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Sancho Panza and Zorro indict medical-industrial complex and its loyal brainwashed patients for not embracing Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's cheap 5-day battle-field-tested zinc-hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin covid-19 cure, and Zorro says Dr. Zelenko was the defining moment for President Trump who did not so far even show up

Posted this morning at this blog: 
To Zorro's utter amazement, retired Lucent Technologies Scientist Sancho Panza undertook to defend President Trump not having Dr. Vladimir Zelenko at White House press briefings to explain his battle-field proven, cheap, fast 5-day covid-19 treatment protocol

Here is Dr. Zelenko's letter describing his battlefield-tested 5-day zinc-hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin cure:
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An email from Sancho this morning indicts the medical-industrial complex for Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol not being adopted generally:

Here is the "News" blitz that explains why HCQ is been shunned... and this is for a drug that has been used for over 65 years with an overall risk factor lower than aspirin!  

Keep in mind, also, that these clinical "studies" consisted of Covid-19 patients at the advanced stage of a disease which not only affects the lungs but the cardiovascular system as well(many stroke related deaths) and there is no mention of the adjunct use of Zinc sulfate(which is critical)... at the last stages of the disease process, the patient's zinc reserves are probably exhausted from diarrhea, vomiting and just not eating so it seems to me that there was a tacit effort not to follow Dr. Zelenko's specific protocol, why? Supposedly, studies are underway for treatments using HCQ at an earlier stage of the infection or as prophylaxis... but it is not clear that those studies will include zinc!     

    Trump has been a particularly strong supporter of hydroxychloroquine, calling it a “game changer” early on. He later said he was taking the drug to prevent infection despite no scientific evidence it could do so, after people who worked at the White House tested positive for COVID-19. He has also urged others to try the medicine.
    Proponents of the drug as a COVID-19 treatment argue it may need to be administered at an earlier stage in the disease to be effective. Doctors are waiting for studies that might prove that.
Results could be released as early as this week for two of the University of Minnesota’s three hydroxychloroquine trials, according to Dr. Radha Rajasingham, lead researcher for one of the studies.
    “Everyone’s idea of the safety of this drug kind of changed overnight,” Rajasingham said, referring to an April 24 U.S. Food and Drug Administration warning of increased risk of heart rhythm problems. “We have really had trouble enrolling” patients in the trials, she added.
Other studies comparing the drug to a placebo are expected later.
    “We are still waiting for randomized, controlled data, but there is much less enthusiasm now for hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and some of the other treatments that people have been touting,” said Dr. Timothy Brewer, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles, which now recommends the drug’s use only in clinical trials.
Zorro replied:
Thanks for sending what all along I have thought and sometimes said explains the medical-industrial complex and its deep state government puppet doctor Anthony Fauci, M.D. and President Trump not promoting zinc and Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. 

Yesterday, a Republican friend who detests President Trump said he was sure Dr. Zelvenko had been vetted and that's why Trump did not promote Dr. Zelvenko and his covid-19 treatment protocol.

My friend told me to read up on a real infectious disease expert in Birmingham, Michael Saag, M.D., who contracted covoid-19 and had a pretty rough case and used hydroxyclhoroquine and didn't think it had helped. I asked my friend if Dr. Saag took zinc? My friend said he didn't know. I said, if Dr. Sagg didn't take zinc, it's pointless and he has no standing to speak about Dr. Zelvenko's treatment protocol.

I take a 50 mg. zinc gluconate a day, which is 445% normal daily requirement. Dr. Zelenko's zinc dose is over 8 times that. Dr. Zelenko says hydroxychloroquine helps zinc enter the cell and slow down virus replication. I don't take hydroxychloriquine, so I don't know if taking zinc supplements protects me from contracting coronavirus. If I think I have caught it, I will take lots more zinc and head to the walk-in medical clinic I use.

My friend said I should look up Dr. Saag online. I did that. Found this NPR piece, which my friend was looking up and finding at the same time. No zinc mentioned. No Dr. Zelenko mentioned. Note also Dr. Sagg's medical-industrial complex PRAVDA remarks on how to reopen America:

Michael Saag is an epidemiologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also a survivor of COVID-19. Almost a month ago, Dr. Saag and his son, who is also a physician, came down with COVID-19 symptoms within days of each other. They are both now healthy. Dr. Saag wrote about his experiences in The Washington Post, and he joins us from his office at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Dr. Saag, thanks for being with us.
MICHAEL SAAG: Thank you very much for having me.
SIMON: How are you feeling?
SAAG: I'm well, gratefully. It was a bad 14 days, but I'm recovered now and back at work.
SIMON: Could you tell us about those 14 days? How did you feel? What did you feel?
SAAG: Everything broke loose. I ended up with fever, chills, headache. By the time the morning arrived, I was better and I could function and think clearly, but then cruelly and relentlessly, the symptoms came back every single day in the late afternoon. And it just repeated itself. It felt a lot like "Groundhog Day." I didn't know if each night I would deteriorate and have to go in the hospital or whether I would survive the night. This sort of "Groundhog Day" experience went on all the way through day 14. So it was literally two weeks after my symptoms started that they disappeared thankfully.
SIMON: And I gather you tried an unproven remedy that some members of the administration seem to believe in a lot.
SAAG: Well, yes. So hydroxychloroquine, otherwise known as plaquenil, plus azithromycin. I called at least 10 colleagues around the world, actually, and asked, what do you think? And they all said, well, go ahead and try it, but we don't have any evidence for it. So I did. To be honest, I can't tell it did a hill of beans difference for me. Later, as I looked more into this, I sort of regretted my decision because these drugs, especially when used together, the hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin, can have electrocardiogram abnormalities, and that puts somebody at risk for sudden death. So in retrospect, I'm a little ashamed of myself that I was so cavalier.
SIMON: Dr. Saag, based on your professional expertise and your personal experience, how are we handling this pandemic in this country?
SAAG: Well, we had a slow start for sure. I think we're finally getting a grip on this. And I will say this - and this is a critical fact - for every day we delay implementation of stay-at-home, up to 40% of new cases will occur in that 24-hour period. So you can do the math in your head pretty quickly and see that thousands of cases are happening, so fortunately now most of the country is doing this, and it's having an impact.
SIMON: How does this end?
SAAG: Here's my thought. People are always asking, when can we let up, go back to life as we used to know it? And the answer really isn't when. That's the wrong question. The correct question is how? How do we stop the stay-at-home? My opinion is that if we just, let's say, pick a date - June 1, July 1, it doesn't matter to me. You pick your time when you pull back and you let people return to normal. I don't see how anything has changed from March 1. It's just that we've had a period where we were able to control transmission, but why would the virus suddenly be different and why would people's susceptibility be any different on July 1 than it is on March 1?
Rather, I think what we need to do is spend the next two to 2 1/2 months preparing for the release of the stay-at-home restrictions and start aggressive case contact tracing exactly like we do with tuberculosis, where a new case is identified and quickly, a team comes in, tests that individual, get them into care, get them isolated and then do tracing of every individual that has come into contact with them in the last two weeks. And then those individuals, depending on how their tests go, will either get into care if they're positive or be quarantined for another 14 days, and that's what we have to do. If we just release folks back into the community and do what we were doing in February, why would it be any different?
SIMON: Michael Saag is an associate dean at University of Alabama, Birmingham, and he directs the Center for AIDS research there. Dr. Saag, glad you're feeling better, and thanks so much for speaking with us.
SAAG: Thank you.
My friend said the Seale Harris medical center (world famous) in Birmingham did not report one coronavirus infection among its patients. I said that's because it takes 3 months for a new patient to get into Seal-Harris and infected people go to urgent care centers, ER at hospitals and their private doctors. 

Dr. Seale Harris was a medical pioneer at the University of Alabama medical complex in Birmingham. For example, heh, Dr. Harris took diabetes patients off "white man" food and sweets, and put them on a whole-foods diet that sustained their bodies, and many of them stopped having diabetes and mood swings.

My friend said many of the coronavirus fatalities in New York City were and homeless people and people with HIV. I said, assuming that's true, most of them would have been saved by Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol, and a lot of people in New York nursing homes died, who were not HIV or homeless, and most of them would have been saved by Dr. Zelvenko's treatment protocol. But there's no money to be made by Big Pharma in zinc, and hydroxychloroquine is a very old drug and will not make Big Pharma big money.

I told my friend, "Here's the $64,000 question. If you are dying from covoid-19, will you use Dr. Zelenko's protocol to save your life?" My friend said he would ask a medical doctor he trusted. That's when I understood what a great brainwashing job the medical-industrial complex has done on Americans. 

Looks to me that the defining moment for Trump's presidency was Dr. Zelenko's March 23, 2020 letter and so far President Trump did not even show up.

I know what you know about HCQ, but I am not overloading on zinc supplements, please be CAREFUL!!!! The Therapeutic dose used by Dr. Zelenske and my sister was of short duration... 5 days, I think! Too much zinc can cause a copper deficiency and other issues, look it up! I mostly agree with you but cannot comprehend why you blame Trump for any of this... even in the article I sent you by Reuters, they mock Trump for being the first person to speak out and promote HCQ as a game changer... the trouble was that Fauci has financial interest in another drug, Remdesivir, which is way more expensive and therefore lucrative! There's also the Holy Grail of a Covid-SARs vaccine and the financial bonanza it would bring to you know who! Here a bit of News from India that you will not hear about from CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, NYT, etc.:

When I read stuff by so-called experts, including Fauci, other doctors, Trump, who leave out zinc, I stop reading.

I fault Trump for not promoting Doctor Zelenko and his zinc-based treatment protocol, which could have saved a lot of American lives. 

You keep defending Trump, but you voted for him and have said you will vote for him this year, and I think you are compromised by Trump like Dr. Fauci is compromised by medical-industrial complex.

There is a zinc-copper supplement at the local drugstore. Perhaps I should switch to it.

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