Thursday, May 7, 2020

red neck mystic and libertarian face mask outlaws

New washable mask with filter made by friend of my older daughter. Them nice fishes is sharks.

From the Libertarian Outlaws Facebook Group:

  • Not gonna blindly follow. Not going to wear a mask.

    • What is blind about it?
    • Wow. If that needs explaining, you are just too stupid to talk to.

    • A mask can, no absolute guarantee, (a) protect the wearer from catching coronavirus, and (b) prevent the wearer from spreading coronavirus to other people. If you want to increase odds of you catching the virus, don't wear a mask. If you want to increase odds of you giving the virus to someone else, does that make you a monster in a Stephen King novel? A bio terrorist? Any different from someone with HIV not using a condom and/or not telling sex partners you have HIV?

My comment was re-posted at Libertarian Outlaws by someone else, and that drew around 200 comments ranging all over everywhere, including legal prosecution, proving criminal intent. I finally commented to the re-poster:

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