Thursday, August 20, 2020

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Yesterday's When are we ever not in church? post at this blog contained part of a Facebook discussion with a childhood next door neighbor who reminds me somewhat of Teresa T. Avila. The rest of her and my discussion grew more legs as yesterday proceeded. Here are excerpts.
  • Paula Sevier
    I have never been prescribed/taken meds other than antibiotics from time to time.

    But, boy oh boy: do I know people who have been so messed up on (prescribed) meds.
    Recently, I had to say to someone very close...
    whom I love dearly:
    “I love you and I would never reject you but this is not you and I do not want to be around this weird sh-t so please don’t come around here when you are on whatever you are on.”

    I am sure there are cases where medication is helpful/ needful.....who am I?
    From my personal perspective,
    medications are being over-prescribed (mis-perscribed),
    not properly monitored,
    and additional meds are often prescribed to deal with the side-effects ( counter effects) of the original prescription.
    I know people prescribed amphetamines and then prescribed anti-anxiety meds to counteract the nervousness caused by the amphetamines.

  • Sloan Bashinsky 

    As I read Jesus in the Gospels, and Peter and Paul in Acts and their letters, there is no quick fix. Counting to ten often and stewing in emotions life events stir, instead of reacting, can gradually transform most people.

    Psychiatry has a small piece and grasp of something exponentially larger.

    Poor diet and toxic chemicals can cause mental and emotional disorder, as can physical and emotional child abuse, as can being spineless, as can rigid religious and cultural programming and beliefs, as can one size fits all education methods.

    I think psychiatry took a very wrong step by going 100 percent with Freud and 0 percent with Jung, but even Jung would be out of his depth with what I have experienced. There are no doctors for that.
    I know a psychiatrist who told me he cured a patient of being afraid to drive across bridges in the Florida Keys by prescribing Zanax. If that patient came to me and was serious, as in desperate, his own soul and angels might show him the root of his anxiety and steps he could take to address it. He might become freaked out. He might tell me I’m nuts. He might prefer Zanax after all. I have not done that kind of work in 20 years.

    Psychiatry treats symptoms. Psychiatry is necessary. But it needs much more knowledge than it now has,and it needs to answer to and work with angels of the Lord,

    A young man with severe psychiatric history came from Alabama to Key West hoping I could help him., after told him I didn’t know if I could help him. He was on Haldol for years to control self destructive behavior. After he reached Key West, he started hearing from Archangel Michael and was really grateful. I told him I didn’t see how I could help him if he was on Haldol and to ask Michael. I. His sleep that night he was told by Michael to take take the Haldol. My own life then became tumultuous and that interfered with my ability to help him and he went back to Alabama. I still feel terrible about that.

    • Paula Sevier You can maybe find him and check on him.

      I don’t take anything....

      I just seem to have 
      a personality that is
      irritable,restless, discontent.
      But, in time,
      as we remember
      we are not personalities.....
      all that nonsense drops off.
      We are who we want to be.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Actually, we are what we are, and that includes our soul and our personality. Look at Jesus in the Gospels and Paul in his letters exhorting people to be different from how they have been - their personalities, which can change, but not often easily. Look at what Paul endured AFTER he met Jesus on the Road to Damascus. We are to expect something less for us to get closer to God than what Paul and the disciples experienced, and people since then, such as Teresa de Avila and John of the Cross, Francis of Assisi and Claire, Mother Teresa, Rumi? Buddha?

      I think any addiction, chemical or otherwise, belies disconnect from the soul and God. Usually caused by soul trauma. That is the human condition. Church people, spiritual seekers, etc. suffer it as much as anyone else. I once lived in places where people, including me, spent a great deal of time, energy and money going to various healers and gurus hoping to get fixed what was broken in them, and they were still going when I moved away from those places and was put into something very different, politics, but the same underlying dynamics were in play, just a different movie theater.

    • Paula Sevier There is nothing broken to fix......
      that’s the “problem” : there is no problem.😂
      We are eternal beings in our essence.
      Our personalities are just our egos that we have created.
      They drop off in time....
      as we return to Father/ Divine Source.

    • Sloan Bashinsky If that were true, Jesus would not have happened in Palestine 2000 years ago, this world would be very different back then and today. I don't know how you could arrive at such a viewpoint with all evidence to the contrary in plain view.

      My longish sti
      ng, er, stint in Key West and Florida Keys politics as what sometimes was called the perennial candidate" and always a political activist via my daily blog and regularly attending city and county commission and other local government meetings and speaking from out of the box during citizen comments to several items on the printed agenda, showed me in spades that the status quo and what loves it, the Devil. resist real change as if its very life and soul hang in the balance.

      I had already seen that in myself and in many people I had come to know in different places, as two ships briefly passing, longer in time acquaintances, friends and people who had come to me hoping I could help them. The more desperate ones seemed to view me as a doctor of last resort. They were the easiest to reach, because they had given up hope on everything else they had tried.

      I never saw local government officials get to the desperation stage in Key West and the Florida Keys. Nor do I see the desperation state in Alabama state and local politics. Nor do I see the desperation stage in national politics. For examples, both the Democrats and the Republicans and their leaders think they have the solutions, when it looks to me they mostly have their heads where the sun never shines and they are clueless to their situation, as are their disciples.

      When I look at, say, Joe Biden, I see things that give me the willies. I can't help it, my long, extensive training, including long courses in mirrors and discernment of spirits in me and people around me, leaves me in the position of not agreeing much with Biden and Democrats. The same with Republicans, whose current leader gives me many more willies than Joe Biden. In Donald Trump I see blatant megalomania, self-love and worship, money and power love and worship, deep need for steady applause supplemented by steady self-applause, and the strong, steady influence of Lucifer, whose greatest trick is convincing people that he does not exist, or at the very least, has no interest in them and what is most important to them.

      In the Gospels, Jesus spoke to that ring in the great circus because he knew it was very much in play in every situation he encountered. Psychiatry not only does not recognize God and angels, it also does not recognize Lucifer and demons. Hearing the voices of either side, seeing the voices' forms, when awake and even in dreams, is psychosis, according to psychiatry. I think not hearing and seeing those voices and forms is psychosis. Lucifer is very capable of and does pose as God, the Holy Spirit, and many people are tricked in that way, who believe they mean well.

      A dear friend about half my age reports being regularly visited in person and in his dreams by several angels known in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Melchizedek, Khamael. They chat with him about this and that. They tell him things about humanity and their perspective i don't see anywhere else. They don't sugarcoat it. They don't use much code or parable when they speak directly to him. However, sometimes they use familiar metaphor.

      For example, two days ago, my friend dreamed of Trump and the Republicans and Biden and the Democrats each having houses of cards,which all fell down. Yesterday, my friend dreamed of Trump and Pence playing poker against Biden and Harris. All four hands contained the two black aces and the two black eights, also known as the dead man's hand, as it was the hand Wild Bill Hickcok is said to have held when he was murdered. In the dream, Trump, Pence, Biden and Harris folded their hands. Kenny Rogers sand about that, know when to hold them and when to fold them.

      So, I pondered those two card dreams. i thought maybe who ever ends up in the White House after November will hold a hand they do not want to play. They will might try to spin it pretty, like you steadily do, but it will not be pretty and no spin will change that. Already, it is not pretty in America, if you do not have head where sun never shines. The American economy is severely damaged. Without a cure that will let America get back to work safely, the damage will increase. The Fed will keep printing money, which will damage the economy further. The social and moral fiber of America will come further unhinged, the division and strife will increase. Eventually, the stock markets will tank.

      I have seen that scenario since the lock down came early this year. That's why I pushed so hard for Dr. Zelenko's early stage Covid-19 cure to be freely available, and the resistance was diabolical. You can keep at your everything is in God's hands and it's perfect outlook if you wish, but that didn't work well in 1929, the recovery from which only began after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, which President Roosevelt knew was coming and did not alert Pearl because he wanted America to enter the war in Europe, which before the Pearl attack, American's were against doing.

      I think maybe i will scream, if you reply with more love and light theology, when it is plain as day America is in the death grip of something else entirely.

    • Paula Sevier Some are, some aren't...
      Depends on
      in whose grip

      one is.

    • Sloan Bashinsky I think if you were able to see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, you would not carry on the way you do. You might even call out to God to make you like you were before you were woken up.

      A soul indeed is Eternal, but it has this world
      's experience to help it expand and grow, or not, or even devolve, and that determines a soul's next adventure in God's Creation.

      Trump is infected by Lucifer. Trump is contagious. Anyone attached to Trump becomes infected. Same goes on on the Democrat side. Lucifer is a virus, God is a virus. They are in competition, and that's part of the Big Scheme God has allowed, and probably foresaw.

      John of the Cross went straight to God, by-passing the Catholic Church, and was persecuted as a heretic and killed for it. Later, he was declared a saint.

      Teresa de Avila seemed to think God would eventually come around to her way of thinking. She created a much more complicated return to God for herself.

      The Christian view that one life is all a soul has on this world is hogwash. As is the Christian view that you either die and go to heaven or hell, forever.

      That theology was created by the early Church to cause people to want to join it and give it their money.

    • Paula Sevier Of course one person cannot see what another sees, hears what another hears, feel what another feels.
      Though one, that one-ness manifests uniquely.
      We can ask to see as God sees, hear as a God hears, feel as God feels.
      If that is what one wants.

      Yes the christian church has taught much error.....
      Might be better to quit teaching and start being.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I simply asked God to help me and I offered my life to human service. Two what I figured were angels then woke me up in the nighttime, I saw them hovering above me in the darkness, and said, as I wrote in the trilogy, "This will push you to your limits, but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you." Then I saw three flashes as I was jolted by what I thought was spiritual lightning, and I was shaking, and the two faded out. It then began, slowly but inexorably, there were many phases, I simply tried to keep up and not mess up, but I did plenty of messing up, there were endless corrections and illuminations, and some of it was so rough I prayed to die and feared I would live, and planned my own suicide for months at a time, and I came no where close having the thinking, seeing and hearing of God, and I have yet to meet anyone who seemed to have reached that stage, and I came to understand the two angels were Jesus and Michael, and Melchizedek later joined them, and they are so far advance relative to me that I cannot even imagine the severity of my retardation.

      Eventually, Michael told a woman I was with, whom they had repaired and changed so that she actually was born again, that angels don't know everything, they get instructions from beyond them and they carry out assignments, and they were trying to teach that woman and me to live as they lived, and it was a really rough go for both of us in all ways, and we no longer felt we were of the same species as we had been born into, and it was new for us, and it was really lonely in the human sense. Human beings have no clue what is going on around and inside of them. That woman picked up a great deal of what was in other people, she could feel it, and when she spoke it, it caused disturbance.

      People actually think they have free will, which even psychiatry and psychology know is fantasy, due to how much of what people think, see, hear, feel, do is driven by the subconscious/ unconscious/soul/unseen entities, of which the conscious mind makes up maybe 10 percent. Meaning, if a person is not captured by angels and cleaned up somewhat and instructed, directed, corrected, that person could be anyone you and I know who has not had such a remaking. If Donald Trump were put through that kind of change, very likely nobody would want him in the White House.
    • Sloan Bashinsky It would be impossible for him to lie, conceal, spin, deny wrongdoing, boast, lay all the blame on others. He would not float himself being president for life. He would show Americans his tax returns. He would be chaste with his wife. He would keep his promises and stick with deals he makes. He would be a role model for children. He would promote mail-in voting. He would promote universal health care. He would get America out of its disastrous wars. He would appoint judges who favor strict separation of church and state and reasonable gun control. He would let women decide whether they have abortions during the first trimester. He would defend the free press and free speech. He would get rid of corporate socialism. He would promote the American flag, but not the Confederate flag. He would praise kneeling at sporting events to call attention to inequities known to every black person in America, who has not sold out to white values. He would have his intelligence services do all they can to end Russian, Chinese and other foreign and domestic tampering of American elections. He would abandon his border wall and station U.S. troops along the southern border, to secure it. He would allow illegal immigrants to remain in America, if they want to work and contribute. He would legalize and tax marijuana, which, like tobacco, grows naturally in the wild. He would try to save the planet. He would do everything he can to make Dr. Zelenko's cure freely available in America. And, he would try to save the planet from humanity.
      • Paula Sevier You can’t say any of that with any credence.
        You have no idea what somebody “would be like.”
        Everyone has his/ her own relationship with God/ Heavenly Father.

        I do not presume to judge another’s “sanity” by what they have or have not reported to have experienced.
        I have had experiences outside the norm of some.
        Others have had experiences beyond/ outside what has been the norm for me.
        I am not seeking “experiences.”
        “Experiences”/ “encounters” happen.
        Some bidden/ asked for
        some unbidden.

        Some encounters/ experiences are transforming/ correcting/ affirming......
        and, in your case, probably rather terrifying.

        Regarding Donald Trump, I am seeing a softening.
        Maybe because I am looking for such subtleties.
        Having been told that he has been,
        according to people who pray with/ for him,
        “born again”/ surrendered to the Lordship of Christ.
        That would be a transaction only he and God would have made.

        It is amazing how easily he seemed to finally get the Embassy moved to Jerusalem.
        And, now this diplomatic feat with the Muslim United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel!
        The man can get things done!
        God’s man for the hour.......

        Oh, and of course we do not have free will.....
      • Sloan Bashinsky If Trump indeed surrendered to the Lordship of Christ, he would be giving all credit to God and Jesus. He would behave, speak and write very differently. You would not know him. America has gone to hell on his watch, and he blames everyone but himself, contrary to first taking the beam out of his own eye. Terrifying experiences burned into my soul that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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