Friday, June 11, 2021

Golden Flake trust fund baby's estate plan and thoughts about killing all the lawyers

A Key West amigo once told me that he had gotten himself kicked out of Yale Law School, which opened other more interesting and exciting doors for him. He responded to yesterday's perhaps being a Golden Flake trust fund baby isn't nearly as fortunate as many seem to think post at this blog:

Definitely a rich white privilege story.  But with a happy ending, assuming you make it to Sept 30.  One thing we all can be sure of, the money will not change you.  My friendly bet is you will give almost all of it away, especially to needy women, in about a year.  And you will have a hell of a great time doing it!
Amazing we both survived COVID.  Many thanks again for your doing everything you could to push the Zelinsky treatment.  My quercetin and zinc consoled me in the midst of the plague.

Perhaps he meant Zelenko, but morphed it to Zelenski in my honor or dishonor.

I replied:

Heh, the women will be delighted.

Heh, keep taking the quercetin, zinc, c and d-3, who knows how the vaccine will fare against mutations, consider the delta variant ravaging India and elsewhere.

Actually, here's my plan for my share of the "golden goose".

Under our divorce settlement, my 2nd wife is entitled to 1/5 of my share. After taking care of her, and I suppose her lawyer, who has become a good friend, you'd love him, I will divide what's left into 3 parts and give 1 part to each of my daughters and their husbands, and keep remaining part to provide for me and three friends in grave financial distress. Two are ladies. One of the ladies and the man have grave medical problems, and the other lady you have read of often at my blog, lives on the streets of Key West. You have read of the other two, also, the man more often. I call him  my dreamer friend. In fact, all three have dreams for me.

I probably will put my part of the golden goose in a revocable trust that endures my being shot by a drive by or dropping dead from a heart attack, so that it continues to help the other three. Heck, I might even show up in Key Weird sometimes, get a transient rental, or stay with friends, and breakfast at Harpoon Harry's and lunch and/or dinner at Jack Flats or Harpoon Harry's. I miss seeing the people in both places, they and their customers were a large part of my social life. Saying it another way, I didn't get invited over to dinner often. Wonder why?

Hope you are getting along okay after all the physical trauma, rhymes with hell, you had and endured. Along with the local and general state of MASS INSANITY, may it take a break, or a valium, or whatever.

Meanwhile, heh, some years after KILL ALL THE LAWYERS? A Client's Guide to Hiring, Firing, Using and Suing Lawyers came out, I started telling people who groused about lawyers, that the only way to kill all the lawyers is people stop using lawyers. That didn't happen, of course, and it came to me today that if I ever update the book, I will remove the question mark.😎 

Maybe John Grisham and William Faulkner will team up in my dreams and help me write a chapter entitled "2l Ways to Hang Lawyers". 

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