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Zorro and Don Quixote present Corona medicine for gringos

Sancho Panza's cousin Zorro chimed in on face masks yesterday:

A couple of points:

1) if you have a large bushy beard like you used to, forget about wearing ANY kind of mask to prevent getting infected from Covid19, you will never get a good seal. Masks must be worn properly and they are not a substitute for social distancing.... typical masks may give a sense of false protection, see why below! 

2) The typical surgical masks or the scarf type masks you can get now from Amazon, are not going to prevent you from getting infected with Covid19 if you are directly exposed to an infected person shedding viruses in the air... to get some effective degree of protection, you need the N95 type respirator masks that medical personnel are using! At best, what those other masks can do is reduce the probability of an infected person spreading the virus and infecting  others when they cough, speak, sneeze, etc.. It could also help by preventing you from directly picking your nose or touching your mouth, etc.

Those are not speculations, they are facts.  If you're truly paranoid about getting infected, keep in mind that the eyes are another entry way for infection, so they should be covered too(face shield - divers goggles).... honestly, the only true biological hazard protection is a hermetically sealed whole body suit with its own air supply and/or special filtering; Everything else is just playing Russian Roulette with 1, 3, or 5 bullets. Emoji

The good/bad thing about people venturing out with their Covid training wheel masks to socialize, etc., is that a lot more people will be getting "exposed' to the virus and the population will achieve Herd immunity faster! 

Heads, I win, Tails, you lose....... Emoji

Feeling spunky, Don Quixote replied:

Ever the deliverer of ignorance destruction and elucidation, you be done struck again, and this un's a drop dead beauty. 

I know a mask is not all that great protection, but I am paranoid enough about my age and medical history to at least pretend I'm not tempting fate and God by not wearing a mask in public, and I really don't want to be burdened by giving red China's blessed gift to Mother Nature to her worse enemies, and masks are some prevention of that karma.

Also, if my daughters, one of whom is a physician, learned I was going out in pubic without a face mask, they would skin my stupid ass alive!!! 

So, maybe go back to homemade, which deals with bushy beard. Maybe eye glasses offer some protection.
I have convinced myself that I need to find a local doctor who, on his life and soul, promises to shoot me full of hydroxychloroquine and zinc if I catch the blessed gift to Mother Nature, because coughing and gagging on my own lungs' blood and tattered and shredded tissue ain't my most favorite way to be recalled to the Mother Ship. But then, nor is any other lingering, painful exit strategy. I do hope God is reading this and agrees with my wish for sudden departure.

I gather from your Nobel Laureate Dissertation that you stay holed up in your on private home bathroom all day and night, with lots of Lysol spray, and when you do venture forth from your throne room, it is thus in the blue garb:


You're too funny! Ask your daughter to get you an N95 respirator and shave(or trim down) your beard... get a pair of glasses like these:

You only need that if you're in a risky situation, most of the time, your regular mask and some distancing is fine... the photo is hilarious!  Emoji

That's actually a good idea to find a doctor that is familiar with the HCQ(Plaquenil) + Zinc protocol before you get sick! 

Notice this release from South Korea dating back to early March, where they recommend the use of HCQ and an antiviral drug, Kaletra, use to fight HIV!  I believe this predates and was independent of Trump's mentioning the use of HCQ to fight COVID-19 and being crucified for it by the Left Wing Fake "news" Media and Nancy, the Harpy, Pelosi!  Emoji

I notice that if you do a search on this HCQ COVID-19 treatment, the early studies are all showing great results from the original clinician conducting the treatment, but later on you see the statistician doing their epidemiological "data evaluation" and trying to find negative correlations to scare everybody into staying away from a drug that has been used daily by millions, for more than 60 years! It's all too funny how the public just plays Simon says and never asks,  cui bono!?   Oink

Some comments by readers of article, pro and against: 

o    Jacob Johnston
22 Mar
Phoenix Kiula
Hydroxychloroquine is extremely toxic and must be carefully dosed. I have a feeling that there is going to be an uptick in HQ overdoses as the public scrambles to treat themselves with someone's meds.

Ted JonesContributor
20 Mar
Phoenix Kiula
Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) doesn't usually have significant side effects, and I see plenty of patients that are on 200 mg twice daily for years with no issues. Azithromycin (Z Pak) is usually very safe as well. Someone above said the dosage for plaquenil was 600 mg daily for 10 days, and that seems reasonable given the typical doses used to treat things such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. I'm guessing, but this is just a guess, that the azithromycin was used as it typically is, which is usually 2 pills the first day followed by 1 pill for 5 more days. But as with any drugs, different people will react differently and anyone can have an anaphylactic reaction to any medicine. I'm a practicing ophthalmologist in PA by the way.

      ·         Bluelobe
20 Mar
Of course the big pharma companies don't like this 'cuz it's generic and cheap. They want their expensive new unproven drugs rather than using something old & won't generate profits. CNN is downplaying this, saying it's all anecdotal with no studies -- which this french study proves is a lie. The Chinese & South Koreans have also tested this aside from other countries but you won't hear it from CNN 'cuz their big pharma sponsors & gold ratings will be tarnished if people stop caring 'cuz it's under control.
Don Q:

Well, I don't think safety glasses gonna help, since have cataracts, astigmatism and am farsighted, and my eyeglasses are the strongest that could be prescribed, according to an eye surgeon in Tuscaloosa, and without my glasses I'm about as blind as a bat with good vision, although I hear "bat shamans" in South American jungles see very well in the dark (spirit realms), and I have been accused of being able to see around through buildings. 

Just got off phone with my eye surgeon daughter, and she said she and eye surgeon hubby are back to doing eye surgery, so I will call my eye surgeon and see if he can fix my right eye at least, which has gotten weaker and other things since he told me in early 2019 that he would get new glasses and do surgery later, if he were me. 

I told you before, and in my post today, I ain't impressed Trump is taking the old malaria pill preventatively, and I was infuriated he told America to follow suit and strain supply of that drug on which many people depend just to get by, and seems to be the go to drug for red China's love gift to Mother Nature. 

Of course Big Phama ain't happy about hydroxyC being effective with coronavirus. That hurts their giant piggy banks and wet dreams of even bigger giant piggy banks. If Trump keeps pissing off the medical-industrial complex, they might have him disappeared. 

But then, Trump leading the charge to reopen America and hollering he has authority to declare churches are essential businesses, er, services, and they need to reopen with everything else, ought to be the medical-industrial complex's biggest Iowa hog plant stuffed with shoulder to shoulder minority workers wet dream ever imagined come true, with red China's love gift to Mother Nature licking its chops. 

Appreciate the hydroxyC links.


I think they can correct your vision when they replace your lens during cataract surgery... and I think you said you have cataracts(I do too)... problematic driving at night due to the halo effect with the lights! But I am sure your daughter has told you everything about the different type of lenses and their +/-, etc.! 

Just forget about Trump, he's not God, can't resurrect the dead, walk on water or give you eternal life... and stop parroting CNN, Trump didn't actually tell anybody to swallow bleach or fish tank cleaner... also, that's a prescription, you can't just buy it at Walmart off the shelf. It is a very old drug that can be easily mass-produced(I think India is the main producer)... it is possible that the US Military is stock piling it and maybe all the bad publicity is a ruse to avoid a Global run on it... maybe!?  

Here is an interesting website if you have the time! 

Don Q:

Yes, my daughter told me about the different lens implants, and which one to go for, even though it costs a little more, because it will correct astigmatism, as well as cataracts and farsightedness. She said my Medicare will cover much off it, I pay the rest.

The natural remedy website begins with a March 23, 2020 letter from a physician to all medical professionals around the world and President Trump promotes hyroxyC, an antibiotic for secondary infection, and zinc sulfate. The  doctor is on the front lines, using that protocol with many patients. His letter needs to go viral, last month. 

The proposed various natural treatments are not convincing to someone who once was a rabid natural healing fanatic. Perhaps there is something there, but for mainstream, the hydroxyC/zinc sulfate protocol makes far more sense and is far more efficient, if the the great know it all you keep defending did not cause every nit wit in God's creation to obtain hydroxyC and use it preventatively.

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