Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's cheap and fast zinc, hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin coronavirus cure can save businesses, economies, stock markets, social and religious structures, school and professional sports, national and local governments, etc.

The two previous days's post at this blog introduced Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. and his letter to all medical professionals in the world and President Donald J. Turmp, laying out a proven fast and cheap coronavirus treatment protocol that saves people, AND UNSAID, businesses, economies, stock markets, social and religious structures, school and professional sports, national and local governments, etc., etc.
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Dr. Zelenko later was investigated by a New York US Attorney who had made life difficult for some of President Trump's associates. A Jewish friend sent me a link to a conservative Israeli newspaper article about Dr. Zelenko leaving his tight-knit New York hasidic Jewish community, members of which he had saved. The article includes a youtube in which Dr. Zelenko speaks directly to the camera.

Jewish MD who promoted virus cocktail is leaving community where he tested it

Dr. Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko, an Orthodox doctor credited with bringing controversial malaria drug to Trump’s attention, accused of spreading disinformation about infection rates

My comment under that article:
Sloan Bashinsky
What if Dr. Zelenko had kept quiet, done nothing, and let the virus run its natural course in his tight-knit community? How many infections would there have been? Then, Doctor Zelenko published what he had predicted. Would he be accused of medical malpractice? Would he be called a mass murderer? Would he be shunned and driven out of his community? Would he lose his medical license? Would he be criminally prosecuted?

Why didn't President Trump share Dr. Zelenko's March 23, 2020 with all news media and tweet the letter to his legions of followers, so they could know what Dr. Zelenko was doing to cure people from coronavirus, fast and cheap? How many Americans would not have been killed by coronavirus if President Trump had done that? Why didn't President Trump come to Dr. Zelenko's defense?

Looks to me Dr. Zelenko was a messenger from God, with a fast, cheap 5-day cure that robs the medical/industrial complex of a lot of money from research on and sales of new drugs and a vaccine research. Looks to me Dr. Zelenko is in the league of Pasteur and Salk and should get a Nobel for Medicine.

If you have not seen Dr. Zelelko's letter to all medical practitioners and President Trump, it's in the Memorial Day post at my blog, link provided at the end of this comment.

Also in that blog post is a link to a youtube interview of a Los Angeles urgent care doctor telling his results with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. His critically ill coronavirus patients show basically no symptoms after 8-12 hours of treatment. Like Dr Zelenko said in his letter, the LA doctor says hydroxychloroquine enables zinc to get into body cells and stop the virus functioning.

Zinc stops the virus. Hydoxychlorine is zinc's catalyst. Azithromycin deals with or prevents secondary infection.

Maybe an effective vaccine is coming. Meanwhile, I'm 77 and have history of respiratory tract infections and pneumonia. If I catch coronavirus, I hope I can find a doctor who will use Dr. Zelenko's protocol to treat me.

Consider the economic impact of Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol going "viral" in the medical community worldwide.

My family is wealthy, heavily invested in the American stock market. Widespread use of Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol will reassure the very richest investors who have not yet panicked and bailed, like what happened in 2008 and fortunes were lost and pension plans devastated and banks failed. Mortgage foreclosures and bankruptcy filings went through the roof. The very richest investors (not my family) are why the stock markets have not crashed.

Widespread use of Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol will enable private businesses, national, state, county and city governments, schools, churches, civic enters, school and professional sports, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, vacation destinations, Disney, etc. to reopen without nearly as much risk and fear.


Here's a link to the LA urgent care doctor's video interview:

LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat…


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