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FUBAR: United Insanity States of America Corona

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FUBAR is a military acronym for "fucked up beyond all recognition" (or, expurgated, fouled up). Alternatively "... beyond all repair", or "... beyond all reason").

Yesterday, I sent this glad tiding to Economics Professor Amigo: 
Biden says he'd lock down country if spread of coronavirus warranted it
Economics Professor:
That solves nothing. It prolongs the inevitable.

I am disturbed that everything with Biden has been pre-packaged and nothing live.

Milton Friedman said it best, a direct cash injection will get the economy going quicker than anything. Look, the Treasury is printing money on the faith of the US govt. They can print out $1200 or $2500 per person one more time and it not make a huge dent(because we're on fiat currency, we're basically just printing whatever).

I was about to call you when I saw this from you. I had just woke up from what I intended to be a nap dream. In the dream the Casa Blanca was on fire, but so was much of Northern Virginia. The firefighters were tending to residential structures and not the beltway(where the politicos live) and not the W-H (casa=house) (blanca= white). At the same time China cut off all exports and imports. There was pandemonium.

I woke up said "OH FUCK !" after I read the article you sent me because at this point you can't shut the country down again and people can't handle it mentally or physically or spiritually. Plus what is the point, if the numbers get that high, you might as well say, BOHICA, properly lube your ass, and then prepare to get it. Shelter in place again would bring on disaster.

BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again) is an item of acronym slang which was used with the United States armed forces during the Vietnam War. It means that an adverse situation is about to repeat itself, and that acquiescence is the best course of action.

Aw, shit, Dr. Eco (not environmental) Prof. You said in many eloquent words what me with only Eco B.A. thought: Biden is a seriously dumb shit and America's corona is equally FUBAR.

FYI, in my AppleGates news feed this morning:
Trump to reveal coronavirus 'breakthrough' therapeutic, WH press secretary says
I figure Trump will promote a save America's crona cure he somehow had a hand in getting developed and it's a miracle and everything's gonna be alright, and his poll numbers jump through the roof, stratosphere, moon and bore deep into heart of Jupiter.

BTW, from Sancho Panza yesterday:

I think this is an amazing debate... I am with JFK on this one! 
Can You Legally Refuse the COVID-19 Vaccine?


  • According to Alan Dershowitz’s interpretation of Constitutional law, you only have the right to refuse to be vaccinated against a disease that would affect only you. You do not have the right to refuse a contagious disease that might spread to others
  • As the basis and justification for his legal orientation on this issue, Dershowitz relies on a 1905 Supreme Court ruling in the matter of Jacobson v. Massachusetts
  • According to Robert F. Kennedy, there is a “big Constitutional chasm” between this 1905 case and today’s vaccine mandates. Jacobson sued to avoid the vaccine and the fine for refusing the vaccine, which was $5. When he lost, he paid the fine. There’s a big difference between paying a small fine, and being forcibly injected with a potentially hazardous vaccine, against your will
  • According to a recent poll, about half of Americans say they want to get the COVID-19 vaccine; 27% say they will “definitely” refuse and another 12% say they will “probably” refuse it
  • 1 in 40 people — not 1 in 1 million — are injured by vaccines, and a clinician who administers vaccines will have an average of 1.3 adverse vaccine events per month

Me to Sancho:
Let me see if I understand this. Dershowitz and his confederacy of medical deep state Nazis are gonna make me take a vaccine that did not go through the rigorous trials that the deep state medical Nazis determined Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast, early-infection-stage proven cure had not gone through, therefore nobody could use Dr. Zelenko's cure that would have saved everyone in America and America from the coronavirus.

Even as our new Democratic nominee has pronounced that if he is elected, and the same deep state medical Nazis say it is necessary, he will lock down America until the coronovirus is under control. 

Maybe it's time for me to apply for Swiss citizenship as an American refugee from the United Insanity States of America?

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