Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Spirit World and Archangel Michael weigh in on Covid-19

A friend emailed yesterday:

I had a dream in which a group of men dressed as "Hollywood" Indians ran a small species of what looked like buffalo off a cliff- except these were as small as deer. As they ran more and it went on for days and then many moons passed over. A mountain of bodies as high as Mt. Everest piled up. All the time at the edge of the cliffs, the chiefs watched proudly. The braves who'd run the mini-buffalo stood at the side of their chiefs. The clouds turned black and all light was rendered gone and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. The chiefs and the braves were even rained on. The "chiefs" were the heads of each country of the world's medical services, the "braves" were the doctors of the world, offering no care to anyone. The sickly tiny buffalo were revealed to be man. The "chiefs" smiled at the Doctors and said "You ask them if they'd jump off a cliff if their friends did. They always say "No, of course not." The Chiefs continued "You just have to present the right cliff, the longest path for them to herd themselves into a frenzy, and then they don't jump off the cliff, they run off it."

The bodies were doused with Kerosene and the gas and diesel together with menthol. As the bodies were reduced to ash, the menthol controlled the smell.

All the rest of mankind just carried about, watched sports, watched TV, played card games, played video games, fucked, played sports, took walks, and argued about masks and each human said there is "no cure"- the chief physicians have said so.

My other dream was about you. You seemed like you were about to break, go stir crazy, and you were consumed by the ignorance of others. "The other humans" remained ignorant and wilfully so. Michael said to examine the serenity prayer told to alcoholics. Realize this is really so much bigger than all of us. You could rent the loudest sound system with the remainder of your money, put it on Lookout Mountain and broadcast at the loudest setting where people in at least 3 states could hear you. Still it would be a waste. Their electric echo boxes- tvs and pcs- tell them what they want to hear. If you continue to be careful, wear good masks(a cotton handstitched over an N95 series is ideal)- you can live a life, save lives, save your own life, experience nature. Take a trip. But know you're not the last sane man, but you can be driven insane trying to deliver a message to people who will take their own buffalo run. Michael said there would be an election come fall- none of the angels would elaborate further. Khamael came in at the end of the conversation and slammed his hammer into the marble flooring and told them they were acting cowardly. The dream ended as I was forced out of their meeting room.

I continued to pray to ask for guidance on what all this meant, what the future portended. Then a beautiful light appeared claiming to be the holy spirit, and I remembered what you said about many people being deceived by evil masquerading as the holy spirit. I asked it to acknowledge the true power in heaven and earth. The light dimmed, and I knew it was evil. It tried to shine bright and tell me many sweet things. I told it to show its true form. It was the most hideous wraith I have ever seen, it was a revenant of an angel. It laughed at me, and told me just because I could see, didn't change anything. It then said it was the louse crawling on the bar in bars, crawling on the pews in church, it was everyone too selfish to wear a mask. It laughed at me again and said "There is great disorder under the heavens and the situation is excellent."

Make of that what you will. Scared the shit out of me.

I replied:

Well, now. That all sounds about dead-fucking-on!!! - if you don't consider the lost tribe of Zelenko, which I understand is doing quite well despite the chiefs and braves, who could have saved a lot of lives and body, mind, emotions and soul damage, and social and economic damage, if they had told people to use the Zelenko tribe's cure, which also was banished by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Don't know about road trip, my car is old and I don't want to put her in overload, and don't know where I would go, or who would water my indoor veggie garden. But definitely am wearing out being cooped up in my version Hole In The Wall.

A dream last night left me thinking of writing a new book. I dreamed early this year that my posts at this blog are a book in progress. Meanwhile, here's what saved the Zelenko tribe. Wonder why they weren't mentioned in my friend's dreams?

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