Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Do Tiger Woods and humanity need more estrogen?

Tiger Woods' crashed Genesis

An old Alabama friend, Jack (Michael J.) posted on Facebook:

Jesus rode a donkey
Joel Osteen rides a Ferrari 458 Italia - $325,000.00

Some of the comments:

The question remains, what compels someone to bash a man over perceived improprieties? The answer is, because he is religious. No matter what is used as excuse, that's the only reason, the only possible reason. I imagine if Trump were still in the news, you'd be bashing him, he's not so you go to the next best target, God. If you don't understand God, perhaps you should do some research, it's readily available. Like anything in life, religion is hard to appreciate or understand unless you're familiar with it. This post is nothing more than cliche' hate, an old old cliche' trope. It must fill some need of the person who posted it, some small minded uneducated hack, cause it's been repeated a billion times over the years. Is the billionaire who donates a hundred million dollars to charity, is he better or worse than Joel Osteen? Does it have anything to do with how much the billionaire donates? Do we judge him for that act, or do we judge him for his life? Is it our right to judge him at all? Does money make people bad people? Is Osteen a human being? Look into the mirror, what do you see? I bet you see a person who puts down a lot of things, most of which he doesn't understand.

Michael J.
To whom are you addressing your compelling analysis o-wise-one?
Many await with unabated breath.


Why play dumb, is that part of your schtick? The more direct tack would be to assume that if you posted the meme, then it’s meant for you, if it’s not yours then I’m not addressing you. I only remember the meme, not the name who posted it. Interesting that you mock real questions, maybe you should reread them, they’re rhetorical yet how you answer them may reveal who you are?

Michael J.
let it go dude.

Sloan Bashinsky
I had to google Osteen to learn something about him. He has a huge televangelical following. I think the Jesus and donkey question is fair, but what provoked the question, Jack? And what provoked Billy's scathing broad response? Also fair questions. Jesus in the Gospels said we cannot worship God and mammon, and judge not less we be judged. Memes pervade Facebook. I see relatively little original writing/thinking posted there. As for having a Ferrari, I have always viewed Ferraris as a testosterone symbol, and I wonder how estrogen fits into that picture? Yesterday, Tiger Woods was lucky to not be killed after driving a Genesis SUV at very high speed on a crooked California road. He'd recently had
 another back surgery. He was hoping to play in this year's Masters in April. How does someone recover from back surgery fast enough to do that? Law enforcement said on TV that Tiger did not seem impaired (booze, drugs). If he was not thus impaired, what caused him to drive so dangerously? Was he depressed that his golf career was over? Had something else upset him? I did not see those questions asked by any of the many TV analysts last night? Nor by any of the people they interviewed. Fair questions, I think. Questions I think will not go away, unless Tiger answers them. I really like Tiger, by the way. And, I wonder if he needs more estrogen. Jesus in the Gospels had plenty of testosterone and estrogen. It looks to me that humanity needs a lot more estrogen.


Bonnie Marie said...

I sorta kinda see Tiger as a victim. Of false advertising, building a public Persona for him that is most likely mostly false. He is constricted by his health, and likely by perceived failures in possibly nott being able to do a Masters again. He has been chasing that former status in the Golf world hard and heavy for years. Trying to be in the past. Well we know how that works.
My son, age 49, died in a similar accident 4 years ago (Oct, 2016). I will forever have questions about it. Questions are normal. I doubt Estrogen has anything to do with it. Medications he takes is more likely. Tox screen info will never be reported.

Sloan said...

So very sorry about your son. My infant son died of crib death a couple of days after his mother and I had a heated argument while she held him in her arms. The argument was over whether she should take him to her parents' home in another state, where her brother had come to tell his parents goodbye, before he left for Thailand with the U.S. Air Force, where he would service bombers attacking Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. Our son died in his sleep at her parents' home.

I wonder about the speed of the SUV Tiger was driving and the massive damage to it? If he was driving around the speed limit and just fell asleep, or was distracted by a cell phone call or a text, that would be very different from driving at a high rate of speed (testosterone). But will we ever know those details? As for Tiger being doped with something a doctor gave him, as you raised, will we ever know what a tox screen disclosed? Is their a conspiracy to keep the truth secret? Is that the testosterone approach? Or the estrogen approach?

Do you remember when Tiger played the 2018 U.S. Open with a very bad knee, which had recently had surgery. He winced terribly on long shots, most especially his driver off the tee. Yet he kept playing, tied Rocco Mediate, there was an 18 hole play off, which ended in a tie, and Tiger won the first extra hole and the tournament. Was it testosterone or estrogen that drove Tiger to play with such an injury. Any massage therapist or chiropractor I have known, I was a massage therapist once, would say that was what set up Tiger's back injury: the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone, the hip bone is connected to the backbone...

Chemical addiction, and all driven/fanatical behavior, is rooted in damage to the internal feminine (estrogen). That's basically what's wrong with humanity, for the internal feminine is the receptive, creative, patient aspect. Without her functioning properly, how can people control their impulses well, or at all, hear from God, take responsibility for their actions?