Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Due to human idiocy, is the "MRSA" of COVID-19 coming to blow the doors off?

I suppose it didn't really happen yesterday, because I saw it on CCN, which the red side of the American spectrum, sort of rhymes with red China, knows hatched the liberal commie media hoax to begin with.

What I supposed didn't really happen was many raw video feeds of India hospitals and clinics jam-packed with people wailing and touching dead relatives and friends, who were killed, not by the liberal media hoax, but by pre-existing conditions, according to the red side of the American spectrum. 

I worried that those jam-packed India hospitals were super-spreader events, then spanked myself for believing what I saw on CNN really happened. I should have watched Tucker Carlson over at FOX telling Americans that face masks are evil deprivation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, although last year Tucker said on FOX that facemasks prevented the hoax from spreading. 

I also saw on CNN yesterday fake news reports that American and world health officials said resistance to getting vaccinated means America will not reach herd immunity. I wondered how those officials could be so dumb and gullible over a hoax?

I had an endoscope and colonoscope exam yesterday at a medical clinic in which every patient was required to wear a mask and every office worker, medical tech, nurse and doctor wore a mask. I wondered how they could be so dumb and gullible over a hoax?

When I shared all of that last night with my friend who is told all sorts of things by angels in dreams, he reminded me that about two weeks ago he reported Michael and Raphael had told him that resistance in America to being vaccinated had opened the door to Covid-19 and its variant strains being around from now on.

I said America might not get as messed up by Covid-19 as India, because America has a better medical system, but it still could get pretty bad in America. My friend said, yep.

He reported a dream he had before he called me, in which there were three very large knocks at a door, like booms. We wondered what that was about? He just now texted me:

I had dream just now. 3 booms are COVID about to tear the doors off whatever normalcy we regained. Said mankind was given hydroxychloroquine to deal with it, ignored it. Given Zelenko and ignored him and his protocol. Finally were able to develop a vaccine and people refused it. Now the 3 booms are the Covid-19 levees ready to break.

We had a chance at heard immunity and blew it. When the polio vaccine came out people rushed to get it. Now because of superstition and pseudoscience - people avoid vaccinations and create "superbugs" i.e. viruses with no cure. All due to human idiocy.

Just wait for the "MRSA" of COVID-19. It is coming to blow the doors off.

I had several harrowing experiences with MRSA, starting 2003 - a terrifying flesh-eating staphylococcus bacteria resistant to antibiotics. 

Common in Florida Keys littoral waters, MRSA is well-known to Florida Keys divers and physicians, who see it ongoing in their medical practices. Yet, local governments, chambers of commerce and water sports and tourist-dependent businesses say the ocean is beautiful and clean.

It remains my redneck mystic opinion, that Americans who resist masks, Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast, early stage infection cure (below), and vaccination are far more dangerous to America than any foreign devils.


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