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Florida Keys bubbas and humans and their local governments have yet to feel red China's gift, plus analysis of a face mask hater and maybe a good, fast. cheap medical treatment of seriously ill covid-19 patients

A scholarly acquaintance, who retired from driving Key West city transit buses and moved to southeast Florida where he could afford to live, made a Florida keys government economic forecast early this morning under yesterday's covid-19 disaster pay lines Florida Keys county government deep state bubba pockets post at this blog. I replied after the sun came up.

  • As bad as this current issue might be - 'Stupid' is the way Christine Russel put it - it will pale in comparison to what's lurking just down the road.
    The County MUST balance its budget. Since salaries are an expense, they MUST be balanced by receipts. When receipt totals are recognized to have crashed, there will be a grossly unpleasant impact on the Personnel Department's budget. They're not going to have much latitude in their range of responses. It's going to hurt a lot of still employed people.
    No matter how pure their motives or how 'smartly' they try to administer the impending crisis, they've got to have money to do anything meaningful. Without sufficient income they will not, already don't, have the underlying capacity to act - at all.
    Things are going to get ugly and stay that way until the Keys' customer base up North reacquires the disposable income levels that will allow them to budget their next vacation in Paradise.
    That could take years. Regrettably, only then will the County regain the capacity to do the right thing. The underlying reality is way more pervasive, more damaging to Keys people, than any clever stunt 'Bubba' could ever dream up. 
    I'd like to say something positive but all i see right now is a years-long Tunnel filled with unemployed Keysians, and no visible Light anytime soon.
    If the County continues to face continuing severe income losses, what can they really do? They can't print money... can they?
    Wait! Let's ask Bubba! That would be Right up his alley, Later Sloan

  • Good morning, Paul -

    Received both of yours. Cities and counties across America have same problem, but not as bad as where tourism so important. Unlike keys businesses, keys municipalities still have tax revenues coming it, although not as much as before red China's gift to the world. I think you are right that Americans, and Canadians and other foreigners, in the main, can't afford to vacation in the keys, and that's gonna become clear after the keys reopen on June 1. I imagine Miami area people will flock to the keys, and some of them will bring red China's gift and there will be a spike in infections and will that lead to another shut down? How about the county government, in order to survive (cut costs), fires the county manager and the bubbas he gave 2.5 times regular salary for doing same work? When those bubbas run out of money, they can use food banks, rob fishermen's traps, panhandle, fish off of bridges, spend nights at KOTS - oops, it's already at capacity, so they camp in parks and on beaches until law enforcement puts them in the sheriff's detention centers - oops, they are nearly at capacity due to housing federal detainees and homeless people. Maybe the bubbas jump in their boats and hijack a passing cruise ship and turn it into a bubba refugee camp. Maybe the bubbas get a good lawyer and sue red China like Missouri did.

    Over and out.
  • On a slightly larger stage, an Alabama Facebook friend ranted against face masks. The analysis that ensued, some people might find amusing, others infuriating, but the video of the urgent care doctor who treats seriously ill covid-patients with hyrodxychloroquine and zinc and their symptoms basically are gone in 8-12 hours, might interest even Florida Keys bubbas:

    Masks don’t work.
    Image may contain: text that says 'wish people would just be honest. You're wearing a mask of some noble notion that you're doing part protecting anyone from anything. You're wearing a mask for one of two reasons. The first is you're sheep is conforming to what everyone else is doing. The second is because you bought manufactured fear they sold you about the coronavirus. You're a hero who is saving the day. You're a scared drone perpetuating this insane notion that being brainwashed, fearful and sacrificing freedom somehow makes you a righteous and upstanding citizen.'
    • Brad Lutley
      Brad Lutley The overwhelming majority are brainwashed.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
      Sloan Bashinsky Maybe studies will be done over the coming months to determine statistics of families, neighborhoods, businesses, churches, etc. of coronavirus infections in people who wore masks in public and people who did not?
    • Sloan Bashinsky
      Sloan Bashinsky Except for walks, and even sometimes then, when I'm in public I wear a mask because I am 77, have a history of respiratory infections, including pneumonia, which wore me out before there was a coronavirus, I don't want to catch the coronavirus, and if I do, I don't want to pass it on to anyone else. For all of those reasons, I simply to not relate to the loss of freedom argument, which looks to me is made by people who unconsciously want to catch the virus and vector it to other people.
      • Deana Jones
        Deana Jones Sloan Bashinsky I understand your perspective 😉 I have bouts of asthma myself and suffered through pneumonia a few times. On December 25, last year, I came down with bronchitis and still had it when both my husband and I caught this virus on January 30! It was a double whammy but we both recovered in a few weeks and have not been sick since. It is very apparent however, that a certain few authorities and politicians have capitalized on this virus, completely destroying the economy and discreetly deleting many of our freedoms. Instead of “flattening the curve” for a few weeks...they have drug this on up until today, the middle of May! They will continue to drag this out for many nefarious reasons. The solution should not be worse than the problem, and in fact my friend at this point, that is what is happening.
      • Sloan Bashinsky
        Sloan Bashinsky What's that got to do with face masks? What could be their nefarious reasons? Not wanting to catch the virus? Not wanting to die, their loved ones to die? I personally know the mayor of Key West and the mayor of Monroe County, which is the Florida Keys. I ran against both of them. They both ordered shut downs because they hoped to save lives. There was nothing in it for them to order the shut downs, but to catch hell from people who didn't want there to be a shut down. Now, they reluctantly are reopening for business, with guidelines for social distancing. Everyone in Key West is required to wear a mask in public. I just don't get your conspiracy theory. Even President Trump went along with a shut down, although he knew the economic impact would be terrible. Everyone with half a brain knew the economic impact would be terrible. Instead of wearing a face mask, President Trump secretly was prescribed by a doctor hydroxychloroquine to take preventatively, apparently indefinitely, even though he tested negative for covid-19. When President Trump made that public, he flat told every American to do the same thing, if they can get their hands on that old malaria drug. What does it do to an immune system to take that drug day after day, week after week, month after month? What does that do to the supply of that drug? Can people who need it for malaria, lupus, coronavirus even get it, if there has been a run on it thanks to President Trump? I'd like to wring his fucking neck for the message he sent to every American. I imagine most people riled up about being told to wear a face mask have serious deep and old authority figure issues, dating back to childhood.
      • Sloan Bashinsky

        Sloan Bashinsky The doctor in this recent video is using hyroxychloroquine mixed with zinc to treat people critically ill with coronavirus. He says the patients symptoms dramatically ease same day. He says hydroxychloroquine used alone is not effective.
        LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19
        LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat…
        LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19
      • Sloan Bashinsky

        Sloan Bashinsky As for masks not being effective, I read plenty about that, and I wonder if people who categorically say masks do not prevent coronavirus infection are willing to bet their lives and their souls that is true? Now I have dragged God into the discussion :-
        • Deana Jones Sloan Bashinsky All I can say is that I haven’t worn a mask or gloves since the inception of this. If God wants me to catch and die from this virus, then so be it. I agree that people can do sensible things to protect their health, but when taken to the extreme(as in shutting the entire freaking world down) causes more harm than good. The information given to us by the so-called authorities is lacking and in some cases contradictory. I have lived this long for a reason...experience and common sense, and not because of any action some government official took upon themselves 🙂
        • Sloan Bashinsky This post started off as a slam of masks. Jesus said not to tempt God, who I very much doubt wants you to catch covid-19, but does want us to use common sense. If you do catch the virus, please do not blame God. And please quarantine yourself, except for visits to your doctor, until you test negative.
        • Deana Jones Sloan Bashinsky Supposedly we all have free will. People should be accountable for their own actions 😉
        • Sloan Bashinsky And to whom do we account for our own actions which, say, harm ourselves and/or others? God, is what I understand. If you catch covid-19, please quarantine yourself, except for visits wearing a face mask to a doctor, until you test negative, to protect other people from you.
    When I replied; "Not kidding at all, your attitude in this FB thread causes me to think you could care less who catches covoid-19 from you or otherwise," this appeared: "The post or object you were commenting on has been removed by the owner and can no longer be commented on."

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