Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Teresa de Avila and John of the Cross discuss Grace mega-church's court "victory" allowing in-person services, with conditions

Maybe six weeks ago, I received a Facebook friend request from a childhood next-door neighbor, who still lives in affluent nearly all white Mountain Book, Alabama, "over the mountain" from Birmingham. Mountain Brook's nickname is "The Tiny Kingdom". Many Facebook discussions with my old next-door neighbor caused me to wonder yesterday if she is a reincarnation of St. Teresa de Avila? In early January 1991, I was told in my sleep one night, "With respect to St. John of the Cross, you haven't seen anything yet." Teresa and Juan were cloistered Carmelite Order Monastery members during the time of the Inquisition. I had learned of them the year before in Antonio T. de Nicolรกs stunning book, ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS: Alchemist of the Soul.

  • Sloan Bashinsky From the end of the article, which does not jive with the photo in the article of a packed face maskless congregation:
    "The judge is requiring congregants to wear masks and social distance between family groups while indoors. A full hearing is set for September 4, 2020."

  • Paula Sevier I am not aligned with John MacArthur’s theology/ teaching.
    Unless he has gotten a revelation,
    he teaches cessasionism.

    May God The Holy Ghost blow into his church!
    But I was happy when he challenged his rights.
    I hate to say it and probably shouldn’t:
    most so-called christian pastors I know are wimps.
    But challenged in the gonad region.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Paula Sevier based on the article, MacArthur didn’t get what he really wanted: packed shoulder to shoulder maskless church services resembling maskless Trump MAGA rallies and protests.

    • Paula Sevier I say just do whatever the hell you want to— like BLM does.

    • Sloan Bashinsky They wear masks

    • Paula Sevier “Didn’t get what he wanted”:
      hasn’t that been Trumps theme song behind his rallies?
      The Rolling Stones’ “You don’t always get what you want” ?

      And no one does.
      Unless one’s “wants” are lined up with God’s Wants/Vast Eternal Plan.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Can't say I know anyone, including me, whose wants are lined up with God's wants. I think maybe Campbell wanted to pack his church shoulder to shoulder without masks, otherwise, this once upon a time practicing attorney thinks there might never have been the lawsuit and the judge would not have laid down the face mask and social distancing conditions/requirements in his ruling.

    • Paula Sevier 
      Regarding our wants, if one believes in a Good, All-Powerful Higher Power Who is unfolding a beautiful Vast Eternal Plan,
      then a prayer one might pray ( I used to ) is something like this:

      “Lord God,
      King of the Universe,
      Loving Father/ Creator
      Who sent me into this world for a purpose:
      cause me to want what You want me to want,
      and in so doing,
      usher me into the fullness of being
      and my highest purpose.
      Glorify Yourself in and through me.”

    • Paula Sevier Did you notice the headline did not say he “won a victory”—-
      it says he “claims a victory.”
      That caught my eye first thing....

      which, to me meant it wasn’t a clear decision.

    • Sloan Bashinsky It mean he didn't get what he wanted but he spun it into victory.

    • Sloan Bashinsky I think the judge made the right ruling. I don't know what was going on between that church and the governor of California, but a church should be allowed to hold services if there are reasonable precautions taken, masks, social distancing in public, which ain't popular with Trump, MAGAs and many Republican governors and Republicans generally. Maybe not with Dems either. I saw several outside tables at a restaurant yesterday with 6-8 people side by side, they were all about same age, not family, friends, and there is no telling if one of them was contagious, then all of them.

    • Sloan Bashinsky I'm reading of schools that opened and now there are lots of infections, despite young children are not supposed to be contagious. Tell that to the coronavirus.

    • Paula Sevier I cannot imagine Grace Community Church having much “Grace” if they don’t believe in the continuing gifts of The Holy Spirit..
      ๐Ÿ˜‚ I do not mean that in an unkind way. May The Holy Spirit surprise them with revival!!!!May they all be astonished.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Looks to me that church wanted many gifts from the coronavirus, and the judge got in the way of that a little. I doubt the Holy Spirit had anything to do with any of it, but the judge setting ground rules.

    • Paula Sevier I assume they just do not want the government overstepping her boundaries. They seem to be attempting to stand firm against what they see as unreasonable unconstitutional restrictions on their constitutionally protected right to freely exercise religion.

    • Paula Sevier Some are arguing that the government is unfairly targeting people of faith.
      If people can pack into Walmart where the atmosphere is thick with who knows what....
      why can’t others pac into churches? Or football stadiums? Or other places of worship.

      Roll Tide/ WDE

    • Sloan Bashinsky If they wanted to pack that church shoulder without masks, they are BIOTERRORISTS regardless of their opinion.

    • Sloan Bashinsky I was in WalMart yesterday. You can't get in without a mask on. You have to social distance inside the store. Home Depot and Publix same. That church, churches like them, MAGAs, Trump are BIOTERRORISTS.

    • Sloan Bashinsky If there is a SEC football season this year, there will be no packed stadiums. Pro golf tournaments have no spectators following the golfers. If there is a pro football season, pro hockey, pro basketball, the stadiums will be bare. Sometimes, Paula, I wonder if you are on LSD.

    • Paula Sevier I go to Walmart all the time.
      The other day, my daughter and I went .
      On the way from the car to the entrance,

      we were only asked for money by one person— man who was familiar.
      There was was another person working the same area: a lady.
      And she looked very much in need of an immediate fix.
      When we got up to the entrance,
      both of us “masked” of course,
      we could see inside.
      Absolutely as packed as I have ever seen it.
      My daughter and I paused and looked at each other.
      I said: “Have we lost our minds?”
      She said: “ Let’s go to Publix”
      which we did.
      But that was that day.
      I went yesterday and got in and out in a matter of minutes.
      Went straight, in, got what i needed, no looking around.
      Checked out at the self check.
      I went prepared, with folded up money for whomever might ask
      and no one did this time.
      Isn’t that always the way it is?
      I usually only have my credit card with me.
      I have told the guy that hangs around there he needs to get one of those “blocks” where people can slide their card and give that way.

    • Sloan Bashinsky I've never seen that mass crowding in a Walmart, Publix, Asian market, or Home Depot since the shutdown. I do not think anyone regardless of station or belief, has a Constitutional or a God right to put other people at risk to C-19. There is a cure that would end the danger C-19 poses, enter Dr. Zelenko, but neither the Republicans, nor the Democrats, nor the medical sector is willing to provide it. Maybe all the ministers and congregations should be raising hell about that.

    • Paula Sevier I have not done LSD.
      I’ve never had the opportunity/been tempted.
      But I have heard good things about it helping some people who have persistent addictions.

      Or is that Ayahuasca?
      Or Ibogaine.
    • Paula Sevier Sloan: you are not alone.
      Once in another conversation, a guy told me that talking to me was like being on “shrooms”
      ( mushrooms). I have not googled what might have been meant by that.
    • Paula Sevier Since you opened the door:

      The personal experiences you have shared in your Trilogy ...

      the out-of-the-ordinary experiences you recount with spiritual beings....
      were they drug induced?
    • Paula Sevier If that is a personal/ inappropriate question.....
      you are not under any compulsion to answer.
    • Sloan Bashinsky No. Au naturale.

    • Paula Sevier Also regarding the churches:
      maybe they could use the hydroxycloroquine cocktail in place of communion .....
      though, I'm betting the blood of Christ is more potent.

    • Sloan Bashinsky The Lord Jesus Christ inspired Dr. Zelenko to develop and use and prove his cure. How could you not know that?

    • Paula Sevier Why would you assume I would not be in agreement with that?

    • Sloan Bashinsky Well, if you are in agreement, spend the next week telling everyone you know: friends, family, ministers, doctors, news media, Facebook, President Trump. Try to save people, instead of preaching what will not keep them alive, restore their social and business lives and mental and emotional health C-19 has wrecked.

    • Paula Sevier Are you supposing I am looking to you to guide me as how to live my life/ spend my time?๐Ÿ˜ด
      Good night, Sloan.
      Sleep deep.
      God’s got this.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ☝️

    • Sloan Bashinsky Looks to me me you guide yourself.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Looks to me Dr. Zelenko was and is God’s attempt to help America and humanity get back in gear.

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