Sunday, August 2, 2020

Zombie Nation: If President Trump had told America NOT to use hydroxychloroqine and zinc for Covid-19, there would have been a STAMPEDE for both

I posted on my Facebook page yesterday:

Sloan Bashinsky

Facebook then said:

  Your post goes against our Community Standards so only you can see it. See options.  
Your post goes against our Community Standards so only you can see it. See options.

That gave me a warm, fuzzy, Mary Poppins like feeling inside for America. 

I bet U.S. military doctors are using hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin to treat American soldiers with C-19.

I bet American militias have stockpiles of hydroxychloroquine, zinc phosphate and azithromycin, and quercetin and vitamin C. 

I am thrilled being alone in my apartment 23+hours a day, socializing on and perusing the internet. I'm 77 years old. What's being holed up like for other people around my age? What's being holed up like for people who still have to work for a living? What's being holed up like for people not old enough yet to be in the work for a living category? What's being holed up like for small children? What's being hold up like for the economy, stock markets, etc.? What's being hold up like for national, state and local government budets?

I hoped the Front Line Doctors video would crack the liberty bell again and Dr. Zelenko's cheap fast early-stage hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin cure would set America free. Still hoping for that, but not holding my breath.

Excerpts from Facebook Covid-19/hydroxychloroquine discussion:

Zee Dee This drug literally suppresses the immune system there's no way you would ever catch me taking it during a pandemic where I need my immune system to be as strong as possible.

Darran LaNoue It’s all political - Trump supported it so the left oppose it - if Trump found the cure for cancer the left would find a problem with that as well

Roy Boston Soooo .. when Trump said this .. everyone said he didn't know what he was talking about.... OOPS ... GUESS TRUMP WAS CORRECT

Richard J. Schecher It can't work. It can never work. It will never work. WHY? Because Trump made the mistake of telling people it works. Trump should have said it does not work. Remember the old fable about going into the briar patch - Don't go in the briar patch. I bet it works after the election just like everyone is now kneeling at sporting events that nobody can go to. The world is messed up beyond logic.

Sloan Bashinsky You may be right, Richard. I have been amazed at the resistance on FB to Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast cure. I have had thrown back at me many times that because Trump touted it, and Sean Hannity read Zelenko's March 23 letter, attached below, to skeptical Mike Pence and then interviewed Zelenko, there is no merit to it. It's like America has become a giant zombie nation because Dr. Zelenko's letter to All World Medical Professionals was copied to President Donald J. Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, instead of copied to CNN, Newsweek, NY Times, Washington Post, whatever. Looks to me 99 percent of the Democrats I know would die from Covid 19 before they would even consider looking for a local doctor treating early stage C-19 with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. A Republican friend in Key West, well known there, told me the other day that he knows several doctors using Zelenko's protocol on their Covid-19 patients. I said those doctors need to go to Washington D.C. and tell the world about it in front of the Supreme Court building. I belong to no political party. Don''t like Trump. Didn't like Hillary or Obama or G.W. Bush. I like what works, regardless of where it came from and by what method it arrived.

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