Thursday, June 24, 2021

self-promotion and non-disclosure agreements

Back when I wrote consumer-protection books in the 1980s, I hired a local public relations firm to get me media reviews and interviews. I paid a pretty good bit of money for that service. They got me lots of interviews, including trips to New York to be on the Today Show and CBS Morning News, and CNN in Atlanta and Los Angeles. The travel cost a good bit of money.

I became somewhat famous. 

The flaw in my plan was I got way, way ahead of the book publishers. There were no books in book stores. I hoped to force the publishers to take care of that. They didn't take care of it. I blamed them. I was to blame. I was too desperate for success, when I needed to be patient and let things unfold naturally.

When I look at Donald Trump, I have to admire his ability to promote himself. He's a genius at getting free media coverage and persuading people to fawn over him. What an impressive thing he did, getting elected president, and then nearly getting reelected by getting more votes than any presidential candidate every got, but Joe Biden got more votes. 

Along the way, based on what all I have read and seen in news media, Donald Trump is not a man I would care to risk doing business with. He reneges business deals. He doesn't pay is bills. He lawyers up and litigates. He goes bankrupt when all other ways to welch fail. 

He loves non-disclosure agreements, which he pays prostitutes to honor, so they won't blemish his crafted image. 

Despite not being liked in his home city, New York, and his blood family, despite his whoring, despite his habitual lying, Donald Trump swooned perhaps 1/3 of all Americans to view him as Jesus returned, and he caused most of the rest of the right side of America, especially politicians, to fear the worst if they don't back him regardless of what he says and does. 

Now, that's one hell of an amazing sales job!

Donald Trump reminds me of televangelists like Jimmy and Tammy Fae Bakker, and Jimmy Swaggart. 

Now, I'm not a Democrat. I slammed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton plenty. Kamala Harris reminds me of an immature little girl in a woman's body. I have not made up my mind yet about Joe Biden, but he certainly modeled good breeding and manners during the first 2020 presidential debate, while Donald Trump behaved like a rabid Klingon.

I'd say the Devil really likes Donald Trump, who is a national role model for American children.

I heard recently of a Trump supporter calling his college fraternity about getting the fraternity to sign a non-disclosure agreement with him. The fraternity remembered him and declined. He got mad and hung up. 

I have seen self-promotion by this person on Facebook and paid promotion of himself and his business endeavors in various online news media and blogs, which do not mention his businesses failed and he has a reputation for not paying his bills.

Like Donald Trump and myself, this person is a trust fund baby.

I have seen online that this person spends time at Mar-a-Lago and contributes heavily to Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

It seems this person spends a good bit of time and money creating a public image that his college fraternity does not recognize. 

I think it's fair to say my college fraternity doesn't recognize me today, but what you see at this blog and on my Facebook page is who I am. 

Just as what people read in my consumer protection books, and saw and heard me say about those book on radio and TV and in newspaper interviews, was who I was then. 

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