Monday, June 14, 2021

scientific and well-fed pig medicine for Covid-19

Alabama amiga Facebook messaged me after reading yesterday's Good damn luck Trump, Biden, Fauci, CIA, etc. ever telling Americans what they really know about the Wuhan bug post at this blog:


What’s the cure? I can’t risk exposure due to VEDS but also can’t risk the heart issues associated with the vaccines.

Sloan Bashinsky

One part of the cure is not permitted by FDA, so the doctor who invented the cure said to use quercetin instead, because it also transports zinc into body cells, where zinc, not quercetin, not the unapproved for covid-19 drug, inhibits covid-19 replication.

You can get quercetin online and zinc at pharmacies, Walmart, unless they have sold out. Zinc easy to get online. Also c and d3. every day. I also take a B-12 pill every day. D3 is known to defend against covid-19 and b-12 is overall good for immune system. I take all of that to prevent catching covid, even though I had both Pfizer shots.

I took all of that for months before having the Pfizer shots early this year. I have not had a cold, sore throat or sinus or respiratory tract infection since starting those supplements, which is not normal for me.

I would start with 5 day saturation regimen of 1000 mg quercetin, 200 mg zinc, 1000 mg c, and 2 d3 and 2 b-12 tabs, per day. Then cut back to 500 mg quercetin every other day, 25 mg zinc, 500 mg c, 1 d3 and 1 b-12 tab per day, from now on, assuming you do not have unexpected side effects, of which I have not heard, other than some conditions, such as high blood pressure, do not tolerate large dosages of zinc well.

If you get symptoms of a cold, flu, immediately go back on saturation dosage for 5 days minimum. Do not wait to be tested for covid and give it time to progress unattended. See a doctor asap and get tested. If you test positive, do whatever the doctor tells you, and continue the saturation regimen, which perhaps you keep to yourself.

If you are not improved after 5 days, continue the saturation regimen for 5 more days, and stick with the doctor's regimen, which might include an antibiotic and/or steroid. Doctors have tools now to treat covid-19 infections before they progress to M*A*S*H scenario in ER and/or ICU.

Nobody knows how well the vaccines will protect against covid-19 variants down the road, or whether vaccinated people need boosters. The doctor who invented the cure said it was known for a good while that coronaviruses do not replicate well in a zinc environment, and a symptom of zinc deficiency is loss of sense of taste and smell, which is a covid-19 symptom. I imagine the regimen above will not please any covid-19 variation.

Sloan Bashinsky

Also, I had 5 weeks of radiation for prostate cancer in February and March. My immune system had to be hammered. Yet the only medical alarm was in my renal and GI tracts, which got hammered by the radiation, especially the G.I. tract. I took the supplements through all of that hell-squared. I drank a lot of cranberry juice and grapefruit juice. I thought I was a gonner a few times. I can imagine some people were disappointed and others were happy I survived, so far.

I'm happy to know you and appreciate the information. I've picked up a plain yogurt habit, one that has the highest number of bacteria and different strains in order to help nutrient absorption and take daily c. Saving this information for my next supplement purchases.

A while back, Elizabeth shared one of her poems with me:

All want the security of the well fed pig.
Horror at the baseness unrecognized.
A lifetime spent in shirt stuffing.
And pen comparison.
Is truth more palatable when honeyed?
Is a stark soulscape less so with the eyes of Monet? 
May my affectations always be known and understood.

Maybe that influenced my response to her.

Sloan Bashinsky

The basic covid-19 prevention/treatment supplements are quercetin and zinc. I found a powerful protobiotic online and take it daily. I also eat high grade yogurt.

I told someone the other day, that articles now promoting the banned drug (X), which do not mention zinc, are like promoting a penis without testicles.

I did not name X here, because Facebook banned mention, and of the doctor, V, who devised the early stage infection 5-day cure. I think Facebook's ban of X and V constitutes mass crimes against humanity.

After President Trump received V's March 23, 2020 letter [at the bottom of this blog post], Sean Hannity interviewed V on FOX. President Trump told America he thought X and zinc might be a miracle. In fact, an angel inspired V to design and prove the cure in his own medical practice.

The Democrats, including Joe Biden, the mainstream media, Dr. Fauci, CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO and Big Pharma (medical-indu$trial complex) went haywire against X and V, and against President Trump, who took the cure for prevention after some of his staff tested positive.

The FDA removed X from its approved list for treating Covid-19. Instead of ordering his FDA director to put X back on the approved list, President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed, which was the medical-indu$trial complex's end game all along.

I think President Trump's abandonment of X and V should earn Trump several lifetimes as a chicken on a commercial poultry farm being injected with all manner of chemicals to keep it alive and fatten it up.

I think ordinary citizens, who rejected X and V, deserve a lifetime of malaria, which is what X was originally developed to treat.

Later, X was used to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It is derived from quinine, which is derived from the bark of a tree. General George Washington gave his troops quinine to protect them from malaria in southern states during the Revolutionary War.

I think medical-indu$trial complex people, who rejected V and his cure, deserve several lifetimes in the most remote Ebola-infested areas of Africa.


  1. It's sad that some are unaware of the truth that they do have a soul and that what they do does matter. Karma is nothing more than the consequences of behavior, good or bad and if we're here, as I feel, to experience Life and to grow in understanding, to "evolve" spiritually, these people are only truly doing themselves a great disservice. Goodness is it's own reward. To delight in simply being grateful for every little thing means not fearing communication with our Creator but looking and listening for it always.
    Pity them, don't wish them harm. Truly you'll feel better if you can genuinely have compassion for ratturds.

  2. Okey, dokey, Empress of Fantasia :-).