Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Does the rockets' red glare over Israel and Gaza portend same over Washington, D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc?

Retired RN nurse, novelist and ardent Democrat I met when I lived in Key West, responded to the  wonder how Yahweh, God, Allah view rockets and bloodshed in "The Holy Land"? post at this blog:

Well said, Sloan, only I'd go one further and ask Biden (which I intend to do by calling the White House) to withhold aid to both countries until they grow up, Israel stops torturing the Palestinians over a piece of land they've pretty much destroyed by their bombing and just let each other live and let live without fear of reprisal. This nonsense over Gaza has to stop. It is idiotic. It's occupied by Palestinian families and should be left alone by Israel. It is nothing to destroy and kill those people over! Neither country is acting very godly right now and they need to take a deep breath, shake hands and let each other live in peace.

Sloan Bashinsky
I agree, Peggy. If Biden says to Israel, fix this now, or no more U.S. money, other aid, including military, that might cause Israel to fix it. And, it might cause Israel to turn elsewhere for what it is getting from the U.S. And, it might cause many American Jews and probably most Republicans and probably all MAGAs and probably all conservative Christians to howl for Biden's head.
I saw online news report today that Putin views the situation as a threat to Russian security. Perhaps if Putin really believes, for example, that Israel has nukes, that Israel thinks perhaps Hamas gets rockets made in Russia, or in China, or in wherever, that if Israel goes around the bend, it will unleash its nukes on places precious to Russia, Iran, etc., perhaps Putin might have a prayer meeting with Hamas? Perhaps Red China might wish to weigh in, too?
If I were Islam, I would worry if it gets really bad for Israel, it will nuke Mecca and Medina.
I read a novel many years ago about Israel being backed into a corner, chose nukes and hunkering down and letting the rest of the world learn what it was like to be oppressed, too.

Sloan Bashinsky
Just saw on CNN that Biden Administration had announced a $773 million arms sale to Israel before the recent violence began and question is will Biden cancel that sale if violence does not end?
Now on CNN, Israeli strike on building housing Associated Press and Al Jazeera. The building maybe 12 stories high came tumbling down.

Sloan Bashinsky today
Israel claims its intel showed Hamas was using the building as a military base. Israel gave journalists about an hour to evacuate. So far, Israel has not provided its intel to inquiring minds.
It's been my impression that Israel's intelligence services are very good, if not superior to CIA. If Israel's intel about Hamas being in the building was accurate, what does that say about Associated Press and Al Jazeera's intel?
What an awful mess. I found myself wondering yesterday if the great red and blue divide in America is headed toward rockets red glare over Washington, D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc?


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