Monday, August 24, 2020

Angels Michael, Raphael and Melchizedek weigh in on Wall Street, Joe Biden's progressing mental impairment and voting karma on same day President Trump announces blood plasma treatment of Covid-19

A friend less than half my age regularly reports being leaned hard on and put in lion dens by angels with names seen in the Bible. He often reports what they tell and show him face to face, in visions and dreams.

Yesterday morning he reported dreaming of donkeys being run through a meat-processing plant.

Later yesterday, he reported:

I had dream one:

I was at the statues of the bull and the bear on Wall Street. Traders were punching each other and there were some shooting each other. Buildings around me were burning. I walked around, I got punched in the head by a trader, and I blacked out.

I heard a voice I identify with Michael say: 'Neither man is fit to lead, but either man may be the candidate the VOTERS DESERVE."

Raphael was sitting on a stone wall and was whittling on a stick with an ancient looking knife. He says to me: "If a man is not healthy and well enough to do live interviews, why shield it? That is not honesty, that is in itself a lie. A man who cannot think on his feet to give an interview that is clear and coherent is not fit to make the decisions that effect a population of 320 million Americans."
Finally, he wrote Biden 2014 MCD in the air, with letters like smoke. That disappeared and then he wrote Biden 2019 BPSD/AZ.
He disappeared.

I was left alone in the marble and granite hall I associate with Melchezidek. I asked to no one visible: "So who the Hell do I vote for President ?"
There was a pause and I heard a voice answer back "Check all the boxes you can without dirtying your own hands by voting in a race with candiates who will make the world worse, irregardless."

So I said "Abstain from those races, and vote in the ones where there is an honest candidate ?"

The voice answering me laughed and said, "Correct. Unless you do not believe in karma."

MCD- medical abbreviation for Mild Cognitive Disorder
BPSD- medical abbreviation for Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia/Alzheimers Disease

I replied:

Might be some karma headed toward the people giving you a hard time because you stir the pot. They remind me of people who diss Dr. Zelenko because he copied his letter to Trump and Hannity got a hold of it.

Peachy Wall Street forecast, I agree with the sizing up of Biden.

For a long time I have I told people it's better not to vote, than to vote for a bad candidate and get that karma. Have had a few people nod yes who didn't need to hear it, and don't seem to have reached any of the many who do not know of such karma.

Based on what I'm encountering on Facebook and seeing in the news, the donkeys in your earlier dream, as well as the elephants, are in meat-processing plants.

On the Covid-19 front, Sancho Panza emailed yesterday:

DONALD Trump is set to reveal a "major therapeutic breakthrough" for coronavirus at a press conference on Sunday. 
The announcement comes one day after Trump accused the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of being part of the "deep state" and was holding up vaccine testing until after the election. 
Trump followed up on the tweet with another referring to the FDA's decision to revoke emergency authorisation of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for treating COVID-19 because it was "unlikely to be effective".
But he claimed: "Many doctors and studies disagree with this!"
[The link Sancho provided opens to YouTube of Trump's address yesterday evening.}

Then from Sancho:
Convalescent Blood is a dud! HCQ + Zinc is 100% effective when administered early(just like this one)... he had to make a deal and settle for 35% effective, so Big Pharma could get to say that their vaccine is still relevant and doesn't need blood donors! 

Me to Sancho:
35 per cent is effective? Zelenko had close to 100 percent effective.

Sancho to me:
That's my point! I assumed you watched Trump's "News" brief on Convalescent Plasma... I guess not! It's really sad to see how human life is so easily "traded" for political and financial gain! I am watching a live interview right now about HCQ... if I get a video of it I will pass it alone... it's in Fox right now! 

Me to Sancho:
I read your and another article about Trump's a-pro-nounce-ment. Will watch that video and look forward to seeing the hydroxychlorquine video, if it talks about using zinc, too.

Me to Sancho:
I watched the plasma therapy announcement video, Trump was somber, not bombastic, and 35 percent mortality reduction is significant, but youse and mese know that is the wrong end of the timeline to be curing C-19 for pennies with Zelenko's protocol, compared to the blood plasma billion$ paid Mayo Clinic and elsewhere. 

From different article on same topic:
Many scientists and physicians believe that convalescent plasma might provide some benefit but is far from a breakthrough. It is rich in antibodies that could be helpful in fighting the coronavirus, but the evidence so far has not been conclusive about whether it works, when to administer it and what dose is needed. On CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the blood product — derived from patients who have survived covid-19 — is “probably beneficial” for covid-19 patients. The issuance of an emergency authorization would make it easier to get in some settings. But he also said it already is widely available, so the change would be “incremental.” 

Me to the person who sent me that article:
Trump and all the rest seem to be head up ass into brain ignoring Zelenko's cure keeps people out of hospitals, saves nearly all patients, prevents organ damage, and saves patients, societies, insurance companies, medicare/aid, businesses, government a great deal of money. I'm so glad you voted for Trump, but then, I imagine Hillary would be head up her ass into her brain, too, as Biden certainly is. 

Me to Sancho:
Irony or irony, Trump leaned on FDA director to approve plasma therapy, but did not lean on FDA director to approve Zelenko's save-America-now early treatment cure. Is it possible Trump had a real gun put to his or one of his kid's head to shut up about Zelenko? Is it possible there was payola to Trump or one of his kids, to shut up about Zelenko?

Sancho to me:
Trump knows all about Dr. Zelenko's protocol, that's why he's so somber... you know they got one of his testicles in a vice(speaking of which, any revelations from dreams about Trump's brother mysterious and sudden illness and demise?). This whole thing makes no sense whatsoever!    Good night! 

Sancho to me this morning:
Good morning, Sloan, here is the video of the show I told you about from last night... they don't go into the specifics of Zinc, etc. but you know very well that HCQ is the political hot potato since the FDA made it unavailable to be prescribed for outpatient treatment... BTW, my wife's SARS-CoV-2 antibody test came out negative!  Also the Zelenko treatment that my sister got was prescribed by the Hospital back when Trump made HCQ  available as an off label medication for Corona virus(before the phony Lancet report)! I also added another link to a video on the same subject that I hadn't seen before! 

Me to Sancho:
For some strange reason, Dr. Risch in the first video does not mention zinc, although in his somewhat recent Newsweek Opinion he promoted Dr. Z's triple protocol and named it: hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azthromycin. Failing to mention zinc is fatal, for it is the C-19 killer, hcq transports the killer into the body cells, z-pack deals with other critters.

The lead into the second video is so off-putting that I wanted to run out into the street and bark and bite tires of passing cars.

BTW, yesterday, a fellow I had met in Key West went on a tear ripping into Dr. Zelenko, finally saying Zelenko had made up (lied) about his cure and it curing his family practice patients. Looked like my friend had joined the flat-earth legions who will die before using Dr. Zelenko's cure. I told him, well, if Dr. Zelenko lied about what he gave his patients and the results, his state medical board would have been all over him. Since that did not happen, does that tell you anything?

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