Tuesday, August 25, 2020

the deep medical state and internal feminine-damaged people burned at the stake the Holy Spirit inspired cheap, fast hospital-dodging Covid-19 cure that would have allowed America to reopen safely

My dreams last night had me on the first hole of the East Course of the Birmingham Country Club, also known as the Ladies Course, because it’s a lot easier than the club’s West Course, where few women play golf. I was having a really hard time hitting my second shot, after a fairly miserable drive off the tee. In fact, I was not even able to strike the ball with the club. It was maddening.

Over the years, I had a number of dreams about the East and West Courses, which were intended to show me something I needed to do, how to go about it, or go about it differently. The dream last night was a screaming message I need to find a new swing for that second shot.

Then, a homeless amiga in Key West reported having last night yet another dream of a whole lot of cats following me, wanting me to feed then, but in her dream last night I had nothing for the cats and told them that and was bewildered. I told her again that cats are a blatant female symbol and her dream dovetails with my own dream. She asked how she could have known about my dream? She asks that question every time she learns we had related dreams the night before. Every time, I say the angels know everything, and they gave each of us a piece of it. She said yet again that she is getting tired of it. I said the angels and our dreams are what hold us together. Do you think I would spend nearly as much time talking with you on the phone if we did not have angels working with both of us?

So, what am I not getting about feeding all those cats, which are blatant female symbols? And who are the cats in my waking life? And, where are they? Alabama? Key West? Or, are they even people? Are they, say, the internal feminine in people, damage to which causes most of humanity's woes, including wars of all kinds, mental and emotional disorders, chemical and other addictions, fanaticism. If the internal feminine is damaged, it is difficult to receive from the Holy Spirit. It is difficult to be intuitive, creative and curious. It is difficult to be open to new ideas and change. That applies to women as well as to men.

For example, a damaged internal feminine explains the stiff resistance in much of America to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s fast, cheap cure of early stage Covid-19, which the Holy Spirit, Shekinah in Judaism, inspired Dr. Zelenko to develop and give to his at risk family practice patients in his tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community, and save them getting really sick and in ICU fighting for their lives and suffering permanent lung, heart and other organ damage, and even dying.

Dr. Zelenko described his cheap, fast, battlefield-proven cure and results in a March 23, 2020 letter (reproduced at this bottom of this post) to All World Health Professionals, copied to President Donald J. Trump and Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows. Soon, Sean Hannity read Dr. Zelenko’s letter on his FOX show to a skeptical Vice President Mike Pence, then Hannity interviewed Dr. Zelenko about his cheap 5-day cure: 

200 mg. hydroxychloroquine 2 x a day; 200 mg. zinc sulfate 1 x a day; 200  mg. azithromycin, 1 x a day. Hydroxycloroquine ushered zine into body cells, where zinc stopped Covid-19 replication and killed the virus in that way. Azithromycin killed any secondary infections.

When President Trump then touted hydroxychloroquine as a possible miracle cure, a witch hunt began against Dr. Zelenko, hydroxychloroquine and President Trump, who, along with Sean Hannity and FOX, unwittingly provided the gasoline, firewood and matches that enabled the deep medical state and its believers and the Democrats to burn Dr. Zelenko and hydroxychloroquine at the stake, even though hydroxychloroquine had been used for decades to safely treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

I think had they been whole people, en masse, they would have lobbied for hydroxychloroquine to be made freely available over the counter, so America could safely reopen. 

If President Trump's internal feminine was not damaged, he would have been hydroxychloroquine’s devoted Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa.

Dr. Zelenko later said quercetin can be substituted for hydroxychloroquine, because quercetin also ushers zinc into body cells, where zinc stops C-19 replication and kills it. Dr. Zelenlko said  ti use 1000 mg. of quercetin a day. Both zinc and quercetin are over the counter, but probably easier to obtain online. I am well stocked with both. It won't surprise me if the FDA makes zinc and quercetin prescription drugs. I take light doses of zinc daily and 1000 mg of quercetin twice a week to have them in my system ready to be increased if I develop symptoms.

Dr. Zelenko knew how fast Covid-19 develops and how dangerous it is to wait for test  results and getting into see a doctor. He gave his protocol to his at risk patients showing symptoms, whether they ended up testing positive, or not. He kept them out of hospitals and away from M*A*S*H medicine. Dr.  Zelenko seriously disturbed the deep medical state's inner peace and dream$ of making a heap of money off Covid-19.

Dr. Zelenko’s March 23 letter:

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