Monday, February 22, 2021

If I could speak with President Biden about how he can save America and the world from the coronavirus ...

I turned in last night thinking I like it that President Biden does not sugarcoat America's future with the coronavirus. He seems in TV news clips to be trying very hard to be honest. He tells Americans what he knows and doesn't know. He tells Americans what he hopes will happen, but he cannot promise anything. He tells Americans that vaccines are the solution, and meanwhile, it's face masks and social distancing.

That said, I think Biden needs to think outside the box about the coronavirus. I think Americans needs to join Biden in thinking outside the box about the coronavirus. I think humanity needs to think outside the box about the coronavirus. 

Or, Biden, Americans and humanity can remain inside the box and be controlled by the coronavirus for perhaps a very long time. Lots of old people, including me, and lots of people, of all ages, spending lots of time at home, staring at walls, watching TV, texting, talking on the phone, texting, virtual phone or Facebook talking, playing games online, working for a living, or not, because they are terrified of catching the coronavirus, or they are furious that they are confined because of people who are terrified of catching the coronavirus.

So, back to thinking outside the box.

Nearly all medical science remedies, cures, vaccines are derived from plants, minerals, etc. 

For example:

Quinine is a bitter compound that comes from the bark of the cinchona tree. The tree is most commonly found in South America, Central America, the islands of the Caribbean, and parts of the western coast of Africa. Quinine was originally developed as a medicine to fight malaria.

I read online that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine both are derived from quinine.

If I had a chance to speak with President Biden face to face, I'd tell him the above, and that Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's cheap, fast, early-stage coronavirus cure - hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin (to fight secondary infection) - will allow America to reopen safely. 

I give Biden Dr. Zelenko's March 23, 2020 letter reproduced down below, which summarizes how Dr. Zelenko came up with and field-tested his cure in his family medical practice.

After Biden reads the letter, we watch Dr. Zelenko's video, in which he explains it all more thoroughly.

We then read the preface to Dr. Zelenko's article about his relationship with God,

If that trifecta below does not convince Biden that Dr. Zelenko and his cure are God's attempt to save America and humanity from the coronavirus, then perhaps God will speak directly to Biden.

Perhaps God will tell Biden that nearly all medical science remedies, cures, vaccines, etc. are derived from plants, minerals, etc. 

Perhaps God will tell Biden that hydroxychloroquine was developed from quinine, which George Washington gave his troops in swamp areas to help them avoid and/or get over malaria. 

Perhaps God will tell Biden that hydroxychloroquine transports ZINC into body cells, where ZINC inhibits coronavirus replication.

Perhaps God will tell Biden that if he has his FDA director make hydroxychloroquine AND ZINC freely available, America can safely reopen and the world will follow suit.

Dr Zelenko discusses COVID-19 pandemic and solutions to end it.

Essence To Essence

Copyright © 2019 by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D.

“Let my soul be as dust to all,” (Berachos 17a; included in the weekday Amidah). This profound statement is layered with wisdom and meaning. This physical world is filled with a myriad of corrupting, parasitic influences from within and without. The only way to thrive and prosper in such an environment is to be perpetually bound with one’s source and purpose. When the soul is connected to its root, it is shielded from subjugation to finite creations, such as space-time.

  Space-time is created for the purpose of providing a matrix for man to serve his Creator. Most of humanity has become enslaved to the limitations of the world instead of being their master.

   The only way to free oneself from the grasp of corrupting finitude is by developing a suprarational faith in the hidden essence of G-d and in the divine essence of one’s soul. By connecting your essence with G-d’s essence, your soul becomes ungraspable (“like dust to all”) and attains true freedom.   It is my hope that this book will arouse and reveal your quintessential bond with G-d."

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