Tuesday, June 15, 2021

the covid story: defeat snatched from jaws of victory by confederacy of human blunders and worse

About two weeks ago, I mailed a friend in need some money in a plain white envelope with proper USPS postage. I mailed her the money after she dreamed of me sending it to her, and how much. She has many dreams about me, which help me navigate this world and spirit matters. She has numerous medical conditions that render her totally disabled, dependent on oxygen tank. When she has an aide furnished by her state, she gets along a little better. If I ever get my share of the main part of what my father left his children, I will help her get a decent place to live, instead of the rat-infested trailer where she now lives, and I will help her in other ways.

The letter I sent her didn't arrive, and didn't arrive, and didn't arrive. Finally, I told her that angels need to show us in a dream what happened to that letter. That night, she saw in a dream a postman delivering a letter to a different address than hers, and then she saw the letter being returned to me at my post office box. I sent her the money again by priority USPS mail and she received it in 2 days. The next day, yesterday, the missing letter, unopened, the money still inside, was in my post office box. I had written one number wrong on her street address. Her regular lady mail carrier was on vacation and the substitute male mail carrier didn't know her and left the letter at the address on the envelop.

I catch a lot of flack for talking and writing about angels involved in my and and some of my friends' lives. I find that somewhat amusing in a country that claims it is one nation under God and the predominant religion is Christianity, which depends entirely on the Bible for its existence, a book filled with stories of God, angels and demons. I find it deeply distressing that President Trump and Americans did not see God's attempt to save America and humanity from Covid-19.

Responses to yesterday's scientific and well-fed pig medicine for Covid-19 post at this blog:

It's sad that some are unaware of the truth that they do have a soul and that what they do does matter. Karma is nothing more than the consequences of behavior, good or bad, and if we're here, as I feel, to experience Life and to grow in understanding, to "evolve" spiritually, these people are only truly doing themselves a great disservice. Goodness is it's own reward. To delight in simply being grateful for every little thing means not fearing communication with our Creator but looking and listening for it always.
Pity them, don't wish them harm. Truly you'll feel better if you can genuinely have compassion for rat turds.

Okey, dokey, Empress of Fantasia 😎.

Better a common sow than a rat turd. There’s degrees involved in a soul’s degradation. The people mentioned really flew down the ladder.

Sloan Bashinsky
The catastrophe is there was a cheap, fast cure that would have allowed America and the world to safely reopen and weather covid 19 in the spring of 2020. That was President Trump’s assignment from God to bring about by him having America lead the way. The way it went instead is how historians will teach it, instead of defeat snatched out of the jaws of victory by a confederacy of human blunders and worse.


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