Sunday, May 3, 2020

while entire forests burn, burning a few trees is major sport

I dunno, maybe this year’s presidential race is shaping up to trump the coronavirus with who is the least, or most, sexually-depraved candidate, Joe Biden or Donald Trump? I made this comment below into a Facebook thread of people who dodged my several attempts to get them to see that their prosecution methods and arguments against accused sex-predator Joe Biden tried and convicted Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump, too.
and others in this discussion. Like Billy Davis, I'm an Independent. I would not have voted for Hillary or Trump in 2016, if I had been paid money to vote for them. I did not vote for Barack Obama, nor for G.W. Bush. Nor for John Kerry. I thought they all were wrong for America, which has been severely, perhaps fatally, wounded by the coronavirus. I did not accept argument that Kavanaugh was innocent and Biden is guilty. Biden may well be guilty. I was convinced Kavanaugh was, because his old college friends ratted him out. Also, the FBI did not follow up on other allegations against Kavanaugh. But that's all history. And Biden someday will be history. As might America. Meanwhile, if you folks want to fret and rave about Biden and Democrats and vote for Trump, who was accused by lots of women of sexual misconduct, then go for it. I'm stuck with trying to figure out if I can bring myself to vote for Biden, because I sure as hell can't vote for Trump. Or, I don't vote, or I vote for a third-party candidate like I did in 2016 - Jill Stein, M.D., because she was talking about healing people and the planet. Maybe we could use her in the White House today.

God and my guidance from the angels above I've dealt with come with these things and I feel compelled to share them with you as you may find them of interest or importance possibly.

I keep in mind where my info comes from and I am thankful for the guidance I receive and the help I get and I always keep my mind and my heart open to it.

A righteous man must walk a difficult path. I know that. I accept that. I'm sorry for all the things you're going through right now.

I don't and won't ever consider myself a prophet. I know where the inspiration and the work comes from though, and I gladly accept it. I am thankful for it.

I feel empathy for those who are in denial over God and his work in our world and in our lives.

We've lived very different lives so it is good for me to hear your experiences. I've seen how money was no great gift in your life- that's why I DO NOT balk at what I have to do to get by.

As an Economist, especially one with a Phd, that is not how they teach they would fix an economy. God and the Angels cut right to it. Economists and politicians want half measures that don't require radical change. They don't want to put in the work to look in a mirror or examine what is best for the country. It is what they can sell to their American voters with team mentality and what they can get from their friends who are lobbyists. Frankly? It's frightening.


The earliest a vaccine will be in trials for humans in the United States is September if certain restrictions are lifted at the FDA, depending on how the vaccine is formulated or delivered- it is possible the USDA could be involved. This vaccine could come in form of a food stuff- as this has been GAIN OF FUNCTION altered it may be like the CHAT vaccine that was given via some kidney matter except we'll use a serum as replacement. It could be given to small children as a sugar cube as the Salk Polio vaccine often was early on. It is possible that this may be a mist inhaler.

I have followed this very closely. Thus far Charmier in France has a mist version of the Oxford that is very effective with Chimpanzees. The Oxford vaccine being tested in England is being fed through a drip to macques who've become the primary instrument in animal testing for human vaccines.

I've written both the NIAID(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)- where Fauci ran through the ranks and also is still head honcho)- they have an Atlanta office. I've written CDC. I've written I would like to be considered for the trial of the human vaccine. Both were surprised and said they'd keep my info but nothing was at that stage in the coming MONTHS- unless something unprecedented happens.

I believe through my guidance, even if I died, it would not be a straw death. If I could die helping mankind I would- with the hope it would protect my sister and my nieces.

If they would take my life for your niece’s recovery and permanent remission I think that would be a fair trade.

Ultimately it is up to them.

I replied:

The world I see revolving around me is infected with what looks to me like terminal spinning and twisting and mangling and taking out of context, or leaving out context, and even obliterating what actually was said or happened. The White House is a great place to look as proxy for all of that. So, is FOX News and other, but not all, news outlets. So is Facebook. It looks to me that nobody has a fucking clue what lies ahead. What I do know is the program I'm on has for some time been infused into my my soul, and I was flat told in my sleep last fall, I think, that I am your "John the Baptist", and I took it to heart, figuring any other response was spiritual kamikaze. The readership at my blog and Facebook account is low. I see I am writing for reasons beyond having readers. I think partly for my soul's evolution, and perhaps there is some effect in finer realms and even on this world, which I cannot see. I have been overloaded since long before you first started tracking me. It's what I expect. If it went away, I would feel something went terribly awry. Your assessment in your email of various human dramas is as good as any, I imagine. I keep slipping into wondering if, when, some giant unexpected but in hindsight giant footfall or bang is about to happen, generally and/or personally. The Force definitely is disturbed. I think The Powers That Be are preparing, or grooming, you for something, or somethings, not yet happened or receptive to what you have to offer. I've not known anyone quite like what you experience. I can't say I envy you, but I do appreciate having someone to talk with who "enjoys" such "connections".

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