Monday, February 8, 2021

Did Covid-19 escape from a Wuhan lab, or originate in a wet market?

My angel-pushed friend "Young Prophet" (YP) emailed early this morning:

US = You, Me, TPTB &
The NOBEL PRIZE Winner believe:
SARS 2-COVID19 was created in a lab. His name is Dr. Luc Montagnier, he is a Frenchman, and he shared credit with American Dr. Bob Gallo on the discovery of the HIV/AIDS virus.

Big Pharma finances the publication "SCIENCE" and many of the peer reviewed studies that they use to support the publication. Almost always before a new "wonder drug" or

Dr. Gallo forced the issue to be co-discoverer because he was American and his being on the Nobel and being "recognized" would benefit American "Big Pharma" because so many pharma/medtech companies had given grants to Gallo. The reality is that Luc and his team at the Pasteur Institure in France discovered the virus, and they allowed Gallo to peer review in good faith. Gallo turned around and claimed credit knowing money would come his way like a flood of cash if he insured that big pharma and medtech would be able to piggy back on his team and say they financed the research that identified the GRID virus as AIDS, so American Big Pharma could get AIDS drugs patents.

Incidentally, when Gallo's samples of the AIDS virus were analyzed ? Guess what ? They proved to be the exact same as Dr. Montagnier's samples- meaning Gallo tried to pass off the Pasteur Institute(where Dr. Luc was) samples as his own. Gallo literally tried to plagiarize a virus. Reagan was in the White House and he refused to look like he was doing nothing, now that Rock Hudson and so many others had died. So Reagan pushed the Nobel committee on Virology to Co-Award to Montagnier and American Robert Gallo- even though Gallo had been proven a plagiarist.

Dr. Montagnier never sold out. Ever,

He wanted the Pasteur Institute to donate their royalties in anything related to AIDS research to more research to cure disease. Not a popular decision in the realm of big pharma. Dr. Gallo never did this

TPTB came to me in a dream and brought me this, showed that Luc Montagnier said that SARS2-COVID-19 was engineered in a lab and he was tied to a whipping post by big pharma for saying it.

Does a Bear have his outhouse in the woods indeed?

TPTB showed me the article. I had to have faith and search for it. I did. My faith was shown to be placed in the right area.


On his CNN Sunday show yesterday, Fareed Zakaria, who has long impressed me, interviewed a prominent Communist China official about various topics, including: Did Covid-19 escape from a Wuhan lab, or originate in a wet market? The Chinese official said: Those who make allegations must provide proof. I thought, hmmm, in the Kingdom of God that official provided proof BY NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTION.

That said, I need help understanding why the debunk below from the article was scientifically wrong:

What Montagnier called the “elements” of HIV were short cis-acting elements that scientists had discovered in the genome of coronaviruses in 2005. They are required for genome replication and are shared by many coronaviruses. So if what Montagnier said is true, the whole family of coronaviruses – which originated over 10,000 years ago – would have to be lab-made, and this is obviously nonsensical.


Science's argument is a strawman. 

Science is heavily funded by WHO, Big Pharma, and they said, "Nah, we're not going to talk about this specific case, we'll talk about a generality." And they did it with the belief that, because they are such a respected journal, they could double talk their way out of a Nobel Laureate's very solid argument.

Science refers to roughly 10,000 variants of corona-viruses, but COVID-19  is one of two variants of SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. 

We've had 10,000 common cold variants over millions of years. We've only ever dealt with SARS2-COVID19, and was SARS-1 and it is still only barely related.

The other 10,000 coronoa variants are common colds- they do not function like COVID-19, which has all the lethality of a manufactured in laboratory biological weapon; an an armored, protein-coated RNA injecting virus that comes to live in our cells and destroy them. It has murdered millions of people worldwide. A common cold and its family of multitudes of 10,000 variants don't do that.

Does the common cold have RNA injection capabilities? No. Science knew that.

Does the common cold have a protein coat to fight the ability for traditional medicine to treat it? No. Science knew that.

Does the common cold- their family of 10,000 corona viruses- have a seek and destroy mechanism such that it destroys the weakest parts of your body? No. Science knew that.

Had we ever seen a corona virus with those gain of function spikes which allow the virus to attach to particulates that are nano-sized? No. Science knew that.

Have we ever dealt with a C.V. where it is targeted at those with medical weaknesses such that it is effectively able to effectively perform EUGENICS? (Something that China worries about quite a bit? One child rule, lots of girls are killed to this day, they literally have breeding programs where they encourage their athletes to "couple".) No. Science knew that.

This was the June issue 2020 of Science, meaning the authors began writing and then peer reviewing back in Apri-May 2020. The pandemic status of SARS2-COVID-19 was only established mid-late March 2020. Science was awfully quick to start protecting their interests in the WHO, Big Pharma, and attacking a Nobel Laureate. 

Dr. Montagnier has been treating and researching major viruses since before the AIDS epidemic. A Strawman Attack that took 2 months to slap together by science vs 40+ years of virology knowledge by Dr. Montagnier. If it were a bet, which way would the bookies lay the odds of being correct.


You and I were told separately by TPTB that Covid1-19 was bioengineered in a Chinese Communist lab. Put that on Facebook and get put in Facebook jail. 
So, was SARS-1 bioengineered?

Dr. Montagnier reminds me of what the medical-industrial complex did to discredit Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and his cheap, fast, early infection stage cure of Covid -19: zinc, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin. Hydroxychloroquine transports zinc into body cells, where zinc disrupts Covid-19 replication. Put Dr. Zelenko and his cure on Facebook, and get put in Facebook jail.

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