Monday, May 4, 2020

Dr. Fauci's modern medicine and big pharm, polluted air, treated water, modern farming, processed foods, poor nutrition and physical degeneration made it much easier for coronavirus

Retired Lucent Technologies scientist Sancho Panza poured acid on part of the recent Show Me Sate Missouri did what the great vexatious litigator President Trump didn't have the balls to do: Sue Communist China post at this blog:

I think you should think twice before endorsing Fauci as a paragon of truth... or even competence! He has been in bed with Big Pharma, China and the WHO all his career... Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and China share the same agenda... and it ain't more healthy people reproducing on this planet... quite the opposite! 

Don Quixote replied:

I heard the other day that Fauci had opposed quarantine HIV-infected people. Maybe he later had second thoughts? I know he's hardly clean, but he looks to me a heap cleaner than Trump.


They are scrubbing the Web to get rid of people like this scientist from MIT who is not "with the program"... this video will probably be gone form Youtube soon! It's only about 15 minutes but is worth hearing a different perspective on this... I do agree with the basic premise he expounds that our so called Healthcare system is basically a disease management system, health has nothing to do with it... and this from a father of  an Oncology Liver  Surgeon and an NP PhD dealing with COVID-19 patients right now!!!  Take a look at the second video of a much  younger Dr. Shiva talking about how at 13 years old he invented the "Email"  we now use.

Don Q:

Oddly, this somehow came up instead:


Big brother es watching you! If this is true... your PC must be compromised! Oink! 

Seriously, I don't know why that happened, what browser are you using? Google, Yahoo and MS are all bad news...I use Opera and DuckduckGo por my search engine... they don't track you and is pretty fast! 

Try running it from within the website I sent you... don't go to Youtube!  

Don Q:

I watched both interviews you provided. Dr. Shiva is correct about modern medicine and pharm not dealing with keeping immune system strong and aiding it with supplements when sickness comes. After dabbling, I dove into that arena in the early 1980s, trying to fix me, and nothing happened. I watched chaparral, which was really effective for some conditions, be outlawed by the FDA. Tincture of myrrh increased white cell count to fight infections. I came away much more "religious" about my diet and much less religious about modern medicine and pharm. I read numerous books on those two trying to eliminate all competition. I used an herb concoction prescribed by an herbalist to cure me of salmonella infection. When I caught salmonella a few years later, a veterinarian, who used homeopathic remedies in his animal clients, prescribed homeopathic arsenic, which cured me. 

Today, I eat healthier than anyone I know here in Alabama. I'm trying to help my body stay healthy. I take Vitamin D3, Vitamin B-12, magnesium and fish oil daily. I will add Vitamin C supplements. the green vegetables in American grocery stores here are long since picked and weakened in vitality. Local Asian market greens are much superior, I think. I catch the virus, though, I probably at risk to it killing me even with Dr. Fauci  treating me with big pharm remedies and Dr. Shiva treating me with massive infusions of Vitamins C, D, B. Every drug store today carries a wide selection of nutritional supplements. There are a lot of Americans who go in in the vitamin and mineral direction, and there are a lot, perhaps many more, Americans, who could care less about the effect of regular McDonald's meals on their immune systems. President Trump appears to be genetically blessed with a robust immune system and good health. Perhaps that he does not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco contributes. Nothing, though, seems to cure his sky-high opinion of himself and his expertise on any and every topic and his lacking moral gyroscope. It's a hell of a time in American and world history, thanks to something made in China. 


Whatever is guiding your life style right now is doing a good job... kudos to you for listening and following through! I have no idea why we don't have better choices for POTUS... this guy Shiva and many other, very talented and wise people, should be part of a pool of potential civil servants that the People would be able to pick from as needed!!!!  

P. S. Vitamin C and D are very important, but you should know that Vitamin D3 needs to be paired with Vit K2 in order for calcium to go where it is supposed to and not adhere to the walls of your blood vessels or other soft tissues... also, Vit C  can bind to oxalates in greens like spinach, etc. and might cause kidney stones, so you need to drink lots of water and maybe even take supplemental Magnesium to balance the calcium in our diet from dairy products or even fortified nut milk! There is more, but I will stop here! 

Don Q:

Thanks. Think I will head to drugstore and get Vit-C and mineral supplement, and read online where to get K-2, and will keep mostly to myself and wear face mask in public and wash my hands good each time come home. Based on what I'm reading online, am not convinced Dr. Shiva's approach alone will save an old person with preexisting conditions. Dr. Fauci's approach probably needed, too. For the immune system issue to really be addressed will require return to clean air and water, and fresh vegetables and fruits and meats and fish grown the old-fashioned way, and a departure from fast and boxed foods. Did you ever read the dentist Weston Price's NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEGENERATION. Got him in dutch with the AMA and PHARM. Natural food not widely possible with closing in on 8 billion people. Now, if the virus, or the planet, or a solar flare, or ETs, or angels cut that number by 7/8. Meanwhile, people enjoy "cheap" gasoline, trucker and farmer fuel costs have plummeted, Russia squeals from lost hard currency oil revenues and poor medical infrastructure, Saudi Arabia can't afford quite as many palaces and mega yachts. Wars aren't nearly as popular. President Trump keeps pronouncing. I think it fitting he catch the virus and tries on himself every remedy he told everyone else to try.


Yes, I've seen portions of that book, including pictures of  how the structure of the jaw bone changes when groups of "primitive" cultures change their hunter gatherers diet to modern refined food, mostly grain based... teeth become crowded and crooked.... he was big on the effect of consuming animal fats, like raw butter, fish roe and animal organs and skin for collagen, vit A, D, B and something he called intrinsic factor, not sure about the name, but it was something you need to obtain from raw animals fats!   There is a Weston Price foundation that has a lot of articles about eating traditionally prepared foods rather than fast foods, etc. You're right about how difficult it would be to find a healthy person these days... almost as hard as fining an honest politician!    I don't like Fauci, at all... he just makes my skin crawl.

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