Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Are Covid-19 vaccines safe or a pandemic?

So, are Covid-19 vaccines safe or a pandemic?

Mark sent Yesterday at 12:40 PM
The 3rd segment should be of interest to you. No vax for me!

Me Today at 7:22 AM
This doctor is very short on details of early stage treatment, which does exist and is effective. He admits 70 percent of his patients were vaccinated and he was in favor of it. I think he is right about not vaccinating children and  pregnant women, and about blanket indemnification patients give the vaccine companies and the health deliverers of the vaccines. I think he is right that vaccines are very big bu$ine$$ for a few companie$. Pure capitalism. Trump could have headed all of that off at the pass by making Dr. Z's cure freely available. But the backlash against Dr. Z was horrific, Trump caved, went with Op Warp Speed, and here we are, but I don't see Republicans blaming Trump for the vaccination pandemic. 
There is something about vaccines that perhaps is a lot more scary than anything this pro-vaccination doctor harps. Watch video below. Meanwhile, I had the Pfizer shots early this year and, so far, there seems no adverse effect. I can't imagine the angels would have allowed me to have the shots, if they saw risk to me from it. Also, I was on the quercetin, zinc, D-3 and C protocol since around May 2020, and sill am on it. I didn't hear this doctor once mentions zinc, which is what inhibits Covid-19 from replicating, but something needs to carry zinc into body cells, either quercetin or the hexed hydroxychloroquine used for decades to prevent and cure malaria, treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, but, my goodness, can't let something so cheap as that and zinc and azithromycin rob hospital ERs and ICUs and vaccination companies from making (pure capitalism) quadzillion$$$. 


Mark sent Today at 7:30 AM
I’ve never been a vitamin and supplement user, until now...  Yes, it’s clear that Trump was played by Fauci, Big Pharma, Chinese, Globalists, and the list goes on...  I will NOT take any RNA “vaccine” at this point. 
Will stick with what I’m doing and may put some Ivermectin in the arsenal.

Me Today at 7:44 AM 
I saw something like that; India used Ivermectin early on, got good results, then went the other way, which made no sense to me. A south Alabama friend told me cattle ranchers there got ivermectin from their farm veterinarians. Meanwhile, vaccination proof being required more and more. My duplicate bridge club requires it. Some employers require it, but I spent lot of time in doctor offices and hospitals this year, and, contrary to what this doctor said in the video, there was no vaccine requirement or even discussion, but without masks you could not get in. 

Below is Dr. Z's March 23, 2020 hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin letter, copied to President Trump. Dr. Z's cheap, fast early stage infection cure would have allowed America to safely reopen. Sean Hannity soon interviewed interviewed Dr. Z. The entire left, its media and the industrial-medical complex burned Dr. Z and his cure at the stake. Can't deny big pharma and capitalism their just due. My old Republican friend Mark once told me that his religion is capitalism.

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