Thursday, June 10, 2021

perhaps being a Golden Flake trust fund baby isn't nearly as fortunate as many seem to think

On Sat, Jun 5, 2021 at 10:40 PM Protect Alabama Seniors <> wrote:
Mr Bashinsky,
We enjoy your blog writings and notice you have visited the blog of a former associate of ours. When they stopped posting following the trident settlement we picked it up early this year after a curious flurry of sponsored Facebook postings from Ash.
If you wouldn't mind give it a read and let us know what you think.

The former associate's anonymous blog, 
had slammed my younger brother Major and me. 

Both anonymous blogspots tear into Ash under guise of concern for his grandmother and Alabama seniors.

Both anonymous blogspots contain court and other public records, and Ash's Facebook and online news articles and ads paid for by him. 

Both anonymous blogspots allege facts that only could be known by someone close to Ash and his grandmother. 

Both anonymous blogspots have similar content, writing style and tone, and I thought might have the same author.

I replied to Pete, "Never cared for anonymous blogs that slam private citizens. Proton email protects anonymity."

I was my father's best man and carried his second wife Joann Linder's ring when they were married. My father adopted Joann's daughter Suzanne, who married Ed Ash and they had one child, Landon. 

My father died of old age in 2005, and left Joann perhaps $130 million aggregate. Suzanne died of cancer in 2010. Joann died February 2021 of covid pneumonia and heart attack. Landon is her heir. 

Landon promotes himself online as successful businessman and soldier of fortune. However, according to court records Landon was subsidized by his grandmother via $28+ million in loans, and he seems to have little to show for it. Of my father's 4 children, I think it's fair to say only Suzanne succeeded in the work world, and my brother Major, our sister, Landon and I became Golden Flake trust fund babies.

A blogger Landon sometimes uses to promote himself and his interests once promoted me being in on having Major killed, even though the Jefferson County, Alabama medical examiner and a Birmingham Police Department detective ruled it was suicide made to look like murder, and even though I proved several times at my blogs that it was suicide made to look like murder. The most recent of those blog posts: 

Perhaps being a Golden Flake trust fund baby isn't nearly as fortunate as many people seem to think.

But then, on September 30 this year, 2021, under a family trust my father set up in1981 when Landon was a tot, my father's three blood children (or their heirs) and Landon are slated to receive about $20 million each, based on current taxes and estimated administrative expenses. (The gross value of the trust is about $130 million.) If President Biden gets his tax increase on the rich, that $20 million number will decrease. 

In all events, my father's blood heirs each will end up with considerably less than Landon got from his grandmother and the family trust. 

The blood heirs do not contest that. We hope to receive our share of the family trust and get on with our lives. 

How that is going perhaps can be hinted by my saying maybe John Grisham and William Faulkner should team up and write a novel - or maybe it's time for me to update my 3rd book  KILL ALL THE LAWYERS? A Client's Guide to Hiring, Firing, Using and Suing Lawyers, published by the Prentice-Hall Division of Simon & Shuster, 1986, which garnered about 100 local, regional and national media interviews and reviews.

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  1. Well said, Sloan... pretty well sums it up, factually, descriptively, honestly and humbly ( h is silent, people) ! Davis