Sunday, August 30, 2020

Melchizedek, Michael and Khamael weigh in on the state of America, humanity, God, Evil: As above, so below; As below, so above?

I turned in last night pondering the Party of Lincoln has become the White Supremacist Party? I thought I might cover that in this Sunday post. My dreams, however, were all over the place, even as I felt something toxic in my G.I. tract and elsewhere in me. So, I woke up wondering if I would published anything today? I went online and found a "state of humanity and the heavens" email from a friend about half my age, who from time to time reports encounters face to face, in visions and dreams with angels known in the Bible. My short reply follows his report:


This night.

1. Melchizedek is writing in a notebook: I ask what the future portends. He looks up, and says: In a world where evil prevails by the actions of man and woman alike, across all belief spectrums, what would you think the future portends ?

2. I was speaking with Michael and asked if Biden would win ? He said : Biden ? Trump ? Trumen? Bidump ? 330 million people in America. Not like Lambs to the Slaughter but instead: Lemmings to a Cliff?

3. Another Michael Dream: It is said that a wee little worm in a hickory nut is as happy as can be, for he lives in the heart of the whole wide world. and he merrily sings out "It all belongs to me !" Michael said: And it does. Until a squirrel or goat or deer finds that hickory nut.

4. Khamael: lf man does not achieve some balance on what it views as an acceptable standard of legal force in policing, then there can be no order. People need to take a broader look at their perceptions of racial and socio-political justice. Crimes of centuries ago need to be looked at in broader context before brother turns against brother and the dark plan of Lucifer comes to fruition.

5. Khamael and Michael: Mankind's behavior towards the rest of mankind must be dealt with in some way, such that the history is not forgotten, but that people view injustices in a broader insight. A white coal miner who worked for generations on scrip at the company store and died in debt to the country store, and his family generations of this same process is a form of slavery not unlike one African tribe kidnapping a neighbor tribe and selling them to whites. Only 5% of the Southern population owned slaves. People go to war for a variety of reasons, none make any sense- so the Confederate outrage is overblown and and people need to find another way to make peace with the nation's past. For it is our PAST- NOT OUR FUTURE. If we allow our nation to divide itself it is the perfect target for China: a nation divided already can be split apart. Citizens are overconfident in the military might of the USA because the USA has what is perceived as "free press". We perceive the Chinese as backwards because of our media's accounts and the few snippets of news we see from China. Who is to say that China is not the wise fox who makes a powerful pack in secret to destroy the farmer's barnyard while he thinks he is protected with his AR-15?

6. Khamael: Evil, the most sinister evil is a work. There is great war in the heavens that imbalances all earth and makes the world operate as if in complete madness. Under the heavens the disorder and chaos continues unabated, in fact chaos increases by the very second- the situation is better than excellent for evil to triumph and good men to wake up far too late.

7. Michael advised .... The results of this election and how the results are arrived(manner of how votes are cast) serves to destabilize an already fragile [stock] marked propped up by toothpick lattices and toothpick scaffolding.

I replied to my friend:

I think it is very difficult, if not impossible, for most people, even those who regularly attend church, to factor in war in heavens has anything to do with what happens in humanity on this planet. But recall, As above, so below. And, as below, so above. So, if the war in the heavens rages as described, what chance has humanity to be any different? So, I suppose it falls in each person to do his her best to walk with God, and leave for God to deal with the rest of it? For as above, so below, and as below, so above, also are internal.

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