Friday, June 25, 2021

the missing link: America could have defeated Covid-19 in April 2020

I recently reported Sancho Panza's and my discussion of a right-leaning black podcaster interviewing a white lady journalist who had blown the whistle on her Texas FOX TV station stopping her from reporting the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19, and from reporting other topics she felt were important. 

Here's a link to that blog post. 

conservative black podcaster learns FOX behaves like liberal news services he doesn't like

Yesterday, Sancho Panza included me in an email blast about a different right-leaning black podcaster interviewing the same lady journalist:

Looks like that blond reporter from Fox TV Station in Houston, was fired for talking about how Fox censored HCQ story, etc.!

[Sancho had alerted me to the HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) and zinc cure late spring 2020 - see Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's March 23, 2020  letter at bottom of this post.]

I watched the podcast and replied to Sancho:

That was the question I put to you, was she still working at the station, because I thought that was really important to know. 

This guy is the second black pro-right podcaster to reach puberty? To learn it ain't the left Big Brother, but the right Big Brother he needs to be freaked out about.

I wonder if CNN, etc. have had this lady journalist fired by the FOX affiliate on the air? I would be surprised, given how hard the left and CNN beat up on hydroxychloroquine.

Alas, not one mention of zinc being what stops Covid-19 after being transported by hydroxychloroquine into body cells. 

Dr. Stella, the demon sperm front line doctor mentioned in the podcast, talked hydroxychloroquine and zinc in same breath, as did a white lady front line doctor, before the U.S. Capitol.

The cure was there in March 2020, and it's still there, and Trump did not make it available, and Biden didn't make it available, and the news media and Facebook and so forth really do need to wake the fuck up.

Sancho replied:

I told my compadre, who is a die hard Left Lemming Trump hater, much worse than you, that when you see MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Fox's Sean Hannity pretty much agreeing on the same subject(Covid, Vaccines or Israel) that's when you know where the "establishment" is at... and who really pulls the strings! 

Regarding HCQ and zinc, you are of course correct, zinc is the bullet and HCQ is the gun, but as I have explained to you before, zinc is ubiquitous in most diets, but not so easy to absorb, so if you give HCQ and Zinc together to an infected Covid patient as a therapy, you quickly saturate the cells and prevent the virus replication machinery from working, giving your body a big advantage to deal with the rest of the infection on its own... that's why it's so important to give it at first sign of symptoms or better yet, prophylactically, as is given in Africa for Malaria(they give it w/o zinc, because as I've said dietary zinc is there in grains, seeds, green veggies, red meat, etc. )... this is why THEY repressed HCQ and now Ivermectin, not just here in the USA, but all the way up to the WHO and The Lancet... this is way bigger than Trump or Biden... the reason why Trump is out of office is that like Ralph Kranden would say, "I GOT A BIG MOUTH, Alice"    Emoji

I replied to Sancho:

I take high offense Emoji that you pretend to have forgotten how hard I was on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, you are right about strings being pulled by not exactly invisible puppet masters, and you are right that Trump's big mouth got him out of the White House.

I think also there was a metaphysical cause for his loss to Biden, and that was, simply, he abandoned the cheap, fast, early stage infection cure, hydroxychloroquine and zinc, alias, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, whom Hannity interviewed after getting a copy of Dr. Zelennko's letter from either Trump or Mark Meadows, and whom the frontline doctors modeled without giving Zelenko credit.

Had Trump actually grown a pair and used his immense executive authority to make Dr. Zelenko's cure freely available in America, that would have severed the puppeteers' strings and allowed America to reopen in the spring of 2020, or at least reopened by people who took the cure - no telling how  many Democrats, including Joe Biden, would have chosen to remain in their bomb shelters and masked up when they went out for groceries and drug store items.

Despite his big mouth, Trump would have been reelected. 

Good fucking luck Trump ever admitting that. Good fucking luck the Republicans and MAGAs ever admitting it. 

Good fucking luck the Democrats ever admitting they and their liberal media (and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google) fucked America 8 ways to Sunday, when they burned Dr. Zelenko and his lineage at the stake. 

I have yet to see hcq studies, or news reports, that say how important it is to take heavy doses of zinc with hcq as soon as symptoms appear, which saves people from going to hospitals and deprives hospitals of that revenue and deprives vaccine maker$ of their wilde$t wet dream$ coming true.

Sancho rejoined:

You're right about Trump's managerial abilities, intellectual abilities and fortitudinous ability being highly overrated by his followers and even by his nemesis(like you), but I honestly doubt that it would have been as easy as you put it... you really underestimate the power and the ubiquitousness  of The Swamp(I bet Trump underestimated it too)... do you really think that the Republicans in The Senate would not have thrown Trump under the bus after Pelosi had Impeached Trump(for the Third time) as a Mass  Murderer? Do you really think that Pope Fauci and all those Pharma control clowns from the NIH, CDC, WHO and FDA would not have been called as witnesses to crucify Trump and have him burned at the stake for all the Media to see and the Left to cheer? Do you really think that George Soros'  Antifa crew and BLM tugs, would have just staid quiet and not loot and burned the place down, until Trump was guillotine in public at the Washington Mall? If you truly believe that, I have a bridge to sell you when you get the $$$ that's coming to you! Emoji 

I replied:

Heh, you figured out my secret agenda of getting rid of TrumpEmoji. Naw, the Republicans feared the MAGAs and Trump so bad, they would have sucked it up and been real glad they did after they saw the Zelenko cure make the Democrats and the leftist media look like they didn't know shit from shinola about saving America from the Red China bioweapon.

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