Saturday, February 6, 2021

Can Trump derangement syndrome be caught by Trump backers? (Does a bear crap in the woods?)

My mysterious friend Young Prophet (YP) responded to yesterday's Who betrayed America the worst: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? post at this blog:

People who drank the Trump koolaid seem to have a genuine issue with actually confronting reality. Trump had National Security advisors and the Clinton servers were copied. If there had been some smoking gun, Trump would have eliminated the threat of Hillary ever running by releasing that and also having an impeachment hearing like going on now. Saying that as a member of the executive office she should be barred and also guilty of high crimes against the state. Instead when Trump got in gave the lame, bullshit motherfucking excuse of "Well I will not try Ms. Clinton because we don't do political prosecutions in the United States." I remember him saying that and people's surprise he did not sic the FBI her for more things to investigate.

The main thing is, Trump's created American Al-Qaeda. The Trump supporters have found their religion and that Religion is Trump. They cannot seem to delineate reality from their religion.

Reminds me of Frank Herbert's Dune novel series in which Paul Atreides becomes a god figure because he brings forth what people of Arrakis see as miracles. Paul is later struck blind, he has a form of sight that is spiritual, and he sees through his son that you do not make a religion out of man. Man is guilty of faults.God is omniscient and omnipotent. Paul realizes that he is neither early on in his life but he cannot stop the zealots who move Planet to Planet and "cleanse" it in the name of Muad-dib(Paul's "prophesized" name.

Trump is the bigger traitor because he created the class of people like Sancho P that are  only capable of seeing Trump, seeing slights to Trump, and finding ways to make anyone else look lesser than Trump.

I find the Stinger missile stories to be about like the plot of a Miami Vice episode.

I honestly believe that Hillary in her hubris believed the briefing and snow job by Libyan govt and Libyan intelligence that all was well. Embassies are places which you do spy craft, and if some dumb citizen loses a passport, is in jail or came into the country without the passport- the Ambassador saves that.

There was CIA team on site. Chris Paranto was part of it, he is known to be a no bullshit operator who worked under so many presidents and administrations that he knows politics is a form of bread and circuses of the American empire.Chris nor his team members have EVER mentioned anything about Stinger missiles. Stingers are such obsolete tech that we have jamming software such that if a shoulder fire surface to air missile is shot, it can be blocked automatically and the missile goes off target or is set to keep flying until it blows in the air.

Some poor deluded soul listened to some QAnon preaching in favor of the Reverend Father Trump, was up at 3am eating Hagen-Daz and watching Miami Vice, and came up with the story that they genuinely believed would indict Hillary and see th "Great Leader" go free.

The Religion of Trump remains strong. Those who join, abandon all hope, because none of you ever sincerely leave.

Me to YP:

Thanks, you young old curmudgeon.

I confess to cosmic ignorance about Hillary and Benghazi, other than seeing a lot of commotion about it online and on Facebook, and wondering why come all the people that wanted Hillary's head were not screaming for America to pronto get out of the the two Bush-Cheney wars (Afghanistan and Iraq), which already were crystal clear really bad ideas, reminiscent of the war in Vietnam. 

Meaning, let's assume every Hillary-Benghazi allegation Waldo sent to Sancho Panza, which I regurgitated in yesterday's blog post, was true, and Hillary should have been impeached, prosecuted, put in prison, disbarred by whatever state bars she belonged to, banned from ever again running for public office ... The Trump incited insurrection at and inside the Capitol DWARFED the Hillary-Bengazi Waldo described. DWARFED it.

As for Sancho Panza, I think I met him in a political forum circa 2002. We became regular email correspondents. He said he was born in the Dominican Republic, his family moved to America, was educated. He became a technology engineer, eventually took early retirement from a major tech company, was fluent in several languages. He was one of the most educated people I had ever met. He was witty, irreverent, piercing. And, he was totally agnostic. 

He lives in or near New York City. He voted twice for Barack Obama, became disillusioned, and voted twice for Donald Trump, not because he liked Trump, but because he hoped Trump would smash up the status quo, the Swamp, the so-called "deep state", and something new might emerge. 

Sancho did not become a MAGA, in the sense he worshipped Trump. Sancho was quite peeved about Trump tolerating Dr. Fauci. Sancho detests Big Pharma. Sancho put  me onto Dr. Zelenko and his cheap, fast, early stage covid infection cure: zinc, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. But Sancho gave Trump a pass when he caved to his very own FDA director taking hydroxychloroquine off the approved list for treating covid. Sancho railed against the first impeachment of Trump. 

Sancho boasted several times about having voted for Trump in 2016, and he would vote for Trump in 2020, by then fully aware that Trump had created an American al qaeda. There was not a peep out of Sancho about the Capitol riot. Not a peep. Yet Sancho railed against the Democrats, the mainstream media, Dr. Fauci, the medical-industrial complex, Big Pharma, etc. witch-hunts against Dr. Zelenko and the front line doctors who went public that they were using Dr. Zelenko's cure, and it was working. 

Sancho cannot be put into a known box. However, it does look to me, and I told him several times, that voting twice for Trump and vigorously defending that vote, and defending Trump, and buying into the stolen election alternate universe, warped and woofed Sancho; compromised him. And, he has a great deal of company - MAGAs, Qanons, KKK, neo and actual Zazi's, Confederacy buffs, and bent Republicans, whom I seriously doubt he would care to have over for dinner. 

Just my view, I think all who voted twice for Trump created karma they will not like when it shows up, and they may or may not know that it has anything to do with them voting twice for Trump.

I thought and said the same about people who voted twice for Barack Obama, and the people who voted twice for George W. Bush.


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