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coronavirus Memorial Day: 100,000 reasons no sane American should vote for Donald Trump, who did not tell Americans of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's compelling March 23, 2020 coronovirus cure protocol letter to him and All Medical Practitioners

Dr. Oz interviews an E.R. Doctor Infected With Covid-19 Back At Work After Using Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak Protocol

I remember you asking me why all the negative political hype from the Medical establishment and the left wing Media against the use of HQC? Well, it was obviously because Trump dared mention in public that it might be a possible therapeutic for Covid-19 and also because of the many reports that were coming from all over the World about its effectiveness, including this video from Dr. Oz, back in April, that speaks for itself. But even here, you see how the Clinician being interviewed tells how he and his father took the medicine and got well, but he can’t say definitively that it worked! You might ask yourself, what’s wrong with these doctors? Why were they afraid to say it worked? Well, we now know, Cui Bono... enough said!

Yesterday, the Godfather to one of my daughters, told me straight out, that he blames Trump, not China, for half the death from this virus; this was in response to me making the case that China should be made to pay for the Pandemic they caused by rescinding our debt to them... I just shook my head and said, "you're delusional and there's no point in arguing with you!"

I am beginning to think that the psychological effects of this "virus" and the Trump Presidency in general, have infected half the population of this country, polarizing them to see things in one direction and the other half, in the opposite direction! It reminds me of that movie where the people, after being infected, become extremely aggressive and violent, killing and destroying everything, even themselves!

Don Quixote replied this morning:
Thanks for sharing this with me. I have no problem with how the ER doc presented it. He said he believed it helped, because he got better after he and his father took HDC and Z-Pac. He knows he has to be careful how he says it, or perhaps be hauled before his medical board or some other inquisitors. Dr. Zelenko got investigated by the NY US Attorney. The ER doc's personal testimonial agrees backs up the compelling clinical success experiences reported by Dr. Zelenko in his March 23, 2020 letter to all world medical practitioners and President Trump, and the Los Angeles urgent care doc's equally compelling video clinical report reported in my blog post yesterday. Also in my post yesterday were what I viewed as two loonies' attacks of Dr. Zelenko. One of the loonies left me wondering if he is a Trump fact-spinner lemming?

David Patten He's [Dr. Zelenko] giving hcq to younger people not at risk for cardio vascular complications .. sounds reasonable !
·         David Patten Trump old and fat is at risk for problems ..
·         Sloan Bashinsky David Read Dr. Zelenko's letter again. He says he is NOT treating young patients, unless they become at risk. Meanwhile, could his prescribing physician be a covert deep state liberal commie?
·         David Patten Sloan Bashinsky silly
·         Sloan Bashinsky Really, what kind of physician would put a man Trump's age and weight on the malaria drug for prevention, instead of telling Trump to get over himself and wear a face mask and social distance?

I read online that apparently it was Dr. Zelenko's March 23 letter that alerted President Trump to Hydroxychloroquine and led to Trump telling the public about HCQ. But did Trump tweet Dr. Zelenko's letter, which lays out the full HCQ-Z-Pac protocol and the compelling clinical results? Did Trump intervene on behalf of Dr. Zelenko after he was under investigation by the NY US Attorney? Not that I know. 

Why didn't Trump tell the American public about the Z-Pac part of the treatment? Why didn't Trump tell the public that zinc is the hero and HCQ is the catalyst for zinc getting into body cells and stopping coronavirus activity? 

Why did Trump then start taking HCQ preventively, instead of just get over himself and wear a face mask and social distance? 

Why did Trump tell the American public that he was taking HCQ preventively, and thus tell them to do the same, and create a run on it and make it potentially unavailable to people who take it for malaria, lupus and other conditions their doctors are treating; and for Dr. Zelenko and his patients, and for the LA urgent care doctor and his patients, and for people like the ER doc and his father with coronavirus in the video you sent me today? 

I wonder what the HCQ stocks are today, in the wake of Trump's public announcement that he takes it preventively? I wonder what the HCQ stocks will be next month? 

I think you should have called for Trump's head.

I often think you do not see Trump clearly, because you voted for him in 2016, and not long ago boasted you will vote for him this year. I have two close friends in the same boat. One is Hoodoo Witch, who switched political lanes for much the same reasons you did in 2016, and voted for Trump. Another is a life-long Republican, who thinks like a Democrat on race, gay-lesbian-trans, abortion, etc. issues, but when it involves money and the stock market, he is pure Republican. I think those two friends are totally compromised in any discussion about Trump. 

In fact, it was Trump who started the liberal Democrat media coronavirus scare hoax rhetoric. It was Trump who told Americans there was nothing to the virus, it would not be bad, America is on top of it. I agree completely with your daughter's Godfather, that Trump is personally responsible for maybe half the coronavirus deaths in America. I think he knows that, and that's why he throws up so much counter spin (chaffe) in his PRAVADA tweets and press conferences. All he's worried about is his image and votes.

If Trump really cared for the American people, he would have taken a very different tact early on. He would have published Dr. Zelenko's letter. Trump later said he knew early on that it would be very bad, but he wanted to give Americans hope, he wanted to be a cheerleader.

I read yesterday that nearly 100,000 Americans now have died due to coronavirus. I do truly hope on this Memorial Day that all those Americans' relatives, friends, employers and co-workers will remember that in November. 


Here is a link to the Los Angeles urgent care doctor's compelling video clinical report:

LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19
LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat…

Here is Dr. Zelvenko's compelling March 23 letter to all world medical practitioners and President Trump, this is as large as I can make the zoom.
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