Sunday, June 27, 2021

lament to what could have prevented Covid-19 disqualifying North Carolina State from the College World Series semi-final playoff

An Alabama Republican, who told me that he voted for Donald Trump but would not vote for him again, responded on Facebook to yesterday's How many old people died of Covid-19 because they were not given an old cheap drug and zinc? post at this blog:


As you can see, FB suppressed any potential therapeutic treatment as dangerous and quackery. Don’t blame DT, even though he bungled Covid 19. Operation Warp Speed did find multiple effective vaccines and ultimately saved lives.

Sloan Bashinsky

How many died because Trump bungled the cheap fast cure? Wonder how he's gonna explain that to God in the afterlife, where he stands alone, without any other person to stand up for him? Same for Mark Zukerburg.

You see that FB unapproved covid-19 treatment warning? 

"Some unapproved Covid treatments may cause serious harm. Source, World Health Organization."  

Does such a warning come up when someone touts one of the vaccines, which are known to have really awful side effects in some people?

An awful side effect yesterday was the entire North Carolina State baseball team was disqualified from the semi-final College World Series playoff with Vanderbilt, after 2 NC State players, who had not been vaccinated, tested positive, then the entire team was tested and 4 vaccinated NC State players tested positive. None of the Vanderbilt players were tested, because all of them had been vaccinated. So, by default, Vanderbilt advanced to the finals to play winner of Texas v. Mississippi State game, as things now stand. [Mississippi State outlasted Texas in a 3-3 nail-biter in the bottom of the 9th, when a State player was hit with a pitched ball and got to 1st base, was replaced by a pinch runner, who stole second base, and the batter singled to the outfield and the pinch runner scored.] 

A moderate conservative Alabama friend, who, like me, attended Vanderbilt, texted:

NC State knew the rule, stupid or not, going in and either players, coaches or other chose to roll the dice and cost their team and their school a taste of euphoria that would be with them forever. Selfish is the best way to describe it. They could have been vacced months ago, so sore arms would not be an issue if that made it to the big dance. I don't need a copy of your HDZ/zinc doc's letter. That one, right or wrong, has been whipped to death on media by my friend, SYB, Jr. 

I texted back:

I think all players should be tested daily, because vaccine no guarantee against infection, as NC State proved. Dr. Z's cure would have avoided this, America staying shut down, and the guy you call the Orange Turd would still be president 😎

Dr. Z's letter is below. I can't imagine how any person who reads the letter, would not say, "Holy Mackerel! Make that cure freely available to EVERYONE ASAP!!!. Make Covid-19 about as scary as winter flu or even a common cold."

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