Saturday, June 26, 2021

How many old people died of Covid-19 because they were not given an old cheap drug and zinc?

After yesterday's  the missing link: America could have defeated Covid-19 in April 2020 post was published at this blog, I received a forward from Sancho Panza about various 2020 studies of hospitalized Covid-19 patients given inexpensive hydroxychloroquine with and without zinc. Patients given hcq and zinc fared much better, yet the studies apparently were ignored by the medical-indu$trial complex.

Me to Sancho Panza:

Simply, the hydroxychloroquine studies with or without zinc in hospital patients leapfrogged Dr. Zelenko, who gave his high risk patients hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin as soon as they showed symptoms, to save them from getting so sick they needed a hospital. That’s what’s so really fucked up about this. Zelenko himself said he did not wait to get positive tests, it was crucial to begin treatment pronto and get ahead of the virus.

Sancho replied:

Exactly, and thank God my sister's Doctor knew that and gave her the exact same protocol... how he got the idea is a very good question? Maybe it was actually not that big of a secret and maybe there was a conspiracy to suppress it from the start... maybe Fauci already knew that HCQ + Zinc would be useful against all types of viruses and their variants and therefore no need for yearly shots, so he squashed it... and it is still being squashed! 

Me to Sancho:

Squashing the cheap, fast early stage infection cure was, and is, a crime against humanity, and your sister is God's Exhibit 1.

Here's a Covid-19 family story.

In February of this year, I received a phone call from the  lawyer who represented my stepmother. The lawyer said she had some really sad news. My stepmother had not been feeling well and was taken to a hospital where she had a massive heart attack and died. I later heard my stepmother had died of Covid-19. 

My stepmother was 89, I think. She had Parkinson's for quite a while and seemed not much affected by that when I saw her in a family business meeting late 2020. At that meeting she was accompanied by a female aid, her lady lawyer and her grandson. I was not close to my stepmother and had not seen her since my father passed away in 2005. I had heard she had round the clock professional care in her home, and that her grandson, who was her only surviving heir, oversaw her care and well being.

She and her grandson were prominent Republicans in Alabama and contributed well to the Republican Party. I don't know what were their views toward facemasks and vaccinations, but my father's lawyer told me that, because of Covid-19, my stepmother only used conference calls to attend meetings regarding my father's affairs.

I had the 1st Pfizer vaccination shot in January, the 2nd in February. Given my stepmother's prominence and connections, and the large donations she and my father gave to the University of Alabama medical complex and perhaps other medical complexes in Birmingham, I suppose she could have gotten vaccinated about when I got vaccinated. Maybe, like you, she was afraid of being vaccinated?

I heard that my stepmother did get out and about, say, to the hair dresser, and perhaps for other reasons. She had been active in Republican and charity circles. So, perhaps she picked up Covid-19 away from her home, or perhaps someone with it came into her home and she contract it in that way.

I saw a few notifications online that she had died of a massive heart attack.

Her death certificate shows cause: (A) covid pneumonia; (B) NSTEMI

I found many things about NSTEMI online. Here's a short one:

NSTEMI stands for non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction, which is a type of heart attack. Compared to the more common type of heart attack known as STEMI, an NSTEMI is typically less damaging to your heart.

I wondered why the public was told my stepmother died of a heart attack?

I wondered if her doctors and caretakers knew about Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast, early stage infection cure? 

I wonder how many people, especially old people like my stepmother, died of Covid-19 because they were not given Dr. Zelenko's cure when symptoms first appeared?

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