Sunday, February 7, 2021

Trump & Republican astrology charts


This below from the February 3 The Party of Lincoln became the Cop Killer Party post generated some Facebook discussion, pro and con:

Sloan Bashinsky
Throughout yesterday evening, I watched TV clips of the memorial service for Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was murdered in the January 6 Capitol riot. It was heart wrenching, a long precession of police officers saluting Brian Sicknick. President Biden and his wife paid their respects. I did not see Donald Trump and his wife.
I also watched many TV clips yesterday evening of Donald 
Trump inciting his white mob on January 6, and what they then did. Mass insanity, demonic possession. Many police officers at risk, trying to stop the frenzied mob. Trying, but not succeeding.
I wondered how "law and order, protect the Constitution" Republicans, generally, and in Congress, would have responded if the insurgents were black, instead of white?
I wondered why Republicans, generally, and in Congress, are not every last one of them publicly denouncing Donald Trump and his mob for killing Police Officer Brian Sicknick? I thought the Republican Party had become the Cop Killer Party. Without remorse.
I wondered if the Senate's now Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell, after saying, “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people," will vote to convict Trump for inciting insurrection? Or, will McConnell weasel? Because, he's a weasel. Because, he's incapable of putting America ahead of his political party? Because, he's afraid Trump will kill him politically? Because, he's afraid Trump loonies will kill him, knowing that's what Trump wants them to do?
I wondered how many Republicans, generally, and in Congress, are in Mitch McConnell's predicament?
I wondered how many Republicans, generally, and in Congress, love what Trump and his white insurgents did on January 6?
I thought all of them will hear about all of that when their roll is called up yonder.

Excellent. I wonder?

Sloan Bashinsky
I think all Republicans should wonder how God views their response to January 6.
I can imagine Republicans who might read the above thinking, or blasting me, for being a commie Demorat Instead of just sitting with what actually happened, provoked by their president. That I'm not a Democrat, and never was one, nor a Republican. Won't matter to them. If I wrote something like that, I have to be a commie Demorat. They are unable to spell RepubliKlan.
I wrote this to a Republican yesterday, who keeps sending me red propaganda.
"When the Democrats are in control, I beat up on them, when the Republicans are in control, I beat up on them, going back quite a few years; what I never see is the Democrats trying to get their own house in order, nor the Republicans trying to get their own house in order. And when in transition, I give both sides attention."
When Barack Obama was president, I wrote a lot about him, and very little about Republicans.

Mark Ebenhoch
Trump never even uttered the death. Even while sitting at the oval office. He's a POS human scumbag

Sloan Bashinsky

I find ironic that all the Police murdered and injured by BLM and Antifa none were lionized like this officer. I guess it makes a difference who is accused of the crime.

Sloan Bashinsky
Your president ordered the taking of the Capitol, and that made a bit of a difference.

First, he was everyone's President. He never ordered anything . He told the crowd to make there voices heard by their elected representatives. He told them to be peaceful. The incursion in the Capitol started before he finished speaking. I have never liked Trump, but I do not like injustice. This is a travesty

Sloan Bashinsky
You must not watch TV

Sloan Bashinsky, I always tune you in. Leaves little time for TV.

Sloan Bashinsky
TV News is where I watched videos of Trump himself ordering the mob to stop the steal and take back their country, and he was going with them, but he didn't go with them, it turned out.

Lee Ann
He definitely incited that fiasco. He is also responsible for the murders of the people that died. He needs to be held accountable. I looked, once again at his astrology, and it shows a soul propped up by privilege, and truly as his chart shows, born under some mighty lucky stars. His stars meet their waterloo in a demise that is rapid and dramatic, as exhibited now. Trump, as was Napoleon and Hitler, were potentially bright lights. Let me remind you, the brighter the light the deeper the shadow.

Sloan Bashinsky
My goodness, Lee Ann, you should start a weekly astrology TV report; didn't you, as a psychic counselor, once have your own TV talk show? You could get yourself, hmmm, burned at the stake?

Lee Ann
Yes, I was in three different shows but had one of my own.

Sloan Bashinsky
Are you able to do an astrology chart on the Republican Party? Or, is its astrology crystal clear. Its sun rose and set on Donald Trump. Its moon is Marjorie Taylor Green. Its rising sign is this photo:



Sickofit said...

Could you elaborate on what you mean by the demonic possession? Do you mean that the GOP is demonically possessed or Trump? What many don't know is that the GOP was already evil since Bush Sr, Kissinger, Reagan, et al planned to give all of the power & breaks to the rich & kick dirt in the faces of the poor, minorities, & working class. It is now a fascist cabal to prop up rich white male. The GOP & the RNC must be investigated to root out the corruption & fascist people.

Anonymous said...

The possession is old, became deeper with Trump. The Democrat side also possessed. Two different variations.

Sickofit said...

Well that doesn't answer my question & it seems like another "both sides" false equivalency to me. Some of the symbols on the dollar bill & the way Washington is designed is allegedly to honor evil. I'd have stayed away from the 5 point star myself & went with a hexagon, not a pentagon. I just don't like the possible bad vibes &/or karma of it all.

Sloan said...

I answered your comment in plain English. I meant possissession literally. Has zero do with George Washington or what's on a dollar bill.