Thursday, May 6, 2021

conversations with an anarchist about warriors, the sun and the moon, organic living and anarchy

Stumbled across the meme below in my Facebook timeline yesterday and felt moved to take the bait 😎 and ended up in conversation with a different woman who eventually described herself as an anarchist.


Sloan Bashinsky
And for that, warriors sometimes have to fight, and even kill.

“The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.”
― Deng Ming-Dao

Sloan Bashinsky
Actually, the moon sometimes does fight, even to kill, as Sitting Bull learned if he ever stumbled across a mama grizzly and her cubs. And if he saw a cougar attack a child in his tribe, he leaped onto that cougar with everything he had. I doubt he ever heard of the Essenes. I think he fought the white man until he realized that would get even more of his people slaughtered. Now Jesus in the Gospels was really different. Lots of moon in him.

Indeed. But I'm a role is different. And the moon is associated with femininity and the goddess Isis, where the sun is the masculine influence associated with jesus/hermes The passive and aggressive. Yin and yang. The Hermetic principle of gender. By recognizing this, you attain synergy.

Sloan Bashinsky
I agree. The fundamental problem in humanity is too much yang, including in women. In the main, humanity is stuck in testosterone, needs a lot more estrogen, so to speak. In the Gospels, Jesus was balance in masculine and feminine, for a man. Not so easy to see, his companion Mary Magdalene was balanced for a woman. Shekinah, The Holy Ghost, Divine Feminine, was strong in them. Today, the Christian Trinity is all male. How does such  a God reproduce? Be balanced? Have wisdom, patience, creativity, compassion?

By finding the middle path through the balancing of those energies..

Sloan Bashinsky
Without the sun, the earth and the moon would be in deep doo doo?
I think it took sitting Bull a while to get there. A bit easier to say than live.

Sloan Bashinsky
For years, I voted for 3rd party presidential candidates, because I didn't like what the Democrats and Republicans offered as their candidates. This year, I reluctantly voted for Joe Biden, because he did not cause me to fear for the safety of my children and their families, and he at least talked about saving the planet from humanity.

Yeah, I'm not touching that. Lol. This is a spiritual, not a political post.

Sloan Bashinsky
Oh? One's politics does not reflect one's spirituality, and vice-versa?
Sitting Bull's quote, he says a warrior protects those and what need protecting.

I'm an anarchist..I follow the non aggression is violence as you are forcing the will of the mob upon the individual. Freedom is sacred, as one cannot unfold under oppression as he should.

Sloan Bashinsky
It's been my experience that, without serious external and internal struggle, a soul cannot grow, evolve. It has also been my experience that mobs are anarchy. I don't know where, other than, say a remote cave, a person can go and be free of the mob.

I'm not going to touch on your first point because we are all on our own individual spiritual paths and each one is perfect for the individual. Anarchy to me is growing my own food. Using alternative currency and bartering. Avoiding government interaction completely. I live on a compound with like minded people. There's nothing mob like about it. It's just people working together to create synergy and an alternative way of living. And any other anarchist will tell you the same.

But if course, embracing the Hermetic principle of duality, the struggle will always exist. It's a matter of finding the middle path or narrow way.
I changed my mind about answering the first part. Lol.

Sloan Bashinsky
I've had angels on my case since early1987. I have met and gotten to know a few other people in similar predicament. We are never told we are on a perfect path, we often are reminded we could do better, we get scolded, sometimes we get the fear of God put into us, and, of course, we get the good stuff religious and New Age people like to talk about and sometimes experience. For us, the world around us is anarchy, in the separation from God sense. I think the aborigine tribes may have been much more in sync with organic living and God before civilization tampered them. If you can find that in your somewhat off the grid community, good for you. I gave much thought once to trying to live in that way, but it didn't go that way, and then the angels showed up and I came to know what being captured and steered and cajoled and poked feels like.

So my experience is vastly different than yours. That is not to say I can't empathize. There was a time I lived at a similar level of consciousness. But my path has long diverged from there.
And it's true, the ancients knew more. The Abrahamic religions are most unfortunate in their love of punishment, fire, and brimstone. I've studied hundreds of religions, mystery schools, and cults and of all the ones that were mainstream, those are the most unforgiving and brutal. I am a student of all, and judge none. I learn from everyone and appreciate the knowledge I gain.

Sloan Bashinsky
I am into what the angels arrange for me to be into. I was born and raised in Judeo-Christianity, didn't take well, explored this and that, none of it helped much but it was interesting and educational at times. Then the angels showed up and I tried to keep up and stay in their good graces, and it was not very pretty at times, and at other times it was exquisite, and then it settled gown to get up in the morning and deal with what's on my plate today, guided by lots of nighttime and day nap dreams. Other people dream for me, too. I don't fit into anything contemporary or even historically, of which I'm aware, but the angels are mentioned in the Bible, and they showed me different ways of looking at some of the Bible, and they taught me salvation through Jesus is relative to how much people think and behave like Jesus. Not particularly popular in Christianity, nor in the New Age.

Sloan Bashinsky today
In my last dream around dawn this morning, a woman fined me 5. In my dream code, 5 is the feminine. I understood on waking the fine was due to a couple of poems I kept thinking of yesterday as I corresponded with you. The first poem hatched in 1994:

Rosa Mystica
Sweet Mystery
Bride of Christ
Living Water
without which
there are no Rainbows
and God is dead

The second fell out of me in mid-2003, as I was moving toward nearly dying from MRSA, as the result of my having blown an assignment with a woman I had been paired with for a little while. A lady friend called me this morning  to say she  had dreamed last night of me having a lot of hair on my arms.


I am a man.
I said,
I am a man!
What means it,
being a man?

A man is a warrior:
he lives by a code of honor,
his word is reliable,
his actions confirm his words,
his commitment is holiness,
his enemies are welcome at his hearth,
he fears but moves forward,
he cries and gets up again,
he hates but forgives,
he loves and let’s go,
he doubts but trusts God,
he’s a good friend,
he seeks resolutions,
he demands nothing,
he risks everything,
he regrets his mistakes,
he seeks to make amends,
he puts others’ welfare first,
he accepts apologies truly made,
he expects nothing back,
he lives ready to die,
he laughs when he “should” scream,
he screams when he “should” laugh,
he sings just because,
he shrugs off insults,
he learns from misfortune,
he cusses God for making him,
he wishes he was done,
he loves children and animals,
he relishes a woman’s scent,
he smiles when he’s content,
he knows God’s his master,
he walks in rainbows,
his garden is the world,
his way is nature,
he loves fishing,
his wife is his soul,
his food is life,
his pay is whatever he receives.
Yep, he’s crazy. 

Sloan Bashinsky

Meanwhile, should I assume you have read? THE KIN OF ATA ARE WAITING FOR YOU
It's about an isolated community on an unchartered island, whose members started out like everyone else but somehow ended up on that island, and they live organically and are dreamers, and they keep to themselves, growing together, but every now and then one of them is mysteriously snatched from their midst, a great calamity, and inserted back into the herd from whence they had come, and they begin their real work and destiny, and it is not remotely easy, nor does it end well by herd standards, but by higher standards it is a warp spiritual leap.


I've not read it, but I will. Thank you.

It's really different, written by a woman.

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