Saturday, August 1, 2020

If President Trump loves America and wants it to reopen ASAP, he will do everything he can to make Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's fast, cheap hospital-dodging Covid-19 cure freely available

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Of late, I'm seeing Facebook discussions more friendly to hydroxychloroquine and zinc being used to treat Covid-19 in the early stage of infection and save patients from ending up in hospitals. Hydroxychloroquine drives zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits Covid-19 replication. Azithromycin is used to fight any secondary infections. Patients recover fast, get on with their lives. This cure was developed early this year by a New York family practitioner, Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. Then, the witch hunts began. I found zero openness on Facebook to Dr. Zelenko's cure. Zero.

I can't help but wonder if the new friendliness toward hydroxyclorine on Facebook has to do with the Front Line Doctors video that quickly went viral (15 million views on Facebook) on July 27 and then was taken down by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In the video, one of the Front line doctors said she gives her patients hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin, and it works and can save America. Dr. Zelenko had said the same, but he was not mentioned by the Front Line Doctors.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Remove Video of Doctors Who Support Hydroxychloroquine

Excerpts from that July 28 Epoch Times article:

FacebookTwitter, and YouTube removed videos of a press conference on July 27 held by a group of doctors, citing violation of their policies. Members of the group, called “America’s Frontline Doctors,” had spoken in support of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine in treating and preventing COVID-19, and alleged that there’s widespread misinformation about the drug.
At the press conference in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, the group also called for a “sustainable approach” to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, urging for an opening up of schools and businesses.
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube removed the 45-minute video of the press conference several hours after it was shared to the platforms and had gained millions of views, including a reported more than 15 million views on Facebook alone.
A Facebook spokesperson said it removed the video “for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” and told CNN that it will instead show “messages in News Feed to people who have reacted to, commented on or shared harmful COVID-19-related misinformation that we have removed, connecting them to myths debunked by the WHO [World Health Organization].”
Perhaps people wondered what was so awful in the Front Line Doctors video that caused those three media giants to censor the video in the homeland of free speech and free press?

In my Facebook timeline this morning, my comments are last. Dr. Zelenko's letter describing his cure and how it came about and was tested on his own patients is at the bottom of my comments.

  • Ray West
    July 31, 2020
    Of the 2,171 physicians surveyed, 37 percent rated hydroxychloroquine the “most effective therapy” for combating the potentially deadly illness, according to the results released Thursday...the list of crazy selfish alien demon seed advocating nutbags just keeps growing..AND THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN HELD FROM YOU AND IS STILL BEING DOWNPLAYED AND THOSE THAT ADVOCATE ITS VALIDITY SMEARED, FIRED..AND RIDICULED..ask yourself why are these people so vehemently being fought and their information banned and censored from us..but no where else in the world..hey facebook....fact check this
    • Zee Dee This drug literally suppresses the immune system there's no way you would ever catch me taking it during a pandemic where I need my immune system to be as strong as possible.
    • Jesse Wagner April 2nd 2020.

    • Jay Kenney What "doctors" conducted the study? 😡

    • Why Steroids Are a COVID-19 Game Changer
      Why Steroids Are a COVID-19 Game Changer
      Why Steroids Are a COVID-19 Game Changer

      • Ray West Jack Norris that was extremely informative so if we can use the hydroxychloroquine in the early stages and if it's unfortunately enough gets to the later stages we can treat with steroids so we have a method that has nothing to do with the vaccine or a drug being created and expensive let's do this what's the holdup
      • Jack Norris Ray West a physician can use any med with a patient if option risks benefits are explained honestly and both go forward. The problem is the data on hydroxychloroquine is negative of benefit and there is risk of high dose hcq with azithromycin with hcq having a relatively long half life and if rapid decline the interaction with hcq and remdesivir makes delaying remdesivir delay
      • Ray West but doctors are saying that pharmacist are refusing to fulfill their prescriptions and i heard this is a new situation how does that even fly? taking that power from you and me?..that is the infuriating thing here i of course am no doctor and dont have a fraction of the knowledge i would need on this subject but if i find one i trust i want to do what is recommended and now i can't doesnt this anger doctors?..
      • Jack Norris Ray West no not all docs apparently. I called and they were willing to do both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin if I ordered them. I did not order them. I would if a patient heard me out on them and understood. I would try to enroll them in a trail so their use could help us understand what works better
      • Ray West i think it is of the utmost importance that people have that choice as doctors and patience and citizens thank you for being out here taking it on it's not an easy thing ... maybe it is what we feel are the responsibilities of our craft..
      • Jack Norris Ray West I appreciate our discussions as well. We are all searching for the best path
      • Ray West Jack Norris we used to be mad there were not enough paths and we wanted there are so many we just sit down....overwhelmed...the result seems the same..
      • Jack Norris Ray West in my world, more live
      • Ray West Jack Norris back to the path least traveled..

    • Local doctor pushing proven treatment of COVID into national debate
      Local doctor pushing proven treatment of COVID into national…
      Local doctor pushing proven treatment of COVID into national debate

    • Make hydroxychloroquine available over the counter. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
      Make hydroxychloroquine available over the counter. | We the People:…
      Make hydroxychloroquine available over the counter. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

    • Sloan Bashinsky Dr. Vladimir Zelenko developed the cure now being used by other doctors, including the demon sperm doctor, and the smiling local Doctor Fareed above, whose medical credentials are super duper. This link below is to a letter Newsweek recently published from Doctor Harvey Risch, PROFESSOR OF EPIDEMIOLOGY, YALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, Dr Risch mentions Zelenko and his treatment protocol, which was designed to cure early state C-19 in 5 days and save patients from ending up in hospitals. 200 mg hydroxychloroqine 2 x day; 220 mg. zinc phosphate 1 x day; 200 mg azithromycin 1 x day. HCQ drives zinc into body cells where zinc inhibits C-19 replication; azithromycin deals with any secondary infection. Very cheap cure, I can imagine medical-industrial complex and hospitals hate because it steals their patient$$$. Drs Fareed and Risch demolish arguments that HQC is dangerous and innefective.

      The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it | Opinion
      The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start…
      The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it | Opinion
    • Sloan Bashinsky Yesterday, I told a guy who voted for Trump in 2016, after voting twice for Obama, that President Trump has the clout, or at least the national stage, to vigorously champion Dr. Zelenko's hospital-dodging cure, and if Trump actually cares about America and Americans, he will do everything he can to get HCQ freely available, because. HCQ available to anyone with symptoms, the heck with waiting on testing, will allow America to reopen safely.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Dr. Zelenko didn't wait on test results, he gave his protocol to any of his patients presenting symptoms, because he knew how fast the virus can progress after symptoms appear. Here's his March 23 letter laying it all out: His protocol could have had America reopened in April or May. Instead, the witch hunts began.

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