Tuesday, February 16, 2021

shit bird of paradise political commentary: Key West, America

My friend Young Prophet emailed yesterday:

Khamael dream: He read your What will happen to Key West during hurricanes if its shaman, who is homeless and persecuted by city police, is no longer there? post over my shoulder, shook his head and said that there are Hellfire and Brimstone Pastors, but you'd be the only one to go there, come back and bring some hellfire and brimstone to fling around at the human refuse of the world that makes up the power elite of KW.

I had a dream where all these environmentalist activists like Gates, Redford, and DiCaprio and Ruffalo. Michael said the message was that they wanted to save tiny endangered lizards but fuck the people who are just trying to get by. Michael said those men represent the class of people who say "save the world" but fuck the people living on the planet in poverty and persecution. Redford partnered with a pedophile to do the Sundance movie festival, Sundance financed "Little Birds" by a gang banger who snitched on all his other gangsters, and a lot of other trashy stuff. It became clear that they care not for humanity or really the environment but their image.

Michael said there was a time coming where we would have a great deal of trouble finding the meaning of our dreams and even remembering them. He said it was a spiritual attack while we were down. He said it would be as though a great mist surrounds our dreams

Melchizedek brought me before him and said he was pleased with our efforts. 

I replied to YP:

Thanks, Khamael's a hoot.

If dreams are not helpful, I fall back on the training, including paying close attention to body and psychic sensations as I engage something, which I do when I am putting together a blog post, answering emails, commenting on FB, and replying to your writings.

Melchizedek method

YP emailed last night: 

Hear yee, hear yee, Citizens of Kentucky, be ashamed. Your Senators in Washington consist of: 
On one hand you have perennial candidate for "Wannabe Tough Guy" Rand Paul. Rand Paul, in my esteemed opinion, looks like he must dye his hair grey to hide the fact that either (a) his balls haven't dropped or (b) he has no balls. At the shooting at Capitol Hill's annual softball game, while Sen. Paul normally operates as a tough guy heavy petting companion to the NRA, while he was being shot at, he ran. And advocated for gun control. Funny how that works.

On the other hand, you have Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. aka  Mitch McConnell. Sen. McConnell looks and behaves like a reanimated corpse. The editorial staff at this blog had the view that Sen. McConnell is more of a resurrected corpse, however seeing as how Jesus was resurrected, I figured that calling McConnell resurrected in any way, shape, form or fashion was an insult to Jesus. The Editorial Staff at this blog and this writer do agree that the Sen. Minority Leader and all around rotting corpse that runs the GOP- is a ZOMBIE. A Certified George A Romero Day of the Dead Zombie with a hunger for human flesh. AND BRAINS. McConnell goes to bed at night and is woken in the morning, and each time the last audible words are "Need more brains..." before a crack team of MD's from Walter Reed Hospital inject him with a sedative to put him out and to wake him he is administered the very finest weapons grade freebase cocaine.

It was more or less decided that the Fugarwe Tribe is running both aisles in Washington. It's just Fugarwe Tribe D and Fugarwe Tribe R. Neither knows where the fuck they are but, they manage to do the most damage they possibly can to the American people.

I replied to YP:

I didn't check in with the Editorial Board, as in, THE EDITORIAL BOARD, before I haul off an put in my two cents worth here, but I think you make a good point about not sullying resurrection with forked-tongue zombie nation POS devils. And while I'm inclined to view the Democrats as descendants of the once fairly famous New Age Tribe, that was forever getting lost and gathering in a circle and holding hands and chanting, "Where the fuck are we? Where the fuck are we?", I can see how you might think the Republican side is just another mutation from the pure blood New Age Fukawis, as in something Stephen King might dream up.
However, I'll have you know that my momma's parents were Kentuckians, and I really liked them, although Big Daddy, as I called him, was a bit old-fashioned regarding racial equality, was a life-long Democrat, and probably liked George Wallace. Today, of course, it's the Republican Party, and the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, Nazi tribes,  Qanons, Oath Takers, Evangelists, and Donald Trump, rednecks, and so forth that remind me so much of George Wallace and his "states rights" version of white supremacy. I swan I don't know how the Republican Party can look in the mirror and not see Hell's Angels looking back at them.

Based on what all I saw on TV just today, it seems the Republicans don't know whether to shit or go blind. 


I was truly impressed with McConnell's multiple personality skit. He really let Trump have it over the Capitol riot, but what a sneaky bastard. McConnell already had stalled the Senate accepting the Trump impeachment from the House of Representatives, so that McConnell and all good and true Republiklans could say the Constitution didn't allow for impeaching a president who had already left office, thus paving the way for any president can turn over the U.S. nuclear codes to Russia, Red China, Iran and North Korea during his last days in office, and not be impeached and convicted of Treason, nor barred from ever running again for public office.
Makes me feel real warm and fuzzy inside knowing that any President henceforth can do all manner of atrocities during his, or her, final days in office, and get the same exact golden parachute Trump got, instead of spending eternity at Guantanamo. 

Biden and the Democrats in Congress, and most other places, have their heads so far up their hind ends that they can't see the obvious. If they keep America shut down because of the Red China bioweapon, things gonna get a heap worse than the great shit bird of paradise Trump and his reanimated corpses gifted America. From what I have seen on TV and online lately ....Way too much, feels like being sea sick, feeling like I'm gonna die, 'fraid I'll live ... 
Saw on TV today, there are now 7 strains of the bioweapon in America, and the talking medical heads are doing a lot of CYA-ing when they talk publicly about what the future holds, and how long before all the people in America are vaccinated. Ass-u-me-ing they agree to be vaccinated, and will the vaccines be effective against mutations, all of which I see in the news and on Facebook is about as big a crap shoot as Trump telling Americans early last year there warn't nuttin' to the coronavirus, it would go away, like a miracle. Keeping America shut down is shit bird of paradise-squared.

My cantankerous, irreverent internet friend Sancho Panza sent this beauty a couple of days ago. Dr. Stella is brief and to the point about the mass genocide inflicted by the legions of zombies, including Joe Biden, that opposed Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast, early stage infection cure, which even today gets you thrown in Facebook jail for mentioning, as does the bioweapon word.

I replied to Sancho:

I'm surprised Dr. Stella didn't say Joe Biden, the media, medical deep state and people who called her crazy, while killing and maiming a legions of Americans by denying them hydroxychloroquine and zinc (Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast, early stage infection cure, which would have allowed America to safely reopen last March), are possessed  by demon sperm, which, in fact, they are 😎. I really sympathize with Dr. Stella, because of how many times I've been called crazy for merely saying angels advise, correct, steer me in dreams, visions and other ways. I swan if maybe Dr. Stella and I have not statistically proven the people who say we are crazy, are insane.


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