Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Please wake up, Sleepy Joe, Donald, Democrats, Independents, Republicans, MAGAs, so America can safely reopen NOW!

During his town hall meeting last night, President Biden said he hopes to see the vaccine available to all Americans by Christmas and America can reopen. Meanwhile, he wants a huge stimulus packable to keep Americans and the economy afloat. In particular, a $1,600 stimulus check.

I have a really hard time seeing how $1,600 per adult will keep Americans afloat until next Christmas. I see one thing, only, that gets the economy moving pronto toward some semblance of health, and Americans toward some semblance of what they view  as "normal" and "sane"; toward living as they did before the coronavirus arrived. 

Adults go to work. Kids go to school. People go to church. Movie theaters are open. Restaurants and bars are open. Birthday parties happen. Nursing homes can be visited. Families can visit relatives in hospitals. Social and civic clubs are open. Disney world is open. Sports arenas are packed. Airlines, busses, cruises ships operate at full capacity.  Protestors can protest, ralliers can rally. Soldiers can fight wars. National boarders can reopen. No one is a potential, or actual, bioterrorist. 

Because, there is a fast, cheap, safe, proven early stage infection cure, which could have allowed America to reopen in April. Could have. And will. If Joe Biden, Democrats, Independents, AMA, Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, Big Pharma, news media left and right, and former President Trump wake up and embrace what this God-sent doctor gave humanity on March 23, 2020, which Facebook has made illegal to discuss:

From the February 1, 2021 post at this blog, easy for even a science dummy like me to watch and follow:

Sloan Bashinsky
After the witch hunts against Dr. Zelenko, hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and against Trump for promoting Zelenko, Zelenko said quercetin can be used instead of hydroxychloroquine. Trump could have fired his FDA Director, Drs. Fauci and Brix, and made Zelenko's cure freely available in America. Trump took Zelenko's cure after his staff tested positive, but he took something else after he caught covid. I am convinced Trump would have been reelected, had he championed Zelenko and his cure. The Democrats and mainstream media and Big Pharma went haywire against Zelenko, hydroxychloroquine and Trump. I am delighted Trump is gone from office, but he could have saved America and reopened it in April.


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