Tuesday, February 23, 2021

how the Democrats, mainstream media and medical industrial complex damaged America as much, or more, than Donald Trump, MAGAs and Republicans

Two friends responded to yesterday's If I could speak with President Biden about how he can save America and the world from the coronavirus ... post at this blog. Neither voted for Donald Trump.

Alabama friend:

I am curious; do you have a count of how may times you have run a copy of that letter in your blogs over the last several months?  I am sure there is likely something there, but it is more than redundant at this point. 

[Zelenko letter at bottom of this blog post.]

I replied:

I might guess several dozen times I have published Dr. Zelenko's letter. The angels have not yet seemed tired of the letter, but I think they may be tired of the resistance to it, to the point that putting the letter on Facebook gets you landed in Facebook's jail.

Did you watch Dr. Zelenko's YouTube? If not, I really do recommend it.
I think Dr. Zelenko nailed it. His treatment was designed to keep people out of hospitals. His treatment cost very little. It worked. No big profits for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, such as the outfit manufacturing remdesivir, which got compassionate use authorization, was effective in hospitals, over $3,000 per patient, whereas hydroxychloroquine was about 50 cents per dose.

I also think Dr. Zelenko nailed it when he said Trump touted the Zelenko protocol, and lots of people didn't want Trump to get credit during an election year for saving America, and they rejected the Zelenko protocol. The Orange Turd you love so much (not) could have swung his immense weight and gotten hydroxychloroquine back on the FDA's approved list for compassionate treatment, but lacked the balls and compassion to do it.

I have about the same sentiment for rejection of the Zelenko protocol as I have for Trump, MAGAs and Republicans who have not denounced Trump.

Key West friend:

Tiny typo, you say Zelenko's letter is from 2021, not 2020.  This is noteworthy for how rarely you make any typos like this, given your voluminous output.
Researched hydrozychloroquine again.  There was some promising coverage on NBC after Lancet withdrew its study, but seems to have been a news blackout since.  Truly an abomination.  The wife and I are using the cheap blood oximeter to see if it drops from 90's to 70's, a precursor to lung trouble.  When I said it was a trumpet call to go to ER, she said, "but take your medicines first."  Meaning the ZINC, quercetin (the ionophore), and antibiotic.  Thanks to YOUR blowing the horn, thank you very much.
I now truly fear my 76-y-o wife will not get any vaccination before the damn thing mutates.  Due to government incompetence.  I offered our Rural health Network $10,000 if they needed it to fly their allotment of the vaccine down here, to use for all of their sign-ups, and of course, that was not a possibility.

[After the hatchet job on hydroxychloroquine, Dr. Zelenko announced quercetin also ushers zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication.]

I replied:

Thanks, I fixed the date in the blog post. I assign such goofs to dyslexia, which showed up in first grade arithmetic and spelling, but nobody said anything about dyslexia back then.

Just my opinion, the hatchet job on hydroxychloroquine damaged America as much, or more, than Trump, MAGAs and Republicans damaged America. The hatchet job was done by the Left (Democrats), the mainstream media, and the medical industrial complex. I got know that with many Democrats on Facebook. Just Trump having touted hydroxychloroquine was sufficient for them to reject it. 

Nice gesture, you offering to pay for flying the vaccine to Key West. The Covid-19 has mutated a number of times. Saw news report the other day of 7 strains in America. Even so, the vaccine is better protection than no vaccine. Keep taking the supplements regardless.

Perhaps you and the wife can drive to Miami and get the shots there? While up there, you could drive a little farther north and flip Mar-a-Lago a bird? Trump can't blame that trifecta for him not having the balls to make hydroxychloroquine freely available.


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