling it now and then at my blog, that 3 nights before 911, Archangel Michael asked me in my sleep, "Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?" I woke wondering what that was about? Made the prayer, went back to sleep. On 911, my concern was America would get into another ruinous foreign war like Vietnam. Instead, America got into two such wars. All those years, America still hasn't figured out how truly stupid that was. Have yet to see any evidence that my prayer was answered. Is Covid 19 an answer to the prayer? Can't say any U.S. presidents since 911 were answers. Joe Biden was for those two wars, wasn't he? At least Donald Trump didn't start a new such war, but after being elected he talked about capitalizing Afghanistan's natural resources to repay America for those wars. I hope Biden gets American troops and military contractors out of both countries. Way things are going in America, might be America's military might be needed to prevent or resolve a civil war. Lining America's southern border with US military ought to stop immigration from Mexico and Central America. Personally, I don't think the Bush wars (Daddy and Baby Bush) were worth one American soldier killed or wounded in action. Feel same about Vietnam war.

Ditto Sloan....and KW voted to keep the monstrous filthy cruise ships out of their port and the Governor & Tallahassee are trying to overturn the people's will! Time for another secession?
I fear there are dark days ahead for this Country...the hate is going to boil over, ya?
How did your Scoparamadadadingdang go?

Sloan Bashinsky
Scoparama is tomorrow, today is Sunday, at least in Alabama. 
Republicandom seems incapable of putting anything ahead of Capitalism. Maybe they should read their Bibles again, especially what all Jesus had to say.
This country needs a serious bowel cleanse.

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