Saturday, August 15, 2020

Covid-19: the very first time Americans did not unite against a common enemy?

Posted on Facebook yesterday by a retired Catholic priest, a Democrat, I got to know when I lived in Key West:
Stephen Braddock

August 14, 2020
Image may contain: text that says 'The worst thing about Trump's presidency isn't what we learned about him. It's what we've learned about our family and friends. Many of us already knew what kind of person Trump was. We just didn't know that many people we know are like that too.'
  • Sloan Bashinsky Gosh, Steve, I have known for decades the thinking and attitude of my friends and relatives left and right, and while I sometimes agree with one or the other side, usually I don't. Perhaps it helps that I don't belong to a political party or an organized religion, not to say God doesn't have at me day and night. I keep wishing that on everyone, but my spells don't seem to work :-).

Posted on Facebook yesterday by a childhood next-door neighbor in Birmingham, Alabama. A while back I told her about Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's fast, cheap, effective, early-stage Covid-19 triple protocol (hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin), and we had a good bid of discussion about it, and I was not sure she was convinced God inspired Dr. Zelenko to develop his cure, but she was very sure Trump is God's President.

Paula Sevier

August 14, 2020
It would be better if Trump is not the one to bring “discoveries” to light.
Anything from him will be ridiculed/ rejected/ maybe even “banned.”
I have now come to see TDS really is a thing.
Trump Derangement Syndrome.
He seems to be the most hated man alive.
That ought to speak volumes.
Kamala Harris referred to him as a “drug pusher” when he reported on hydroxycloroquine.

How many times have you heard a Democrat lawmaker or Democrat-supporting media propagandist lecture us about “following the science” regarding the COVID-19 ...

A while back I published at this blog a Newsweek Opinion written by that same highly esteemed Yale epidemiologist backing Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's triple protocol.

The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it | Opinion

The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start…

From another Facebook thread yesterday:
  • Sloan Bashinsky  Hydroxychloroquine alone not particularly effective against Covid-19, but used with zinc, in early stage of infection, HCQ drives zinc into body cells where zinc inhibits Covid-19 replication and cures patients. In later stages of infection, HCQ and zinc can help, but other treatments by then are required, M*A*S*H medicine, I call later stage infection treatment.
    • Mary.Ann Mastri bullshit. you aren't a doctor and all the evidence so far just shows that hydroxycholorquine doesn't do anything and is more harmful. The thing to do is to start steroids asap so the body doesn't go into an immune overreaction and do more damage.
    • Kat Collins Mary.Ann Mastri unfortunately to bust your bubble it has worked in some cases. Even if don’t like our President you must accept that drug combo and a other treatments do work. Keep researching there’s a variety of treatments being used not just the expensive Gilead treatment.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Mary.Ann Mastri Don't claim to be a doctor, but I once practiced law and learned how to investigate, and have been a political activist for nearly 20 years in the trenches, including running for local public office 10 times in Key West and the Florida Keys, as an Independent. I found Republicans and Democrats incredibly closed tight to anything new, as if they were programmed computers. Early this year American family practitioner Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. quickly researched and developed a cheap 5-day cure for early stage C-19, which he then proved effective in his tight knit orthodox Jew community. 200 mg hydroxychloroquine twice a day; 220 mg. zinc once a day, the HQC drove the zinc into body cells where it inhibited C-19 replication; and 200 mg azithromycin once a day dealt with any secondary infection. Dr. Zelenko's March 23 letter explaining all of that to All World Medical Professionals, cc to President Donald J. Trump and Chief-of Staff Mark Meadows soon was read by Sean Hannity on his FOX show to skeptical V.P. Mike Pence; then Hannity interviewed Dr. Zelenko. Then, Trump mentioned the cure. Then, the witch hunts began against Trump, Zelenko and the cure, although other doctors in America and around the world started using Zelenko's cure with good results early on, saving their patients from ICU visits and heroic M*A*S*H attempts to save their lives, but many died anyway and many survived but with lung, heart and other organ damage Zelenko's cure prevented, if applied early enough. Dr. Zelenko's early stage cure would have allowed America to reopen safely. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) had been safely used for decades to treat malaria, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis. I have seen many Democrats on FB reject Zelenko's cure out of hand, because Trump and Hannity promoted it. One of the Democrats herself has C-19 and writes daily on FB about how it tore her up and continues to tear her up. I tried several times to get through to her and she was unreachable. She knows I am not a Trump, Hannity or FOX fan. She knows there is no serious money for Big Pharma, Bill Gates, etc. in Dr. Zelenko's fast, cheap cure. But she does not budge. I'm not going to let that attitude get me killed or maimed if, at 77 years old, if I have C-19 symptoms. Where I live, I probably can't get HCQ prescribed by a doctor. Nor, since I know how fast and severely C-19 symptoms can progress, as happened to that lady Democrat, am I willing to wait to be tested or seen by a doctor. Zelenko treated his symptomatic patients before tests came back, because he knew how fast C-19 can move from bad to worse to horrible. Later in the game, Zelenko said 1000 mg quercetin a day can be used instead of HCQ with zinc, to drive zinc into body cells and inhibit C-19. I am well stocked with quercetin and zinc and vitamin C, which works synergistically with quercetin and zinc. I will starting taking that triple cure if I feel I am coming down with a cold, flu, and I will take it 10 days, and I will try to find a doctor who will prescribe HCQ, but I'm not holding my breath I will find such a doctor. Here's Dr. Zelenko's March 23 letter describing his original triple early stage cure which could have saved America and humanity from a world of hurt, but it's so simple and cheap, and Trump and Hannity and FOX got involved, and that was THE KISS OF DEATH.

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