Friday, June 4, 2021

Was St. Fauci ever involved coronavirus bioweapon research in America or Red China?

Have longtime internet friend I started calling Sancho Panza after he started calling me Don Quixote. He is a retired technologies scientist, fluent in several languages, very well read and educated, has told me his IQ is over 140. He voted twice for Barack Obama, became disillusioned and voted twice for Donald Trump. After Covid-10 showed up, Sancho was a steady source of information I truly appreciated, including the success of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's cheap, fast, early stage Covid-19 cure, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin, which saved his covid patients from being hospitalized and worse. Dr. Zelenko's March 23, 2020 letter, explaining his cure and how he arrived at it, is at the very bottom of this blogpost. Dr. Fauci dissed Dr. Zelenko and his cure. Facebook banned Dr. Zelenko's letter and mention of Dr. Zelenko and put me in its jail a few times over that. Facebook also sanctioned me for posting Covid-19 was developed in a Red China biolab.

Sancho sent out an email blast yesterday:
Subject: St Fauci, Patron of the Left News Media!!!8
Are you still listening to anything Saint Fauci has to say about Corona virus, Masks and Red China? Fauci's Shocking Admission About Trump's Wuhan Lab "Conspiracy Theory" The possibility that the coronavirus was manufactured in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China was dismissed ... Top scientists shaken by revelations that Covid isn’t natural but a lab-made virus that ‘escaped’ 
Are you still listening to anything Saint Fauci has to say about Corona virus, Masks and Red China?  

Wonder when FB will allow me to run paid ads again, which they stopped because I published C-19 is a bioweapon developed in Red China lab?
Trump knew plenty about C-19 origin and he didn't act, now Biden is been slammed by the right, but not Trump. Fuckarama.
Trump had Dr. Z's fast, cheap, cure in hand, literally, and he caved, but got a pass from you and the right. Fuckarama.
I hope there is something in Fauci's leaked email troves, which sheds light on where he has been with C-19 origin. 
I think I recall reading stuff you sent long time ago showing Fauci's ties to such coronavirus research in America and in Red China?
FOX report: 
You're so predictable, Sloan! You truly seem to be suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome... News Flash, there was an election in 2020 and your guy and gal are now sitting at the WH with the most enviable position of having control over both chambers of The Legislature, The Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc., etc... so please concentrate on who/what has really being in charge... they are still here, reshaping your World... are you still listening to them? I suppose you must be happy with your decision!
Actually, I just poke what deserves poking, example my email twice-voted-for-Trump-and-bragged-about-it-you had poked. What I want to see, if it exists, is proof Fauci is part of the monsters cartel that did bioweapon research with viruses and whatever. I want to see Biden do what Trump didn't have the balls to do: accuse Red China of creating this bioweapon and impose strict sanctions on China, the horrible adverse impact on the American economy and American corporations doing business in Red China, tough tishisky. I want to see you and people like you, who refuse to be vaccinated, catch Covid-19 and in that way help humanity develop herd immunity, if such a thing is  possible.   

Sorry, Sloan, you are really in the grips of something that is very dark and of which, I have already told you, I want not part of(and it's not angelic).... good luck to you and your hatred... wishing people to die just to prove a point!
I suppose you wish death on all the people who don't get medical check ups and get cancer, or smoke and get lung cancer, or drink and get liver cancer, or simply were born with a genetic disposition for cancer and didn't remove their breast of a mole, etc.... anybody who is not perfect, like you(who took a shot like a good obedient son), should die w/o receiving medical attention in your perfect Hospital that only takes care of perfect, none existing, patients! What a joke you are! 

I don't wish you to die. I do wish for you to experience what you refuse to be vaccinated against, and let that infection vaccinate you and thus help you not pass it along to other people. If the hoax virus killed you, well, that's either bad luck or it's not a hoax. I know for a fact it would have killed me, and that's why I used the vitamin and mineral supplement defenses you recommended and got vaccinated, including substituting quercetin for hydroxychloroquine, as per Dr. Zelenko. Also, I didn't want anyone else to catch C-19 from me, which does not seem to factor into the thinking of people who don't get vaccinated.
You do see just how bizarre it is that Trump based everything on Operation Warp Speed saving America, instead of Dr. Z saving America, and who leads the resistance to being vaccinated: white people who voted for Trump, and black people who will never forget the Tuskegee experiments.

Me this morning;
Have friend who reports dreams about various topics, sometimes personal to me, sometimes about human dramas. Last night, he reported being told in a dream by the angel Raphael, whom I long have associated with healing, that Covid-19/variants will continue bothering humanity unless it changes its thinking and behavior, including hygiene, wearing masks and getting vaccinated. Maybe a month ago, same friend reported dream in which the angel Michael told him that humanity's response to Covid-19 opened the door to Covid-19 mutating into a super bug humanity would have to live with thereafter. Same friend also reported being told by Michael, and then by Melchizedek, that the way humanity is going, it has about 100 years left on this planet. Meanwhile, Sancho, it looks to me that your dive into the Trump swamp has not been good for you. Nor does it seem to have been good for anyone else who dove into it.

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