Thursday, May 14, 2020

COVID-19 MMA: runaway best seller author Dr. Judy Mikovits alleges Dr. Anthony Fauci Big Pharma hit man

As I did some things outside wearing a face mask yesterday, I felt I wasn't getting enough oxygen into my lungs, or was recirculating too much carbon dioxide. I read online yesterday that some experts say wearing a mask will more likely help me catch COVID-19, than prevent. Jonah emailed a video in which Doctor Judy Mikovits, author of new release Plague Of Corruption, which Amazon sold out in 2 days, accuses Dr. Anthony Fauci of being Big Pharma hit man. I emailed the video to Sancho Panza, and the fun began.
Don Quixote:
Did you see this?

Sancho Panza:
Yes, I know about it... and hopefully now you do too! If you were actually capable of thinking objectively about Washington, w/o partisan blinders, you would see how difficult it would be for any POTUS(Obama or Trump) to try to change this Deep State machinery that's embedded in the very fabric of our Government(Left or Right has nothing to do with it)... that machinery will crush you if you deviate from the role assigned to you!  Who sent you this video? I had not seen it before, but I've seen others on you tube about this lady scientist and her crusade... I may have even sent you something about her and how Fauci is a scumbag!

Hey, it's an interesting time, everything is getting  "shaken up"... just like I had hoped Trump would do... the man is too egotistical and self centered to just go alone to get along... but I am afraid they finally got him with this "Pandemic"... I think he's toast unless he goes along with the game plan(Vaccines and more Debt Money for the "Globalist" agenda of population control)!!!  Thanks for the documentary, but I wonder how many people will watch it or believe it? It definitely won't be playing in in the MSM 24/7, as it should!  Please don't publish my comments with reference to me! Thanks! 

Don Q:
Aw, Sancho!!! You skeered you might end up in Guantanamo? You want others to take on the deep state? Where's your donkey and letter opener, look at the windmills dying to be poked!!! Oink!!!

Actually, Noah, who kinda likes your carrying on, sent me the lady doctor video. It was her testimonial about being locked up by what looked like a SWAT team and held without charges until she agreed not to shoot off her mouth for 5 years about Dr. Fauci and other reverse Robin Hoods that caught my eye and ire. Here' Noah's and my conversation about the lady doctor, so far. I estimate Noah and you are about the same degree of smarts and formal and self-education.

Is this what caused Sancho Panza to have such mistrust of Fauci ? Reason I ask is, people are considering the link below "censored". It was produced(FUNDED) and narrated by the female doctor who claims she was wronged. A number of fact checkers have examined it and found many facts are misrepresented or just- wrong. It is still an interesting watch. So claims are VERY TRUE, but there is a lot woo-woo and anti-vaxxer sentiment and it is more this lady's chopping her axe on a 35 year plus feud over AIDS. The documentary switches between talking about COVID-19 and AIDS, so it is hard to tell when she is talking past/present- that is the main thing that creates a... desynchromization. Also, her comment that Ebola couldn't infect until 1999 is a lie. I've spoken with Dr. Don Francis who studied the original documented 1976-1979 Hemmoragic fever epidemic near the Ebola river in Africa, and the fever/virus was named "Ebola".
Check it out:
Whatever Fauci/big pharm are up to according to the lady doctor in the video doesn't seem to have anything to do with Trump lining his own pockets. Wonder why Trump isn't touting the video, to argue for opening America and the world? I don't get flu shots, because I wonder if they will give me the flu? A few members of the bridge club had flu shots last fall or early this year and ended up stove up at home a few days. Not full-blown flu, but they didn't like it.
Me later:
I sent Sancho Panza the lady doctor's video, he said he had not seen it, but he had seen other videos about her. I might use it in tomorrow's post, because if what happened to her did happen, and there is no indication, yet, she made that up, then that's a lot closer to the deep state than I think Donald Trump ever thought, imagined or dreamed. Maybe too deep for him to even imagine? Or, he's up to his eyeballs in cahoots and is playing possum? Wonder what TPTB might say?

I agree with Jonah about the video link he posted... that 1999 date for Ebola is way off, but there is something disjointed about how that whole video was put together... seems an impromptu production and poorly edited or fact checked by Dr. Judy Mikovits. I hope she did a better job with her book!

Don Q:
I started wondering if Fauci and other doctors and universities and labs in the business of getting patents on drugs they invented with taxpayer funding would not tell Trump to open America back up pronto, or simply let the coronavirus wash over America, which Trump did ask Fauci about just that and Fauci said a lot of people would die, Mr. President. Wouldn't a lot more dead Americans enable Fauci and his ilk to get a lot more funding for a vaccine? Just my red neck wondering if a lot more deaths might have cost Trump a heap of votes in November. 

The doc in the video talked about hydroxychloroquine and zink being a great treatment for coronovirus, why did the CIA tell its people they might have terrible reactions to it and they might die?

Anti-malarial drug touted by Trump was subject of CIA warning to employees
I wonder if the lady doctor in the video holed up to stay safe from the coronvirus, if she wears a face mask, or does she go about her day letting all of the natural things around her strengthen her immune system, as she touted other people should do? I really do wonder why Trump hasn't gotten her center stage in White House press briefings for reopening America? 

All I know is that someone I know had confirmed COVID-19 infection and was in the hospital intensive care unit for dehydration(IV) for 2 days, was later treated by her private doctor with a 5 day course of of Hydroxychloroquine(200 mg, twice/d) Zinc Sulfate(220 mg one/d) plus, in her case, Z-pak(Zithromax) because she has had a history of bronchitis! The treatment protocol worked effectively and she and her family are all doing well now! So, this is not controversial of theoretical to me... I also know of another lady and a man who didn't take anything special(the lady is a nurse and she did get IV fluids at home) and they both recovered...!

As far as your question regarding Fauci, there is no way that an effective and safe vaccine could be developed by end of year, as Trump has being suggesting, unless the vaccine is already available and in production... who knows, maybe Fauci and The Chinese got Trump by the cojones and he really has no saying in the matter...  Sweden didn't shut down their economy and neither did Brazil(as far as I know) and their mortality numbers are no worse than ours, plus they will get Herd Immunity rather quickly and we won't w/o a vaccine or it will take years for 80% of population to get "infected". There is a lot of shit going on behind the scene that has no resemblance with the fairy tale the MSM paints about Good guys Vs Bad guy, Cowboys and Indians! 

Dr. Rand Paul stood up the other day during a Senate hearing and told Dr. Fauci: "I think we ought to have a little bit of humility in our belief that we know what's best for the economy, and as much as I respect you, Dr. Fauci, I don't think you're the end-all," Paul told Dr. Fauci. "I don't think you're the one person that gets to make the decision."

Don Q:
Rand Paul should have told that to President Trump, who is supposed to be the "Commander-in-Chief", call whatever shots the White House is entitled, or usurps. 

Trump should openly take personal responsibility for the shots he calls and explain his thinking, and let time and events, not himself, be the judge. He didn't cause COVID-19, but he caused everything that came out of his mouth and tweeter about COVID-19. He decided who spoke at press conferences. He still decides that. 

I wonder if it was the illuminatti, the devil and/or an angel that arranged for Drs. Fauci and Birx to speak at White House press briefings, and now Dr. Fauci before the U.S. Senate?

I appreciate your personal reports of inexpensive hydroxychloroquine and zinc being effective against COVID-19, which supports Dr. Mikovits' claim that hydroxychloroquine and zinc are effective. I imagine many doctors are using that combination treatment if it is, in fact, effective. There is a physician grapevine that gets out news of effective treatments. 

Trump touted hydroxychloroquine early on. If he was correct, history will applaud him and Dr. Mikovits, whose new book  sold out at Amazon in 2 days. 

Found this morning a May 8, 2020 "Science" fact check on Dr. Mikovits' claims, not favorable to Dr. Mikovits.

It doesn't much matter which way Trump would have liked to go... that was my whole point from the beginning of this conversation! But you don't get it... so I will stop now! 

Don Q:
I understood you, however, I think there is more in play. Trump was dealt an impossible hand by something over which he, the deep state you and Dr. Mikovits and many others decry, and nobody nor anything else human have control. That's why I cannot help but factor in cosmic influences.

Meanwhile, I have to wonder if Dr. Mikovits' video and new book will cause a lot of holed-up people to stop being holed up, if Dr. Mikovits is Trump's best weapon against everything COVID-19 in America, and we find out via number of infections, hospitalizations, deaths, which prophets to stone, and which prophets to praise?

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