Thursday, June 17, 2021

two Republicans engage Sloan the Mad re "What actually is a progressive?"

Two Republicans responded to the leader I put on Facebook for yesterday's What exactly is a progressive? post at this blog.

The first Republican, Walt, once lived on Big Pine Key and wrote a daily anonymous column, From the Right (FTR), on's popular Coconut Telegraph public forum. When FTR stopped publishing there, he identified himself. Walt then started posting his from the right views on Facebook. In 2016, he posted that he could not vote for Donald Trump, but he changed his mind by election day. 

The second Republican, Michael, lives in Alabama. He sent me a friend request a while back, and I accepted it. He has commented a good bit under Facebook leaders to my blog posts.

Yesterday's Facebook leader:

Sloan Bashinsky
A friend alerted me yesterday to this comment about the Bashinsky family on someone else's blog, "Only Sloan Jr. the Mad is a progressive, some of his side are. The rest are Alabama blue blood washed dark red."
Although I belong to no political party, many times on Facebook and elsewhere have I been called a leftist marxist, commie, etc.
I think the core definition of progressive, or liberal, is someone who tries to bring forward beneficial change. In that sense, I suppose the most progressive people in world history were Buddha and Jesus.
Two things happened online yesterday, which gave me opportunity to show what kind of "progressive" I am. 
What exactly is a progressive?
What exactly is a progressive?
anomalous (unusual, quirky, strange, weird, etc.) musing and reporting on diverse human and non-human affairs
Your angels are going to be pissed at your crass display of vanity, self aggrandizement and false virtue signaling. Today's reality is that the core of political progressivism is a deepseated belief that the USofA is a deeply flawed, and fundamentally evil nation and society. The "Progress" that they yearn for is a destruction of our nation and society and the replacement thereof with a Socialist/Marxist government and a deeply racist society.

Sloan Bashinsky
Gosh, Walt, 2 people, one from the BLM side, the other from the Republican side, tossed stuff at me about some things I had published at my blog, I gave them my dead honest reply, which didn't promote anything personal to me, other than I am white and remain ashamed of my bigoted youth. I took the red and the blue sides of the spectrum to task, and you went off on me about your right side view of the left, to which I don't belong any more than I belong to your red side of the spectrum. I belong to the angels you predict will be pissed at my me for what I published today. Did you read the blog post, or just the part of it I put onto Facebook with a link to it?

Walt Lagraves
Miriam Webster's sez: Definition of "mad"...2 (a) : completely unrestrained by reason and judgment : unable to think in a clear or sensible way. Well I guess that kinda does say it all.

Sloan Bashinsky
Did you open the link and read the rest of the story?
Looks to me that Miriam Webster described Donald Trump, his MAGAs, most Republicans in Congress and elsewhere, lots of Democrats in Congress and elsewhere, I might even say she described Joe Biden, except I watched his and Trump's first debate, and the only sane person I saw on the stage was Joe Biden, and I do not exclude the moderator Mike Wallace, who did not have the sense, nor grit, to turn off totally out of control Trump's mic.

I believe that the terms liberal and conservative have been overused and weaponized. Many of my friends label themselves as liberal or progressive and yet we agree on almost everything. You can be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We should look past labels and get back to normal conversations without trying to “win.”

Let’s Exterminate Covid 19!
No photo description available.
Sloan Bashinsky
Michael, your let's exterminate covid remark was off topic, but since you posted it, why not exterminate Donald Trump who had a cheap fast cure in hand in late March 23, 2020, which would have allowed America and the world to defeat Red China's gift and safely reopen, and Trump abandoned the cure and went for vaccines instead.
As for your first comment, I am not a liberal nor a conservative, and you and I seldom agree. If you truly believe the other things you wrote, why don't you stop talking about the left side of the spectrum and start doing what you can to try to get the right side of the spectrum to unweaponize itself.

There is enough fault on both sides to go around. DT was the natural response to the 8 years of BHO and his apology tour. I called him (DT) an idiot before his election, but many of his policies worked and he actually tried to keep his campaign promises. Would I vote for him again No, but I will support a Republican who calls out extremists on both sides and promotes energy independence, border security, and equality for all American citizens, regardless of race, color, or gender.
DT did advocate for alternative treatments to Covid, and was roasted by the media for doing so. His mishandling of Covid (and his personality) cost him a 2nd term.

Sloan Bashinsky
Yes, Trump's mishandling of Covid (and his personality) cost him a second term, but he would have been reelected if he had made the cheap fast cure freely available in America; that was his God assignment, all the rest was politics and ego.

Not sure about the God assignment part, but he did try (and failed) to manage an unmanageable crisis when there were no good options. The after action report on Covid 19 should be a best seller.

Sloan Bashinsky
In fact, Trump routinely fired and replaced his department heads, who didn't please him, and he darn sure should have fired his FDA director after the FDA took the cheap fast cure off the approved list for Covid-19 treatment. But Trump didn't do that; he instead went down the medical-indu$trial complex vaccine road with its enormous profit$. The irony is, the Democrats and their media joined the medical-indu$strial complex in burning the cheap fast cure at the stake and promoting the far more expensive and far more profitable vaccine approach.

I agree
Trump's God assignment

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