Thursday, February 25, 2021

America's official religion: doublespeak

Alabama friend Jack (Michael J.) posted on Facebook:
Jesus rode a donkey
Joel Osteen rides a Ferrari 458 Italia - $325,000.00
Some people took Jack to task. I included one of them, and my response to him and Jack, in yesterday's Do Tiger Woods and humanity need more estrogen? post at this blog. Later, Jack responded to me:

It was not my intention to open such an inflammatory discussion; there may be no truth to Joel’s abuse of his flocks trust to guide them through the gates of heaven in his Ferrari.
Simply an observation.
Hope you’re well.

If you post something like that on Facebook, you intend to create a responsive discussion. I know nothing of Osteen. What you posted was about his Ferrari, and I responded to that and to Billy's response to you. Looked like a button or two in Billy were punched by your post. Had you mentioned allegations of Osteen abusing his flock, instead he has a Ferrari, I might not have commented. History is replete with ministers here and there abusing their flocks, and with ministers getting very rich via their flocks' donations, selling books, TV appearances, etc. Look no farther than the recent US President. 
Clearly, Trump has established a new mega church in America, and he is its pope. Whatever Trump decrees, his huge flocks accept as Gospel. Huge white flocks, with a few token non-whites. He has made the Republican Party, the White Supremacist Party, Republican arguments to the contrary notwithstanding. The proof is simple: photos of Trump rallies, seas of white people. Res ipsa loquitur, the white seas speak for themselves.
Trump has made Orwell's 1984 doublespeak a fact. Whatever Trump says is true, is true in his church. Whatever Trump says is false, is false in his church. Joel Osteen is a distraction. Trump says he won by a landslide in 2020, the election was stolen, so that's what happened, if you belong to his church. Trump says the Democrats are communists, that's true, if you belong to his church. Trump says the rioters at the Capitol were antifa, even though he finally told them that he loved them and they should go home in peace.
I saw on CNN yesterday, that Tiger woods says he has no recollection of his car crash. I read that elsewhere online this morning. And that when officers arrived at Tiger's car, he was calm and able to tell them his name and date of birth. Does he now remember telling him his name and date of birth? Does Tiger really have amnesia, or is he using doublespeak? He has a huge following in the golf world, and beyond. Do his fans believe he doesn't remember the crash? Yet, he is a distraction. Trump is not a distraction. He is the Republican Party's prayer meeting with Jesus. Will they turn over the tables in Trump's church,? Is that rhetorical?

Key West amiga Peggy, retired nurse now living in West Palm Beach, where she can afford an apartment, replied on Facebook to yesterday's:

Sloan, he was recovering from his latest back surgery and everyone, even the sheriff, said that was one of the most dangerous roads and they didn't say he was speeding, only that there were no tire marks where he tried to brake. He probably just missed a curve or miscalculated a curve.

Sloan Bashinsky
Peggy, the condition of what's left of the Genesis SUV, how far it traveled, hit median, crossed road, hit a tree or two, flipped, and law enforcement's comments of high rate of speed, based on all of that, have some say in it. As does Tiger saying he doesn't remember the crash, but he gave the first officer to him his name and date of birth.

I know they said he was lucid when they found him and trying to get out of it. I don't know, but as quickly as they were to say he was inebriated when he had his last crash, don't you think they would have said that if he had been. I heard only the very first comment from law enforcement but they didn't mention the rate of speed at all in that one. I must have missed a second one where they talked about it.

Sloan Bashinsky
Perhaps he simply was driving fast? You cannot conceive that, after all the other stuff you know he did in the past, which shocked a lot of people? Do you prefer wonderland, to such reality as living nearly next door to Donald Trump, who played golf with Tiger and they seemed really chummy? Do you think only Trump and his legions spin facts, use double speak?
As for the rate of speed:
Law enforcement sources speaking to The Times on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the matter said Woods was traveling at a high rate of speed and lost control of the vehicle before crossing the center divider. Woods’ SUV rolled multiple times before coming to a halt.
Tiger Woods Update: New Reported Details On Speed Before Car Crash
Tiger Woods Update: New Reported Details On Speed Before Car Crash
Why being snarky with me? This is the first I've heard it. So, now I know.

Sloan Bashinsky
Not being snarky, just candid. I really like Tiger, said so in my blog post yesterday. Perhaps he has amnesia. But the condition of the Genesis SUV, and no other vehicle was involved, says he was traveling at a high rate of speed.

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