Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Operation Warped: Dems' best hope is hydroxychloroquine side effects disable or kill President Trump?

Yesterday, retired Lucent Technologies scientist Sancho Panza, who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, and for Trump in 2016, and gleefully crowed a while back that he will vote forTrump this year, emailed news President Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine preventively:


Don Quixote snorted:
To hell with vaccine, if you get the virus, take the Cheap malaria drug combo, that should be Op Warped

Sancho counseled:
The Vaccine is much more lucrative... and I hear that Just like Obamacare, you'll be "compelled" to take it! Moderna is bound to make a bundle... invest now! 

You have to admit that there has never been such a schizophrenia inducing POTUS like Trump, the guy is a blast, he never misses an opportunity to pop up his middle finger and get a rise from the Media.... and watch Liberal's heads explode... when they think they got him, he just rearranges the board! I think only a guy like you would be more frustrating to deal with than Trump when it comes to meeting the Establishment's Expectations!.

Don Q snorted:
I wonder if anyone who knew Trump took hydroxyC preveventively bought its maker's common stock?

Retired Key West psychiatrist Jerry Weinstock analyzed yesterday’s Operation Warp Speed: coronavirus vs Donald Trump post at this blog:

Sloan----fine article --------representative government works
                            if the people are intelligent and well read
THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN------Biden is far far better than the Psychotic RETARD ----sadistic ----lump we have now --TRUMP a total NUT !!

Your remarks about the stock market  are a fraction right but unfortunately

WRONG  --far more complicated  than you might imagine.

I appreciate your efforts very much-----that is SINCERE !!

           best regards  Jerry

I replied:
Hi, Jerry -

You practiced psychiatry for decades and your diagnosis of President being "the Psychotic RETARD - sadistic - lump" fits what I see, hear and read of him, including his tweets and press conferences, IF I don't consider he is a showman and plays like tiny fiddles his devoted MAGAs and his wives and children, because for him everything is an exotic self-aggrandizing game to turn to his own personal advantage, which reminds me A. Hitler, J. Stalin, V. Putin, J. Jones, C. Manson, to name but a few god-complex know-it-alls. 

It is not my impression that most Americas are intelligent and well read, nor that democracy works very well. Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump, was sure she was going to win, and she had lots of company. I thought she was as bad a candidate as Donald Trump, and the Democrats gave the White House to Trump by running Hillary. It is my impression that most Americans are superstitious, see what they want to see, join cults of different kinds, including religious sects and political parties, and those who profess to be religious seem, in the main, not particularly tuned into what God wants, or how Lucifer operates. 

Just a little while ago, I spoke with my Key West homeless amiga Kari on the phone. She said that last night she had another round of dreams in which she was shown things she had done and not done well, and she is getting tired of nights of such dreams. I said it is good to have such dreams, as an angel interested in her is doing it and that happens to very few people. What a different this world would be if life-review dreams happened to everyone. Kari said, yeah, people would behave differently.

As for my assessment of the stock market being "a fraction right but WRONG", I only have a B.A. in Economics and in past times dabbled in the stock market, usually not profitable. What you read in my blog post today from "Noah" was written by a man with a PhD in economics, who taught economics in universities, and is as well read and studious of and experientially involved a variety of human affairs as any person I have known.

He can fix or rebuild just about anything mechanical or electrical. He raises bees and grows his own food. He is the best investigator I ever heard of. He can find just about anything on anyone by physical and virtual research. He has well-placed friends in mainstream and not mainstream, who know lots of stuff that doesn't make it into the news or social media. Unlike nearly everyone else, Noah is directed, corrected and educated ongoing by angels in ways that cause even me to stand up and take note.

I would appreciate, therefore, you saying how Noah is wrong in today's post about the stock market and what he should have said instead.



Dreams last night nudged me to send a P.S.
Apologies to the fly-fishing god, Noah ties his own trout flies. (Jerry is an avid fly fisherman.)

As for Biden winning in November, he has his son's doings in Ukraine, sex assault allegations and addleness working against him. I hope he picks a strong woman running mate with no baggage, such as having claimed she was Native American. Say, A. Klobuchar. I think Biden should provisionally appoint every Dem president candidate this year to top cabinet post, to bag that candidate's followers. B. Sanders Director of FDA. C. Booker Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. E. Warren Securities & Exchange Commissioner. T. Gabbard Secretary of Defense. K. Harris US Attorney General. J. Castro, Director of ICE. M. Williamson, White House spiritual adviser. How about H. Clinton for National Security Adviser. B. Obama for Secretary of State. M. Obama for Official White House Spokesperson. I hope Sanders is able to persuade his legions to vote for Trump but that might prove spotty. I hope Democrats will turn out en masse and vote in whatever way they can, including standing in long poll lines wearing face masks, which did not happen in recent California special U.S. House of Representatives election to replace disgraced, resigned by sex scandal Democrat congresswoman. Dems seem more afraid of mass gatherings than Republicans and MAGAs. Maybe Dems best hope is hydroxychloroquine side effects will disable or kill Trump.


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