Friday, August 14, 2020

President Trump and the right attack LeBron James for backing Kamala Harris because Harris is the one person they didn't want Joe Bidden to pick for his running mate

Clyde Broadway Jr
August 12, 2020
Lebron James was blessed with the ability to play basketball, outside of that I personally consider him a man without any wisdom and damn near stupid!
He needs to play basketball and keep his mouth shut about ANYTHING outside of that! He is only proving how ignorant he truly is.
Other than her being a black woman running for VP I’m curious what exactly it is that he thinks is so great about her?
Also what is it that he thinks is so great about Sleepy Joe?
Can Mr James provide anything at all to support his claim that they are so good and have done positive things that qualifies them to be candidates for President and Vice President?

Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris as his presidential running mate and LeBron James couldn't be happier about it. On Tuesday, Joe Biden made his official ...

  • Anna Crumley Nix Why does any American not have rights to speak their opinions. If a major sports player spoke out praising MAGA Trump, you’d be all about it. Right? Not agreeing with him doesn’t mean he can’t have an opinion. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Clyde Broadway Jr He can have his opinion, I’m just asking him to back it up!Anna Crumley Nix Clyde Broadway Jr you basically said “play ball and shut up.” I don’t like Biden or Harris either, so definitely not defending that.
    • Clyde Broadway Jr Anna Crumley Nix I did say that! And will continue to say that until he can voice his opinion with creditable facts to back up his statement of them being so great!
    • Kim Berry Clyde Broadway Jr I'm like my mom and personally hate politics!! But a opinion isn't something you back up its what you feel and believe!! Facts are what you have to show proof on ! Now that's my opinion 🤷‍♀️
    • Anna Crumley Nix He has a platform, which he is allowed to use. Just like you have a FB platform, which you are allowed to use. 🙂
    • Kim Berry Anna Crumley Nix with his opinions!!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Clyde, I could spend several hours typing facts about Donald Trump that I doubt you would believe. I had him pegged in 2016 about as despicable as Hillary Clinton, and I voted for someone else I thought was a decent person, although no chance of winning. Trump got the KKK, Nazi, Neo-Nazi and white supremacist votes in 2016, and will do so this year. If that's who you want to be in league with, have at it. Trump was buddies with Jeffrey Epstein and had deep business deals with the Mafia. If that's what you want to be in league with, have at it. Trump asked Russia for help getting elected in 2016, and the next day Russia went to work on it and is doing same this year. If that's what you want to be in league with, then have at it. If you want to be in league with a man who routinely stiffed his contractors and subcontractors and their laborers, then have at it. As for LeBron James, he's proved his mettle many times and has as much right at you and Trump to speak his mind, that's the basis of America freedom, Amendment 1, free speech, free press. If you oppose that, then recall that was the way of Nazi Germany, Stalin Russia, Mao China, for a few examples. I'm not impressed with Joe Biden, however, Kamala Harris is on LeBron James' level, I think. I think she is the one person Trump did not want Biden to pick. The one person the Republicans and MAGAs did not want Biden to pick. I told a politically unalinged friend two nights ago, that if Biden picked a white woman running mate, he was an idiot. I told the same friend last night, when he called to say Biden had picked Harris, that Biden should have picked her months ago. So now he's done it and what I wonder is this. Is that what you are really upset about and that's why you took out after LeBron James?

    • Sloan Bashinsky Trump bailed out twice by same Saudi Prince

      Fox News fact-checks Donald Trump on his Saudi Arabia business denials
      Fox News fact-checks Donald Trump on his Saudi Arabia…
      Fox News fact-checks Donald Trump on his Saudi Arabia business denials
    • Clyde Broadway Jr Anna Crumley Nix ok.. but I do think it’s funny that I said this and then people want to defend lebron on freedom of speech which I agree with..

      How can you defend him in the fact of what the two candidates stand for are defunding they police, taking
       our second amendment and basically totally going against everything that the constitution stands for!

      If these two people are elected into to President and Vice President of the United States our current way of living and the way we’ve lived since the constitution was wrote will no longer be from that point forward.

      It will literally be devastating for the Citizens Of The United States if they are elected in.

      This is just my opinion, y’all are entitled to have your own opinions.. I just hope that they are in the best interest of America as a whole
    • R.l. Sutton Sloan Bashinsky are you an expert on other politicians or just a Trump hater?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Did you read what I wrote about Hillary Clinton and Trump being equally despicable? Since you asked, In 2008, I was told in my sleep that Barack Obama had the potential to the the Anti-Christ and I published that on my blog and encouraged people not to vote for him. I thought G. W. Bush was bought and paid for by the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex General/President Eisenhower had warned Americans about. In the spring of 2004, I was told in my sleep, "God wants Jimmy Carter to be President." Carter was not running, but he had only served one term and he could have run that year. I voted for Ralph Nader, because I had met him and liked him, and I didn't like either G.W. Bush or John Kerry. Well, let me tell you one more thing. 3 nights before 9/11, the same familiar voice asked me in my sleep, "Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?" I woke right up, wondered what that was about, made the prayer, went back to sleep. On 9/11, while just about everyone around me was running around crazy, scared and enraged, my concern was America would start another disastrous foreign war. It did not occur to me that America would start two disastrous foreign wars for rich white men's corporate profit. When Obama continued those two wars and accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, I didn't hardly poop for a month, and that finally resolved when a violent poem jumped out of me about what he had done.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Clyde, nobody's trying to take your guns away from you. But do you need an AR-15 to hunt deer? They are super effective shooting up schools and night clubs.Police departments should not be defunded. Bad cops should be gotten rid of, but the police unions fight that tooth and nail, fang and claw, and so you have people wanting to defund police departments.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Tell your mom and dad I love and miss seeing them. My best to you and John Thomas.
    • Clyde Broadway Jr Sloan Bashinsky I hope you are doing good!
      You should come visit and see my dad sometime soon.. he’d enjoy your company I’m sure! I’d like to see you and talk sometime.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Haven't been traveling for a while due to C-19 and being almost a fossil and my car is old and I hate the thought of breaking down on the road and I do really detest driving anywhere near Atlanta.

      Interesting, a friend I actually know beyond FB just posted this in a private chat we are having about an op-ed he sent me th
      is morning by a super humankind detective-writer, the Canadian Wade Davis, two of whose exquisite books I have read.

      "It has long been my opinion the worst thing that could happen a human being is
      Being Born Black in America ......"

      My friend is an Irish white guy long time living in America. Here's a link to Davis op-ed.

      The Unraveling of America
      The Unraveling of America
      The Unraveling of America

    • Sloan Bashinsky Where I think Wade Davis missed the boat big time is he pounds Trump for recommending non-standard cures to C-19, without providing the details or back story. Actually, Trump tried to hand to America an early stage infection cheap fast cure that would have allowed America to safely reopen in late March/early April, and then the witch hunts against that doctor and his cure and Trump began. I covered some of that in my blog post today, including t he doctor's letter laying out what could have saved America, and the world, from C-19. Here is link to that blog post.

      the guillotine: exquisite attitude adjustment device
      the guillotine: exquisite attitude adjustment device
      the guillotine: exquisite attitude adjustment device
    • Clyde Broadway Jr R.l. Sutton Mr Bashinsky is indeed a VERY educated man, he also doesn’t like Trump and I respect that.

      Mr Sutton I hope you are doing good!

      Trump 2020
    • R.l. Sutton Clyde Broadway Jr I'm good.Hope you are.Just checking to see how well he loves the other Washington crew.All is good.
  • Frank V Rampulla People that live in the unrealistic world! They have no clue what blue collar is! Not a fucking idea!!
    • Shirley Custer When LeBron grew up he was poor. Not even close to Blue Collar.
  • Shirley Custer You are so wrong about LeBron. Most of us think very highly of him. He really is from Akron and gives back to the City over and over again.

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