Saturday, August 29, 2020

Trump's acceptance speech: maskless white supremacist rally

After watching that 75-minute You Tube yesterday morning, I emailed Sancho Panza:
In a dream last night, I was cryptically addressed by a voice regarding my criticizing Trump. As today progressed, I recalled telling a friend yesterday that I had not watched the Republican or the Democrat conventions, had not wanted to watch. So, I found Trump's acceptance speech online and watched all of it, except for dozing off maybe 5 minutes. 

Without fact-checking, and regardless of fact checking, I think the speech probably got Trump reelected, absent something unexpected coming forth. Trump didn't stumble once. He did not seem to be read the speech, but I imagine teleprompters were strategically placed so he could see the text of the speech when he looked in different directions. He made many strategic pauses. He was in 100-percent control. He adroitly punched ever last right button. It was an exquisite theatrical production that Hollywood could not match. It made Biden and the Democrat convention look like fake cardboard.

It was outside, at night, in front of the White House. A very large shoulder to shoulder 99-percent white, 99.5-percent maskless audience. Trump and no one in his entourage wore masks. It came to me out of the blue that everyone there not in a mask was taking hydroxychloroquine or quercetin and zinc, and their unstated hope is every lefty will catch Covid-19 and listen to Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma and die. For although Trump spoke at the beginning of America being one people and unification being the desire, it very quickly became a we are right and the left is wrong, and if Biden wins in November, kiss America adios. 

I think Trump made good points on several fronts: endless foreign wars; stop outsourcing manufacturing overseas, especially to Red China; restricting immigration; dealing with violent demonstrations; reopening America, or it dies as per Joe Biden lock-down agenda. For examples. But I am not impressed by Trump not yet getting American troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, nor by his shape-shifting response to Covid-19, nor by his not giving America the cure he had in his small hands: Dr. Zelenko. Trump will answer to God for that, the righteous right not withstanding.

As for Trump saying the DNC left "under God" out of The Pledge of Allegiance, when I learned the Pledge as a boy, there was no "under God". That was added, I think when I was in high school, to distinguish America from godless communist Soviet Union. Maybe the Democrats were right to leave God out of the Pledge? Maybe God is having a tough time finding how to fit into America today?

Here's a link to a fact check article on Trump's speech, which, regardless of accuracy relevant in God's Courtroom, might be wet paper on November 3.
Sancho Panza replied:
I find it Interesting how you and I, who have IQ's above 140(I assume that just from our interactions and your writing), can see the same thing and come up with our own varied interpretations of the same event... and yet the brain-dead partisan mob needs to wait to see what the spinning doctors in the MSM have to feed them so they can regurgitate it to themselves ad nauseam!

It's ludicrous to say that Trump made 20 false statements in a speech that had more than a thousand statements and assertions... that would mean that 98% of what he said was factual? The whole thing has to be understood for what it is... and you know what that is... you hit it right on the nose, he weaved a tale of power as old as the dance of sin and redemption... of  heroes and villains, full of all the emotional "fixes" we humans consume to make our lives bearable or maybe even worth living! Hope in a Hopeless World is much more valuable than facts!   Oink! 

Me to Sancho:
Heh, based on the sick look on my mother's face when the results of an aptitude or IQ test given to the students at my high school were mailed to her, my IQ is around 90 Emoji, which, if true, don't bode well for the intelligence of the people who rely on Trump to explain (spin) things for them. Then, there are Trump backers who actually do have high IQs, but for whatever reasons they have, want him in the White House. I can't say Joe Biden gives me good vibes. Too bad the alien invasion keeps getting postponed. Meanwhile, I came around yesterday to thinking of people I know with serious medical troubles, who suffer a great deal more than than I do from the world being turned upside down by Red Dawn, which ain't going on vacation for Trump or Biden. Can't wait to see the new vaccine spin jobs.

Heck, how'd I leave out Trump's glowing exaltation of honest, brave, hardworking, white American settlers winning the west, which I kinda doubt won Trump one Native American vote.

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