Saturday, May 16, 2020

If you are dying from COVID-19 and your doctor wants you to take inexpensive hydroxychloroquine with zinc, do you listen to your doctor who is trying to save your life, or do you listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Big Pharma??

  • Peggy Butler So tired of this man being maligned! Before this virus hit, he was always one of the most respected epidemiologists in the nation; now all of a sudden since whatshisname started threatening to fire him because of course he's a threat to whatshisname, he's getting it from all sides. I never heard of Dr. Judy Makovits until this minute! Now, I'll read your blog. :) p.s. Sloan, you can't get the flu from a dead flu virus. They don't use live virus in vaccines, so get the darned vaccine and don't get the flu. It's simple. I've not had the flu since 1959 and I've gotten the flu vaccine every year since!.[Peggy is a retired nurse.]
    • Sloan Bashinsky Maybe in my youth I got flu shots, but not since. I don't recall ever getting a flu for which there was a flu shot. Dr. Makovits has lots of issues, it seems, but she has become a MAJOR influence in America and, I suppose, world-wide, because of the viral video and her fast-selling new book. Therefore, she cannot be swept under the rug, any more than President Trump can be swept under the rug.

      The part of the video that grabbed me was the special forces-looking soldiers that came to Makovits' home and got her and searched her home. Maybe that was photo-shopped? If not, why special forces. Why not, say, city police detectives, or FBI agents?

      Her allegations that Dr. Fauci and other government and/or university physician scientists get paid by the government, or get grants, to do research, and they, or their universities, or companies they associate with, get the patent for what you, and I and other taxpayers funded. If, as Dr. Mikovits other physicians say, inexpensive hydroxychoroquine is effective against COVID-19, why didn't Dr. Fauci at least concede there might be something to that, or at least initiate a fast-track clinical study of that very old malaria drug, instead of putting his hopes on a new cure being discovered, which would make whatever company found the cure a whole lot of money?
    • Peggy Butler But hydroxychloroquine is not safe and not effective against COVID-19.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I'm reading online reports of doctors saying the old malaria drug is effective against COVID-19, and hearing anecdotal reports it is effective. I published yesterday a report by someone whose relative was treated with it and got well without any harmful side effects. If you are dying Peggy, do you listen to Dr. Fauci or your treating doctor who is trying to save your life?

      What about the special forces intervention and being held in some facility for a while? What about Fauci and other doctors and patents paid for by taxpayers? I can't throw out everything just because I don't like someone. Trump promoted the malaria drug, and it does appear doctors are prescribing it, with zinc, for COVID-19.
  • Paula Heikens-Mathewson there are many sources that say hydroxychloroquine is having good results. But at $.10 a tablet, there is no incentive to get it to people. Vit. C drips are also getting people out of ICU. If this whole thing was about keeping "US" safe, the govt. would be passing out Vit.s C & D and adding Zinc to the list. Getting good food to people. Telling us to get sunshine and exercise and get our heart rates up and keep our lungs flexible with expansion. GAD!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Well, Gaddess, I kinda doubt Big Pharma and its obedient medical legions will take very kindly to your R A N T. Before meeting you in the fall of 1997, I had done some years of being engrossed in studying and practicing good diet and supplements, and herbs, and I had discovered the AMA and the medical drug companies seemed to think GAD had O R D A I N E D them to rule and control all matters medical. I read infuriating books and articles about AMA and Big Pharma attempting to be rid of any and all competition. I don't think that's changed a bit, other than maybe AMA and Big Pharma have gotten even more aggressive.

      Two examples you might appreciate, of how them two don't know every fucking thing about D I S E A S E, C U R E, H E A L T H.

      My 2nd wife had face acne, Was prescribed tetracycline for it. Was on it for years. Had horrible stomach pain. Was prescribed charcoal tablets, which didn't help much. Her step father was a medial doctor and had PhD in pharmacology, and was head of Dept. of Pharmacology and professor at University of Alabama School of medicine. I made her stop eating chocolate, donuts and drinking coca cola and stop taking tetracycline. G A D S. Her acne went away and her stomach pain, too.

      She also had recurring cystitis. I had read in Jethro Kloss' BACK TO EDEN book on natural food and healing herbs that catnip tea enema would cure cystitis. I went to health food store and bought dried catnip leaves. Brewed a quart of tea. When it cooled, she poured in in one of those red rubber enema bags drug stores sell, gave her self the enema, the cystitis went away. Some times she felt it trying to come back, she did another catnip tea enema, it went away.

      One more, a dentist name Weston Price, set out to visit aborigine tribes to see how their teeth were doing. He found that tribes still eating the natural diet of their ancestors had no dental problems, and, furthermore, did not suffer "white man" diseases. He got in hot water about the disease part. Dentists aren't suppose to trespass where medical doctors roam. His book was NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEGENERATION, published by Price-Pottenger Foundation. I learned of it from two dental school professors in Birmingham, Marshall Ringsdorf and Emanuel Cheraskin, who were publishing best-seller books on diet effect on mind, emotions and body, Vitamin C, etc.
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson Sloan Bashinsky awesome stories. You old hippy, you. No worry, I still love you.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Did you see this video of Trump's proclamation that there would be a vaccine by the end of this year, and the follow up from his hand-picked implementers, while Dr. Fauci, wearing a large face mask said not one word. He looked like a Barbie doll. I figured Trump had Fauci there to encourage Fauci fans to vote for Trump in November. Maybe Fauci's fans should wonder what Fauci was even doing there, if he thought he had been exposed to COVID-19 and was self-quarantining? What did that say about his scientific and moral resolve? If there is no vaccine by the November presidential election, assuming there is an election, not one American, including Trump, will know when, or if, there will be a vaccination.

      Trump delivers remarks on coronavirus vaccine development

      Trump delivers remarks on coronavirus vaccine development
      Trump delivers remarks on coronavirus vaccine development

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